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Information for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals Regarding Measures Related to the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

JETRO has compiled information for highly-skilled foreign professionals regarding measures announced by the Japanese ministries and agencies in relation to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) .

Re-entry of Foreign Nationals Who Possess the Status of Residence

From 1st November 2020, all foreign nationals with the status of residence with a valid re-entry permit, are not required to obtain “the Letter of Confirmation of Submitting Required Documentation for Re-entry into Japan” or “Receipt for Request of Re-entry” when re-entering Japan from countries/regions designated as an area subject to denial of permission to enter Japan. Please be noted that the certificate of negative test result of pre-entry testing conducted within 72 hours of the departure time of the flight (hereinafter referred to as “certificate of negative test result”) is still needed when re-entering from countries/regions designated as an area subject to denial of permission to enter Japan.

Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) External site: a new window will open

To Foreign Nationals Who Are Willing to Enter or Re-enter Japan

  • On June 1, 2021, the Government of Japan announced that foreign nationals entering Japan with re-entry permit (including a special re-entry permit) will be subject to denial of landing if the foreign nationals hold the records for staying in Afghanistan within 14 days before the day of application for landing.
  • From December 28, 2020, until the end of January 2021, entry into Japan from all countries and regions (except for the United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa) under this framework will not be permitted. The GOJ decided that all foreign nationals who stayed in the United Kingdom (from December 24, 2020) and South Africa (from December 26, 2020) within 14 days prior to submitting the application of landing with this framework will be denied to enter Japan until further notice.
  • On November 1, 2020, “Measures in operation for Entry/Re-entry/Return to Japan” was announced.

To Foreigners Working in Companies

  • Even when the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a decrease in business for the company, foreign workers are not allowed to be treated less favorably than Japanese workers just because they are foreigners.
  • The subsidy the national government pays companies to protect worker employment can be used for Japanese as well as foreign workers.
  • Companies cannot freely fire you at will. When a company wants to fire a foreign worker, the same rules as Japanese workers must be followed.
  • If you need help, please consult your local labor bureau, labor standards supervision office or public employment security office (Hello Work).