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Open for Professionals

Information for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals Regarding Measures Related to the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

JETRO has compiled information for highly-skilled foreign professionals regarding measures announced by the Japanese ministries and agencies in relation to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) .

Re-entry of Foreign Nationals Who Possess the Status of Residence

The holders of the status of residence who left Japan before the day when country/region where such foreign nationals are currently staying was designated as an area subject to denial of permission to entry into Japan, are allowed to re-enter Japan from 5th August 2020.

Re-entry of foreign nationals who possess the status of residence(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)外部サイトへ、新しいウィンドウで開きます

To Foreign Nationals Who Are Willing to Enter or Re-enter Japan

On September 25, 2020, the GOJ announced that, in principle, the holders of statuses of residence of “Student”, “Dependent” and others, in addition to cross-border business travelers of all countries and regions will be incrementally permitted to enter Japan from October 1, 2020, under the condition that the person is hosted by a company/entity that can assure observation of quarantine measures.

Application for Visa or Letter of Confirmation of Submitting Required Documentation for Re-entry into Japan for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) 外部サイトへ、新しいウィンドウで開きます

To Foreigners Working in Companies

  • Even when the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a decrease in business for the company, foreign workers are not allowed to be treated less favorably than Japanese workers just because they are foreigners.
  • The subsidy the national government pays companies to protect worker employment can be used for Japanese as well as foreign workers.
  • Companies cannot freely fire you at will. When a company wants to fire a foreign worker, the same rules as Japanese workers must be followed.
  • If you need help, please consult your local labor bureau, labor standards supervision office or public employment security office (Hello Work).