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**UPDATE: Spotlight USA Newsletter is now considered inactive, but will remain on the website for archiving**

Spotlight Newsletter Series (Published Monthly)

The JETRO Spotlight USA, JETRO USA's national e-newsletter, features the latest articles and events on our website. Each month JETRO brings you investment news, JETRO clients' experience establishing an office in Japan, U.S. companies launching in Japan, and topics in Japanese economy and industry, highlighting business opportunities between the United States and Japan. Spotlight Events delivers upcoming seminars and events that promote invest in Japan and Japanese goods and technology.

January 2020 Newsletter

  • Seafood Expo North America
  • The Business and Diplomacy of Baseball in U.S.-Japan Relations
  • Keizai Silicon Valley's 30th Anniversary Shinnenkai
  • And More!

August 2019 Newsletter

  • JETRO Attends Select USA Summit 2019 
  • SelectUSA Business Mission Showcases Mississippi's Charms 
  • JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report 2019 -The fluctuating international economic order and global business in the future
  • Success Story: Wipro Japan K.K. 
  • German security technology company Wibu-Systems establishes corporation in Tokyo 
  • And More!

July 2019 Newsletter

  • JETRO Showcases US-Japan Business Relations at the Japan-Northeast Indiana Summit 
  • Business Climate Survey: German Business in Japan 2019 
  • Success Story: Air Seoul Tokyo Branch 
  • British world-leading manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning systems Gripple establishes corporation in Kobe 
  • Chinese e-commerce company Baibao New Media establishes Japanese subsidiary in Osaka
  • And More!

June 2019 Newsletter

  • Visit the Japan Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 in New York City 
  • Medtech Revolution: Latest Trends in Medical Devices in the US and Japan 
  • Go Global Webinar: Export Shipping 
  • Go Global Webinar: Export Shipping 
  • And More!

May 2019 Newsletter

  • JETRO organizes “Kentucky Business Tour” with Governor Matt Bevin’s Call 
  • English version of “Open for Professionals,” the portal site for utilizing highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan, now available 
  • Invest Japan website: “Attractive Sectors -Tourism-related business-” now available 
  • Japanese corporation of major US CRO PRA Health Sciences expands head office in Osaka 
  • US tech-fitness equipment manufacturer Wahoo Fitness establishes company in Tokyo 
  • And More!

April 2019 Newsletter
  • Results of JETRO's 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in the Middle East
  • Results of JETRO's 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in Asia and Oceania
  • Results of JETRO's 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in Africa
  • Japan's Cabinet Public Relations Office: New section featuring the lives of internationals working in Japan now available on the Japanese Government's website
  • Invest Japan website: "Sample of documents businesses are required to submit to authorities" for FY2018 now available
  • And More!

February 2019 Newsletter

  • Sake’s Skyrocketing Success Seminar in Seattle
  • Sake’s Skyrocketing Success Seminar and Movie Screening in Portland
  • Intro to Sake & Marketing Sake in Atlanta
  • Sake Educational Session in Dallas
  • Sake's Skyrocketing Success Seminar in Chicago
  • Results of JETRO’s 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in the Middle East
  • Results of JETRO’s 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies in Asia and Oceania
  • Results of JETRO’s 2018 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in Africa
  • Japan's Cabinet Public Relations Office: New section featuring the lives of internationals working in Japan now available on the Japanese government’s website
  • Invest Japan website: “Sample of documents businesses are required to submit to authorities” for FY2018 now available
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) now accepting inquiries by e-mail regarding applications based on Pharmaceutical Medical Device Act
  • Success Story: Elekta KK
  • US provider of training data for machine learning DefinedCrowd establishes company in Tokyo
  • Guidepoint Global Japan in Tokyo to strengthen structure in Japan
  • German automotive structural material design and engineering company Forward Engineering establishes Japanese corporation in Nagoya
  • Call for participant for FOTs in the Tokyo Waterfront AreaCross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program Innovation of Automated Driving for Universal Services (SIP-adus)

December 2018 Newsletter

  • “JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018” published - Foreign Investment Contributing to Emergence of Innovation
  • JETRO promoted "Investment in Japan" activities and Japanese startups' overseas expansion at Startupnight 2018 in Berlin 
  • Invest Japan website: Videos promoting advantages of Fukushima and Fukuoka as investment destinations available on new regions page 
  • Invest Japan website: "Why Invest in Japan's Local Regions?" (English version) for FY2018 now available
  • Success Story: Skymind Inc.
  • Success Story: Philips Japan, Ltd. 
  • Success Story: Pangolin Robot Japan Co., Ltd. 
  • Success Story: Ctrip Group Japan 
  • UK safety barrier manufacturer A-SAFE establishes company in Nara City 
  • Swiss manufacturer of pharmaceutical peptides Bachem establishes corporation in Tokyo 
  • French construction management software company FINALCAD establishes base in Tokyo 
  • Canadian auto parts maker Martinrea International establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • US developer of autonomous checkout systems for retail stores Standard Cognition establishes Japanese subsidiary
  • Leading Taiwanese storage server manufacturer AIC launches branch office in Tokyo
  • Internet-Based Business Group in Thailand establishes corporation in Tokyo for providing SNS analysis tool

November 2018 Newsletter

  • Invest Japan website: "Initial Cost Estimation: Model Case" for FY2018 now available 
  • Seminar held in Belgium: "The Japan-EU EPA: Expanding our Rules-Based, Free Trading Sphere to Create Economic Opportunities for Businesses"
  • Side event of TICAD Ministerial Meeting – Introducing attractiveness of Japanese SMEs to African Ministers
  • China UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd
  • Chinese infant care goods manufacturer Beijing Daddy's Choice Science and Technology establishes corporation in Kobe
  • Chinese company, Ningbo Jintian Copper establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • Chinese fast fashion brand MJstyle arrives in Japan
  • Demonstration Operation of ICT System to Improve Efficiency of Energy Use and Medical Care Operations Starts at Indian Hospital
  • Demonstration Project in Germany; Large-Scale Hybrid power storage System Starting to Operate in November
  • [Event] Discover Global Markets: Indo-Pacific 
  • [Event] 2018 World Alliance Forum in San Francisco 

October 2018 Event

  • Asia Aircraft Supply Chain Forum
  • East Bay EDA 2018 International Consulate Reception
  • Making Sense of Japanese Tea
  • 5th Annual CalAsian Chamber Policy Summit
  • Kenichiro and Nobuko Sasae: A Lifetime of Building Stronger US-Japan Bridges
  • 101 Sake Educational Session in Seattle

October 2018 Newsletter

  • Message of the Governor of Hokkaido for International Travelers
  • 2018 Survey Report on Japan-based Companies Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • [Success Story] Golface KK
  • [Success Story] Preh Car Connect Japan Corporation
  • [Success Story] Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd.
  • Chinese new aluminum material manufacturer for electronic parts Xinjiang Joinworld establishes corporation in Osaka
  • NEDO and Hitachi to Start Cloud-Based Advanced Energy Management System Demonstration Project in
  • [Event] East Bay EDA 2018 International Consulate Reception
  • [Event] How to Do Business in the Pacific Rim

September 2018 Event

  • A Symposium on Asia-Pacific Economic Integration and the Role of the U.S. & Japan - Frisco, TX
  • Meet Japanese Food Distributors at Ramen Expo USA - Dallas, TX
  • AI in Smart Physical Systems: Recent Developments in Asia
  • How Preferred Networks has Defined Their Values: The Promise and Challenge of Deep Learning in Domains of Physical Control
  • Virtual Human Agent for Smart City
  • Streamlined Investor Visa Strategies
  • Batteries And Clean Tech: Energy Storage Trends for Transportation And Grid Storage
  • US-Japan Cross Border IP Litigation // Understanding US-Japan Cross-Border Patent Opportunities And Risks – San Francisco

August 2018 Event

  • The Spirit of Japanese Shochu - Consumer Tasting
  • The Spirit of Japanese Shochu - Consumer VIP Seminar
  • Explore Japanese Manufacturing Technology and Products at IMTS 2018 - Chicago, IL
  • Minority Women’s Business Conference
  • US-Japan Friendship Cup Tennis Tournament | Millbrae
  • Application for JETRO Zone in "FOODEX JAPAN 2019"

August 2018 Newsletter

  • JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report 2018 - Global Economy Connected via Digitalization
  • Exchange of MOU with UNDP regarding SDGs
  • Opening of Business Support Center Ahmadabad and Bilateral Meeting with PM Modi
  • [Success Story] MER MEC JAPAN GK
  • [Success Story] Ruten KK
  • Major German gas controls and gas systems company Karl Dungs establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Kanagawa
  • China vacuum belt filter manufacturer Shanghai XuHe Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. establishes corporation in Yokohama
  • World’s largest electric battery manufacturer in China, Contemporary Amprex Technology establishes corporation in Yokohama
  • German automotive coating equipment manufacturer Eisenmann establishes corporation in Yokohama
  • Singaporean aircraft MRO provider SIA Engineering Company Ltd. establishes company in Osaka

July 2018 Event

  • Japanese METI Minister Seko: Connected Industries and the Japan-Silicon Valley
  • [Seeking Exhibitors from United States] US Pavilion@ CEATEC 2018 – Certified Trade Fair
  • Explore Japanese Manufacturing Technology and Products at IMTS 2018 - Chicago, IL
  • "Trump/Abe Bromance - An Assessment" // Luncheon with Glen S. Fukushima

July 2018 Newsletter

  • [Press Release] Texas and Japan Leaders Strengthen Ties at Economic Summit in Houston
  • [Headquarters for Japan's Economic Revitalization] Opening of cross-governmental one-stop desk for "Regulatory Sandbox Scheme in Japan"
  • Success Story: swissQprint Japan KK
  • Irish fintech company, ClaimVantage, establishes company in Tokyo
  • Lohia Corp., sending organization in India of vocational training, started dispatch of Indian technical intern trainees to Japan
  • Chinese major lithium-ion battery manufacturer Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy establishes Japanese corporation in Ibaraki
  • Robot manufacturer Shenzhen Makeblock establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • US music producing company Primary Color Music establishes LLC in Tokyo
  • NEDO and Daikin Develop and Install Automated Demand Response Demonstration System in Portugal: Operation Starts in July
  • [Event] Explore Japanese Manufacturing Technology and Products at IMTS 2018 - Chicago, IL
  • [Event] 2018 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

June 2018 Event

  • [Industrial Event] Visit the Japan Pavilion at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 - New York, NY
  • Business Japanese Language Workshop (1 of 5)
  • 2018 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Japanese Government's Efforts to Attract Foreign Businesses
  • Videos introducing the attractiveness of various Japanese industries posted on Invest Japan website
  • Article on direct investment in Japan published by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in "METI Mobile : Globalizing Business in Japan"
  • JETRO updates "Invest Japan 2018: Investment and Business Guide"
  • JETRO updates "Regional Information" for investing in Japan to a FY 2017 edition
  • German industrial high performance adhesives manufacturer DELO establishes subsidiary in Yokohama
  • Thai Global Power Synergy builds mega solar plant in Ichinoseki, Iwate
  • Wakayama Prefecture: Investment Promotion Seminar for Attracting IT Companies -Global IT companies setting up in Japanese resort town Shirahama
  • Results of JETRO’s FY2017 Survey on the International Operations of Japanese Firms
  • [Success Case] GE Healthcare Japan Corporation
  • [Success Case] NTQ Solution

May 2018 Newsletter

  • [Market Report] Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Business Opportunities
  • [Market Report] Japan's Renewable Energy Industry
  • [Market Report] Japan's VR and AR Industries
  • NEDO and Partners Successfully Conduct World's First Test Run of Wide-Area Security Monitoring Using Multiple Autonomous Drones Operated by 4G LTE
  • NEDO Held a Joint Forum with AIST
  • "Maui-NEDO Advanced Energy System Symposium 2018" Held
  • Washington State Employment Security Department's King County Labor Area Summary for February 2018
  • [Event] Small Business Week Workshop: Growing Your Business Internationally


April 2018 Event

  • Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum
  • Japan-Texas Economic Summit by the U.S.-Japan Council – Houston, TX
  • How Blockchain Can Help Business Thrive
  • Sequoia Sake at the Annual General Members Meeting

April 2018 Newsletter

  • [Market Report] Japan's Smart Agriculture Industry
  • [Market Report] Japan's Biopharmaceutical & Biosimilars Industry
  • [Market Report] Japan's Smart Robotics Industry
  • Results of JETRO’s FY2017 Survey on the International Operations of Japanese Firms
  • Results of JETRO’s 2017 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in the Middle East
  • Results of JETRO’s 2017 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in Africa
  • [Success Case] NextDrive Co.
  • "NEDO Dream Pitch Contest in KANSAI 2018" Held
  • NEDO Held the "Japan-U.S. Digital Innovation Hub Workshop"


March 2018 Newsletter

  • [Global Exhibition] Seeking Exhibitors for WEFTEC 2018
  • FY2017 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions for Japanese Companies in the U.S. (36th annual survey) 
  • FY2017 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions for Japanese Companies in Canada (28th annual survey)
  • [Press Release] New JETRO Report Highlights Trends in FDI to Japan
  • [Success Case] Beckhoff Automation K.K.
  • [Success Case] Asurion Japan Holdings G.K.
  • NEDO Project Partners Develop Highly Durable and Active NOx Purification Catalyst for Automobiles
  • NEDO Project Results in Development of Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Dry Powder, Which Can Be Used to Reinforce Resin Materials


February 2018 Event

  • Japan Update Symposium on U.S.-Japan Relations: One Year into the Trump Administration
  • [WORKSHOP]Japanese Business Etiquette 
  • Japan Update Symposium: "The Impact of Japanese Technology on the US Market"
  • IJS Event/Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Takeo Hoshi, “Has Abenomics Revived the Japanese Economy? Comparative Macroeconomic Perspectives with the US Economy”

January 2018 Event

  • Invest Tokyo Seminar 2018 in Silicon Valley
  • Asia in Danger: The Evolving US-Japan Security Alliance and what it means for Regional Security 
  • [GLOBAL CONFERENCE] Seeking Exhibitors for VERDEXCHANGE 2018
  • [Webinar only in Japanese] Considerations of expanding business to Silicon Valley: Visa strategies, and corporate law and Employment Act of California for business plans


December 2017 Newsletter

  • Setting up an Office in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Cost Comparison of Six Cities
  • Entering Japan’s Healthcare Market: Three Regions with Great Incentives for Foreign Businesses 
  • Invest Japan website: "Samples of documents businesses are required to submit to authorities" for FY2017 now available
  • Reports on smart agriculture posted on Invest Japan website 
  • Symposium in Seoul for investment into Japan
  • [Success Case] NYC Jewelry Retailer Opens Office in Tokyo with JETRO Support
  • [Success Case] CENIT Japan KK
  • Chinese developer of service robots Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp. establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • Taiwan IoT equipment and solutions development company NextDrive establishes Japanese corporation 
  • Chinese automotive interior materials manufacturer for sound insulation Changzhou Haoeda Technology establishes corporation in Nagoya
  • Australian travel company Intrepid Group establishes Japanese corporation in Kyoto
  • Major Taiwanese cosmetic ODM manufacturer Thai Ho Group establishes Japanese subsidiary 
  • [Webinar] How to Successfully Enter Japan’s IoT Sector


November 2017 Event

  • 2017 World Alliance Forum in San Francisco
  • [Webinar] How to Successfully Enter Japan’s IoT Sector 
  • Auburn - Free Tools for Starting a Business
  • Financing Your Small Business


November 2017 Newsletter

  • [Review] Reverse-Pitch Event Highlights Partnership Opportunities with Japanese Companies
  • Doing Business in Japan: Popular Business Model Types & Their Distinctions
  • Genesis Systems, a processing and inspection systems developer and manufacturer, has enjoyed remarkable success through earning the trust of Japanese-affiliated automobile part manufacturers in the U.S.
  • Agilis Biotherapeutics, LLC, a U.S. biotechnology company developing gene therapy, has established the joint venture together with the Gene Therapy Research Institution Co., Ltd., a Japanese bio-venture company
  • Spanish genetic testing and diagnostics company Igenomix establishes Japanese corporation in Tokyo
  • Chinese content developer and distributor Weibo Comic establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • Korean medical device manufacturer SELVAS Healthcare establishes Japan Corporation in Tokyo
  • SVS 2017 Silicon Valley-New Japan Summit at Stanford University. The Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit is an invitation only two-day summit to connect Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies


 August 2017 Newsletter

  • [Video] AdRoll Establishes Presence In Japan with JETRO Support
  • Doing Business in Japan: Popular Business Model Types & Their Distinctions
  • Success Story: Space-Time Engineering Japan Inc.
  • Spanish chemical manufacturer Torrecid establishes Japanese branch in Nagoya
  • German high-performance vacuum insulation panel and packing manufacturer va-Q-tec Ag establishes Japanese corporation
  • Korean optical fiber fusion connector manufacturer INNO Instrument established Japan Corporation in Tokyo and Osaka
  • Global third-party safety testing and certification company UL establishes testing facility for automotive industry in Aichi


July 2017 Newsletter

  • [Video] AdRoll Establishes Presence In Japan with JETRO Support
  • New Publication of “Canada in Japan: Investment and Business Guide”
  • Hinduja Tech Limited Japan Branch
  • A US corporation, Global Regulatory Partners, establishes its subsidiary in Tokyo to help foreign
  • German high-performance vacuum insulation panel and packing manufacturer va-Q-tec Ag establishes Japanese corporation
  • Chinese E-commerce company, HANGZHOU DARE TRADING CO.LTD establishes Japanese subsidiary in Osaka
  • Hong Kong real estate investment company STAR ASIA HOLDINGS opens hotel in Osaka


July 2017 Events

  • 2017 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium
  • What I’ve Learned – Dr. Jim K. Omura: Japanese American Pioneer in Wireless Communications Shares His Story
  • Plug and Play Japan Community Event (Japanese only)
  • Back to the Future? Asia Policy under the Trump Administration with Glen S. Fukushima
  • Keizai Silicon Valley: 2017 SUMMER NETWORKING


 June 2017 Newsletter

  • [Video] Global MRO Opens New Office in Yokohama with JETRO
  • SENDAI CITY: Launch of the startup visa (Business Startup Program for Foreign Nationals)
  • TOKYO: Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Invite Foreign Companies which Participate in FinTech Business Camp Tokyo
  • FUKUSHIMA: Apply now for REIF (Renewable Energy Industrial Fair) Fukushima 2017 (November 8, 9)
  • US manufacturer of cleanroom products and disposal protective clothing ValuMax International establishes subsidiary in Osaka
  • Mexican automotive parts manufacturer BOCAR establishes the Japanese corporation in Yokohama
  • Business credit report company Creditsafe Group establishes subsidiary in Fukuoka
  • Chinese kitchen appliance manufacturer Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware establishes subsidiary in Japan
  • Germany consulting company for chemical, pesticide and health care laws and regulations Dr. Knoell
  • Consult establishes corporation in Japan
  • Chinese lighting equipment manufacturer Dalian Lufei Photoelectricity Technology establishes
  • Japan subsidiary in Chiba as joint venture with Japanese company


June 2017 Events

  • Key Essentials to Business Incorporation & Hiring Practices in Japan
  • 2017 SelectUSA Investment Summit
  • Japan-America Society of Oregon “Annual Dinner & Annual General Meeting”
  • Stanford Silicon Valley – New Japan Project, The "Acquihire" Phenomenon: The Use of Startup Acquisitions as a Human Resource Strategy for Market Competition and Innovation
  • 2017 Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium


May 2017 Newsletter

  • 85,000,000 Consumers Just Joined Japan's Energy Market
  • Japan's New Approval System Makes It Easier for Regenerative Medical Therapies to Reach the Market
  • Japan Just Approved 1.39 Billion Yen in New Energy Subsidies
  • AEGERION PHARMACEUTICALS K.K., a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for rare diseases, released an oral drug for homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH)
  • US IT company Space-Time Engineering, LLC opens Tokushima’s first foreign satellite office
  • Spanish Airline company Iberia launches flights to Tokyo
  • Chinese food wholesaler/distributor Guangzhou Yitianzhong Trading establishes corporation in Osaka
  • Korean golf-wear company VL & CO establishes corporation in Osaka

 May 2017 Events

  • The Real Reason Behind Why IT Companies Tackle Self-driving Technology (Language: Japanese)
  • Farewell, Free Trade? The Trump Administration's Approach to Asia Trade Policy
  • What Companies Need to Know to Successfully Enter Japan’s Life Sciences Market 
  • What Role Do Japan & the U.S. Play in the Future of Asia-Pacific Economics?
  • Visit Ajinomoto: The Essence of Taste
  • How Will Autonomous Vehicles Change the Way We Move? Perspectives from Japan and the US


April 2017 Newsletter

  • Invest Japan website: "Why Japan? 5 Reasons to Invest in Japan," 2017 version now available
  • JETRO updates “Regional Information” for investing in Japan to a FY 2016 edition
  • Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Centers supports 16 projects. Promotion of innovation through collaboration of foreign-affiliated and Japanese companies in regenerative medicine and IoT
  • US psychological counseling service company Herald Square Psychology establishes LLC in Tokyo
  • US medical device manufacturer CONMED Corporation establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • US manufacturer of raw materials for cosmetics Active Concepts establishes limited liability company in Tokyo
  • US-based therapeutic developer for muscular dystrophy PTC Therapeutics establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • Opening of the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center Shibuya Satellite Center
  • Financial Services Agency: Opening of bank accounts by subsidiaries of foreign companies in Japan
  • Ministry of Justice: Expanding range of holders of accounts for payments concerning incorporation
  • Ministry of Justice: Expansion of scope of countries from which signature certificates of foreign nationals are acceptable (business registration)
  • Ministry of Justice: Exemption of translation of application documents for business registration
  • Ministry of Justice: Creating online guide for procedures of business and corporate registration for foreign nationals and for living overseas
  • Ministry of Justice: Simplification of tally signatures

April 2017 Events

  • Upcoming Event Examines Trade Opportunities between Japan and U.S. Post-TPP - Omaha, NE
  • Trade Startup Day - Source Asian Products by KOTRA Silicon Valley, JETRO San Francisco, TAITRA San Francisco
  • The Vault Mashup: Japan & The Nordic Countries
  • Dr. Shinya Yamanaka - Lecture Presentation on from Research on iPS Cells to Business-Academia Cooperation (Language: Japanese only)
  • Farewell to Free Trade? Trump’s New Deal with the World


March 2017 Events

  • [Webinar] Japan in 2017: Economic Outlook & Trends, Status of Abenomics, and JETRO's Role in Promoting FDI
  • Seafood Expo North America - Boston, MA
  • U.S.-Japan-China Trilateral Economic Relations under the Trump Administration


February 2017 Events

  • [Webinar] A Look into Japan’s Renewable Energy Market
  • Tohoku Region Update: First-Hand Insights on What's Being Done
  • Building a Business in Japan: Key Legal Insights on Fintech & IP
  • Japan Quality Pitch and Demo Night
  • Seafood Expo North America - Boston, MA
  • Getting it Right with Your Japanese Business Partners - Top 10 Cultural Survival Tips
  • CJSJ/JSPS Symposium New Topics, New Technologies and New Times: Japan Ahead


January 2017 Events

  • Japan’s Regenerative Medicine Market: Opportunities for Minnesota Companies
  • Building a Business in Japan: Key Legal Insights on Fintech & IP
  • Stanford Silicon Valley – New Japan Project Public Forum Series - The Algorithmic Disruption: The Underlying Drivers Behind Fintech, IoT, AI, and the Platform Economy in an Era of Computing Abundance
  • Big in Japan – Robert Cole of U.C. Berkeley on the Japanese Software Industry: What went wrong and what can we learn from it?


December 2016 Newsletter

  • Invest Tokyo Seminar Winter 2017January 25
  • Osaka Investment Promotion Seminar in Tokyo (January 25)
  • English-Japanese samples of required applications for setting up business in Japan
  • "Fukushima" Subsidy for Foreign Corporations Newly Entering Fukushima Prefecture for Business
  • Success Story: Caterpillar Japan Ltd.
  • Seeking Exhibitors for VerdeXchange 2017 (Deadline: December 23, 2016)
  • Korean metallic mold company, Sinheung Precision establishes corporation in Kanagawa
  • US-based IT software developer for businesses Rocket Software establishes Japanese subsidiary
  • Singapore’s popular pork jerky shop chain “BEE CHENG HIANG” opened its first store in Ginza
  • French smartphone manufacturer Wiko establishes company in Japan
  • Coventor, provider of software for MEMS and semiconductor processing designing, establishes LLC company in Tokyo


December 2016 Events

  • Japanese Food Showcase at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show
  • [Webinar] Entering Japan’s Medical Device Market: Knacks and Pitfalls
  • Asia in the Global Economy: Potential Growth & Looming Challenges 


November 2016 Newsletter

  • Check out an interview with Danny Risberg, CEO of Philip Electronics Japan, Ltd. on doing business in Japan
  • Download our free Invest Japan Report on Japan’s business opportunities (available in English and Japanese)
  • "Mie" Mie Prefecture Seminar on Foreign Direct Investment (December 12)
  • The Korean company Global Tax Free., Co., Ltd., Asia's largest tax refund service provider for foreign tourists, established a branch office in Fukuoka in July 2015
  • JETRO Opens New Satellite Desk to Serve Dallas & Forth Worth Areas
  • US staffing agency and HR consulting firm, TOP New York, branches out in Tokyo
  • Pioneer of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, Establishes New Office in Tokyo
  • UK based battery materials and licensing company Nexeon establishes R&D center in Japan
  • German connector manufacturer & supplier ODU establishes corporation in Tokyo 


October 2016 Newsletter

  • Announcement of Companies Adopted for the Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Centers
  • (Fourth Selection)
  • Third Invest Japan Symposium in New York with Prime Minister Abe
  • Rocket Software, a US-based enterprise software developer, established a Japanese subsidiary, Rocket Software Japan Ltd., in Yokohama in April 2015
  • Tenneco Japan Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of American global supplier of auto parts Tenneco, began full-scale operations of its Yokohama Technical Center in April 2016
  • Shanghai Zensy Corporation, the publisher of “Koraku,” established Koraku Japan Corporation in Tokyo
  • Silicon Valley-New Japan Summit Sees Strong Interest from Startup Community
  • Austrian hydraulic lift manufacturer, Palfinger establishes company in Kanagawa
  • Chinese 3D online game developer Snail Games establishes corporation in Japan
  • Chinese designer and developer of semiconductor sensors Gpixel establishes corporation in Kanagawa
  • UK consulting firm for product development engineering and technology, Cambridge Consultants establishes corporation in Japan
  • NAYAX, Israel developer of cashless payment equipment for vending machines, establishes subsidiary


October 2016 Events

  • [Webinar] Key Trends in Japan's FinTech Market
  • Building a Business in Japan: Key Legal & Business Perspectives
  • Japanese Hidden Gems – Technology Pitching & Networking Event
  • Do Startups Learn When They Fail? Using Crowdfunding Data to Compare When and If Entrepreneurs Learn from Experience and Observation
  • Business Globalization Forum 2016
  • International Consulate Luncheon by East Bay Economic Development Alliance

September 2016 Newsletter

  • New page on Japanese government efforts to promote FDI into Japan
  • Invest Japan website: “Attractive Sectors” for FY2016 now available
  • “Incentive Programs of local governments exclusively for foreign and foreign-affiliated companies” for FY2016 now  available
  • German cleanliness analysis equipment manufacturer establishes JOMESA Japan
  • Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic components, TAIFLEX Scientific establishes presence in Japan
  • Prime Minister Abe Kicks off FDI Seminar in New York
  • [Partner News] NEDO Silicon Valley News - Issue 12
  • Seminar Sees Japan's Biggest Brands Pitch Partnership Opportunities to U.S. Startups
  • South Korean subtitling, dubbing and captioning company, i-Yuno Media Group, establishes branch office in  Tokyo
  • German-based diamond coating service provider CemeCon establishes company in Japan
  • Chinese online travel service agency establishes joint venture company with HIS
  • French battery manufacturer, Saft, known for high technology batteries for  industry,sets up corporation in Japan


September 2016 Events

  • Investment Opportunities in Japan Toward the New Asia-Pacific Era
  • [JETRO San Francisco Webinar] Introduction to Japan's Digital Healthcare Market
  • 5th Annual How to Do Business in the Pacific Rim
  • Corporate Venture Capital in Japan: Challenges and Future
  • The Next Big Revolution: Internet of Things
  • Moving Beyond Money Capitalism: Japan's Alternative Economic Model of Satoyama Capitalism


June 2016 Newsletter

  • Program to Increase Foreign Entrepreneurs
  • International Symposium on Medical Appliances in Osaka
  • METI has started the Sixth Offering of Subsidy for New Business Establishment in the Areas Recovering from Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster towards Employment Creation
  • Announcement of Companies Adopted for the Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Center"
  • "Fukushima" Apply now for the 5th REIF (Renewable Energy Industrial Fair) Fukushima 2016
  • Business climate survey: German Business in Japan 2016 (English)
  • M-Industry, a Subsidiary of the Largest Food Retailer in Switzerland, Migros,
  • Became Incorporated in Tokyo in November 2014
  • “Voices of Foreign Company Executives in Japan” Nippon Aerosil Co., Ltd. (Dr. Michael Doludda)
  • SYSCOM (USA), a US-based company engaged in IT infrastructure and cloud services, opens branch in Tokyo
  • BNM Holdings Establishes Base in Osaka to Procure Made-in-Japan Products
  • Manufacturer of PV Cells and PV Modules Aiduo PV Establishes Corporation in Osaka
  • Leading Chinese Automotive Manufacturer Great Wall Motor Establishes R&D Base in Yokohama
  • French Manufacturer of Systems for Preclinical Research in Physiology, Pharmacology and
  • Toxicology Establishes Corporation in Hyogo


June 2016 Events

  • (WEBINAR) Three Keys to Business Success in Japan: Legal, Tax & Labor Management
  • Japan Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2016
  • CleanTech Showcase 2016


May 2016 Newsletter

  • United World: An Innovative Edge on Global Challenge
  • Invest Japan Seminar in Brussels with Prime Minister Abe
  • JETRO Invest Japan Networking Event
  • "Fukushima" Call for Application for Subsidy for Foreign Corporations
  • Yokohama Seminar on Promotion of Foreign Investment
  • JETRO Seminar Highlights Japan's Recovery Five Years After the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami
  • JETRO Healthcare Webinar: Regulation, Reform, and & Subsidy Programs
  • Making Tokyo the Most Business-Friendly City in the World
  • San Antonio Kicks Off Fundraising Effort for Sister City Kumamoto
  • Leading Japanese Life Science Organizations to Exhibit at Biotech Convention in San Francisco
  • “Voices of foreign company executives in Japan” Faurecia Japan KK. Mr. Olivier Fidry
  • ” Voices of foreign company executives in Japan” Swissotel Nankai Osaka K.K. (Christian Schaufelbuehl)
  • Dukane Corporation Enters Japan: A Case Study
  • US-based IT software developer for businesses Rocket Software establishes Japanese subsidiary
  • US-based Dandelion Chocolate establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • US-based InterCall, major global provider of conferencing services, expands in Nagoya
  • British automotive manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda establishes limited liability company
  • German pharmaceutical service provider Vetter establishes corporation in Tokyo
  • French consulting firm Sia Partners starts business in Japan
  • Taiwanese data recovery service company - Linwei Technology launches fullscale business in Japan
  • Hainan Airlines starts new route of Narita-Xi’an and Haneda-Beijing in December 2015
  • Singapore originated Hillman Restaurant Japan opens 2nd restaurant in Umeda, Osaka


 May 2016 Events

  • Unlocking New Opportunities: Japan's Tech Industry, Changes and Trends in 2016
  • (Webinar) Japan's Energy Industry Shakeup
  • Managing Open Innovation: Lessons from Harnessing Silicon Valley
  • 2016 BIO International Convention
  • Japan Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2016
  • CleanTech Showcase 2016 

April 2016 Newsletter

  • JETRO Now Accepting Applications for Global Innovation Centers Subsidy Program
  • An Incentives Guide to Business in Nagoya
  • Request for Business Development Representative
  • Changing Regenerative Medicine in Japan
  • Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Japon has Opened its First R&D Center Outside France, Asia Innovation Center PFDC in Tokyo
  • SF Express of China, an International Courier Service Provider, has been Expanding its Japan Business
  • Digital Development Management, Inc., an U.S.-Based Game Production and Relevant Service Provider, Opens an office in Osaka
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Component Manufacturer Ognibene Power Establishes Corporation in Osaka
  • Energy Pool Développement, a Provider of Demand Response Service for Industrial Customers, Sets up Business in Japan
  • A Well-Established German Auto Parts Manufacturer has its First Company in Japan
  • Women's Tights and Stocking Manufacturer and Supplier, DIVINE SAS, has Marked its Presence in Japan
  • French Employee Benefit Service Provider Edenred Starts Digitized Meal Voucher Service
  • Chinese Developer and Distributer of Clean Room Devices and Functional Materials for Smartphones Shenzhen Selen Science Technology Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • China-based Mobile Router Rental Company Targeting Chinese Travelers Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • Chinese Trading Firm Dealing in Machinery Establishes a Corporation in Osaka


April 2016 Events

  • Emerging Opportunities: Regulatory Changes to Japan's Heatlhcare Market (Online Webinar)
  • Big in Japan: Allen Miner on Entering the Japanese Market - Secret Formula for Success
  • 2016 BIO International Convention
  • Digital Ukiyo-e Exhibition at San Francisco Japan Consulate


 March 2016 Newsletter

  • JETRO Ready for TPP's Impact
  • Why Invest in Japan's Local Regions? - Unlimited Business Opportunities Await –
  • Chicago Chefs Spice up Their Menus with This Japanese Ingredient - Guest Post by Mike Sula
  • Game Connection America 2016 Showcases Eleven Japanese Game Developers
  • The Life Science Sector of Japan: Event Overview
  • Deallus Consulting, a Consulting Firm Specializes in Life Science Sector, Establishes a Corporation in Tokyo
  • Shanghai-Based Information and Service Provider in Finance and Tourism Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • China-Based Web Designer Ekohe Establishes a Subsidiary in Tokyo
  • Taiwan-Based Chinlun's Things Store Establishes a Limited Liability Company in Aichi
  • Singapore-Based My Outlet, an Importer, Exporter and Retailer of Halal foods, Establishes a Corporation in Tokyo
  • German Based Riedel Communications, a Manufacturer and Supplier of Audio and Video
  • Products,Establishes a Corporation in Tokyo
  • German Automatic Safety Device Manufacturer Euchner Establishes a Corporation in Aichi Prefecture
  • Belgian Based EHS Consulting Firm Enhesa Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • "Tokyo" Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center Information Session
  • "Fukuoka City" Startup Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs

March 2016 Events

  • Opportunities in the Contemporary Bioscience Industry in the USA & Japan
  • Biomedical Regulatory Reform and the Funding Landscape in Japan
  • Trends in AgTech: Real Needs in the Industry
  • Digital Ukiyo-e Exhibition at San Francisco Japan Consulate

February 2016 Newsletter

  • New Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Centers
  • MOI signed with US Department of Commerce toward promoting bilateral investment between US and
  • Japan - Holding TPP Utilization Seminar for SMEs 
  • JETRO has Published its very First Invest Japan Report
  • Business Legal Seminar Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses Entering Japan
  • International Students Support Network Starts Free Registration of Recruit Information by Companies at Career Support Network System for International Students in Japan
  • First Symposium on Investment in Japan Takes Place in Taiwan
  • An American Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Plastic Assembly Systems and Audio Visual Equipment
  • Company, Dukane Corporation Opened a Technical Center in Tokyo in 2013
  • ” Voices of Foreign Company Executives in Japan” TripAdvisor Inc. Shohei Nishibayashi
  • US Based Software Defined Storage Company Scality Inc. Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • German Mega Solar Company SYBAC SOLAR Establishes Corporation in Tokyo
  • Car Navigation and Other Vehicle-Embedded Software Developer, Kotei Information, locates in Aichi prefecture
  • Almac Group, a Distributor of Clinical Test Drugs and Provider of Analysis and Agent for Drug Discovery, Incorporates in Japan
  • A Marine Navigation System Developer and Supplier NAVTOR AS Incorporates in Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture
  • China's Traveler's Magazine,"Koraku ", Targeting the Affluent travelers to Japan, Establishes a company in Tokyo
  • French Perfume Brand Miya Shinma Parfums Establishes Corporation in Shizuoka
  • A Manufacturer of Small Water Turbine Power Generator, WWS Wasserkraft GmbH Co. KG, Expands in Kyoto
  • China-based Juneyao Airlines Launches Chartered Flights Between Obihiro and Shanghai Xerox Establishes Customer Care Center in Saitama City
  • "Saga" Saga Prefecture Exhibits at BATTERY to Attract Investment JAPANMarch 2nd‐4th, 2016)
  • "Osaka" Look West! Osaka Promotion Seminar in Tokyo (March 1st, 2016)
  • NEDO Silicon Valley News - Vol. 10
  • Chairman Furukawa Speaks at VerdeXchange 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

February 2016 Events

  • The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, ("Pittcon 2016")
  • Seafood Expo North America / Seafood Processing North America (Trade Professional Only)
  • Back to the Source: Yamaha Motor's Challenges on Business Development
  • Creating a New Tohoku: Firsthand Observations on its Recovery and an Update on the Economy
  • Insights on the Fifth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake


January 2016 Newsletter

  • An Incentives Guide to Business in the Greater Tokyo Area
  • “Regional Information” for Investing in Japan to a FY 2015 edition
  • Invitation of Applicants for the Investment Advisor Assignment System
  • JETRO Returns to Las Vegas for CES in January 2016
  • Midwest Newsletter Winter 2016
  • ”Voices of Executives in Foreign-based Companies in Japan”  Travelex Japan KK Mr. John Rayment
  • "Tokushima" Seminar on the Promotion of Foreign Investment in Tokushima (February 8th)
  • "Ibaraki" Seminar and Reception for Promotion of Location by Foreign & Foreign Affiliated Companies in
  • Ibaraki (February 9th)
  • "Kyoto" Kyoto Investment Seminar in Tokyo (February 12th)
  • "Hokkaido" Hokkaido Tourism Investment Promotion Seminar (February 18th)


January 2016 Events

  • “Opportunity Knocks in Japan”- A Business and Legal Event
  • Japan Food Showcase
  • Understanding Investors and Preferred Stock Financings in Silicon Valley

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