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Professional Business Matching Services

Professional Business Matching Services 

JETRO's Business Matching Program is a free service that gives North American companies direct access to nearly 200 leading Japanese corporations.

How It Works

Companies submit their business proposal to JETRO, who shares it with Japanese companies actively seeking technology partnerships with North American businesses. Once a Japanese company expresses interest in a proposal, JETRO arranges an introductory meeting between both parties.

Who Should Apply

Any North American company that does not already have an exclusive partner in Japan can apply. Primary industries served are listed:

Computer Software & Hardware IoT, Big Data & AI Fintech
Robotics Security Biotech & Pharmacueticals
Cleantech Healthcare & Digital Health Automotive
Advanced Materials Manufacturing Others

How to Apply

To learn more about our JETRO's business matching services, schedule a free business consultation with the nearest JETRO office. 

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