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Saitama Industrial Development Corporation

Sonic City Bldg. 10F, 1-7-5 Sakuragi-cho, Omiya Ward, Saitama-city, Saitama Prefecture, 330-9588


Basic information

Population *1

1260 thousand

Labor force *1

611 thousand

Nominal GDP*2


Number of Establishments*3

43,990 establishments

JETRO office
  1. *1

    Population Census 2015, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  2. *2

    Prefectural Citizens'Economic Accounts 2018, Cabinet Office

  3. *3

    "2016 Economic Sensus", Statstics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Basic information updated on:Jan. 2022

Business Environment

Saitama City is home to numerous R&D companies and research facilities of large corporations with cutting-edge technologies. In particular, the value of shipments from optical equipment and lens manufacturers commands a substantial share of the Japanese market.
To further the agglomeration of these industries, Saitama City has initiated the "Saitama City Leading-edge Companies Certification and Support Program," a system to certify R&D-oriented manufacturers in the City to promote their international competitiveness and foster innovation.
The City has also launched the "Saitama Initiative for Medical-Monozukuri" to promote new entries and business expansions of manufacturers in the medical equipment and related industries.


Saitama City subsidy on establishment of new business facilities


Saitama City subsidizes 10% of an invested amount, up to 1 billion yen, to companies establishing business facilities.

Saitama City subsidy for business office rental expenses


Saitama City provides a three-month rent subsidy, up to 6 million yen, to companies that lease offices.

Special Zone for Next Generation Vehicles and Smart Energy

Special zones

On December 22, 2011, Saitama City was designated as a special zone to achieve a "livable and vibrant city that continues to grow towards an environmentally-sound future city" by the national government.

Industrial cluster information

Optical equipment-related companies

The total value of optical equipment and lens products shipped from Saitama City accounts for about 10% in Japan. The city is pursuing an industrial agglomeration suitable to serve as an R&D hub of related industries.

Local companies

TAMRON Co.,Ltd. , FUJIFILM Corporation Omiya Office, SUMITA OPTICAL GLASS, Inc.

Educational/research institutes of the industry

Saitama University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, RIKEN

Life science

Saitama is the home to many R&D-oriented manufacturing companies. Capitalizing on many hospitals and a large population, Saitama City is pursuing a suitable industry agglomeration that will serve as a development and marketing base of new life science-related products.
About 2,900 manufacturing companies operate in Saitama City, and many of these manufacturers have advanced basic technology and processing technology necessary for the manufacturing of medical equipment.

Local companies

Shin-Etsu Polymer Co.,Ltd. , ASAHI RUBBER INC., Atom Medical Corp.

Educational/research institutes of the industry

Saitama University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, RIKEN

Living environment

Despite its proximity to metropolitan Tokyo, there are extensive preserved green areas in the Saitama City's surroundings, such as the 1,200-hectare Minuma Tanbo rice paddies. World-renowned Japanese culture, such as bonsai and Japanese dolls, have been handed down carefully. Saitama City offers full urban amenities alongside natural surroundings and traditional culture. Saitama City holds informal meetings with foreign residents to discuss problems faced by them. Saitama is continually working to ensure a multicultural symbiotic society in which all residents enjoy living.

Logistics and infrastructures

Saitama City is 20 to 30 km from central Tokyo. It has a well-developed transport infrastructure, including a train station for six shinkansen lines and easy access to three expressway routes. Opening the Ueno-Tokyo Line in 2015 has provided direct access to Tokyo and Shinagawa from the City, dramatically improving traffic convenience to Tokyo. Regarding access to international airports, it only takes 80 minutes from Narita International Airport and 60 minutes from Haneda Airport by train. The business environment is expected to improve further because of the planned direct train service via the Haneda Airport Access Line, connecting the Tokyo International Airport and Tokyo in 18 minutes.

Air: 60 minutes from Haneda Airport
Land : 22 minutes from Tokyo train station

Map of Saitama city


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