News & Updates

Jul 20,2021 Press Release NET ZERO Leaders Summit (Japan Business Conference 2021) -Meeting the challenge to achieve carbon neutrality through a positive cycle of economic growth and environmental protection-
Jul 13,2021 Announcement NET ZERO Leaders Summit(Japan Business Conference 20210)- An exhibition of Japan’s technology and pride by 54 companies and local governments
Jun 16,2021 Announcement Invitation to Japan Challenge for Society 5.0-Accelerate Innovation with Japan-
Jun 02,2021 Press Release NET ZERO Leaders Summit(Japan Business Conference 2021)
May 25,2021 Announcement Turning the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Bay Area into a Global Startup Ecosystem!
May 19,2021 Announcement Work in Japan! -Starter's Guide-
Apr 19,2021 Announcement Promotional videos for overseas companies and highly skilled foreign professionals
Apr 07,2021 Press Release Orders Nearly Triple on JFOODO Special Amazon Site Compared to the Previous Year -Mega-influencers, producer stories, and expanded product lineup deliver results-
Mar 26,2021 Press Release FY2020 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions for Japanese Companies Operating Overseas(North America)
Mar 19,2021 Announcement “Supply Chain Resilience Forum -For manufacturing and service industries in the time of uncertainty-” Held Online
Mar 18,2021 Press Release 2020 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies (Global Edition) -Amid worst business climate ever with the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese companies strive to establish new management and sales strategies-
Mar 09,2021 Press Release 2020 JETRO Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies Operating Overseas(Asia and Oceania)
Mar 03,2021 Press Release More Online Distribution Opportunities for Japanese Businesses -Launch of Japanese Green Tea E-Commerce Site in the U.S. powered by Shopify-
Mar 01,2021 Press Release Results of JETRO's 2020 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies in Europe
Feb 17,2021 Press Release Results of JETRO’s 2020 Survey on the International Operations of Japanese Firms
Jan 28,2021 Announcement Full renewal of "Invest Japan" website
Jan 08,2021 Announcement Live Event: ‘JAPAN Session’ to Highlight Emerging Visions and Solutions for Transforming Super-Aging Society into Super-Smart during CES
Dec 22,2020 Press Release Japan’s Fast-Growing Innovation Community to Showcase a Record Number of Startups at CES
Dec 01,2020 Announcement Collaboration with JASSO to Publish Pamphlets for Highly-Skilled Professionals Overseas ”Study and Work in Japan”
Nov 25,2020 Press Release “JETRO Investment Report 2020” published: The Changing Japanese Market amid COVID-19 and Prospects for Business Development
Oct 30,2020 Announcement The announcement of ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2020 Winners
Oct 12,2020 Press Release JETRO Global Connection at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE with largest-ever scale of participation, 45 companies from 17 countries and regions
Sep 29,2020 Press Release JETRO co-hosts AEA2020 for the first time ―Promoting business matching between Japanese companies and Asian startups―
Aug 26,2020 Announcement Pitch program to introduce the Japanese ecosystem at Latitude59, the largest startup event in Estonia
Aug 18,2020 Announcement "A journey to simplify you" A lifestyle of mindfulness with Japanese green tea
Aug 14,2020 Announcement Beware of invoice email scams impersonating the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Jul 30,2020 Press Release JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report 2020 -A global economy with increasing uncertainty and the future of digitalization-