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Investing in Japan’s local regions

In order to contribute to revitalization of local regions, JETRO provides foreign companies or foreign-affiliated companies considering investing in Japan’s local regions with information and support under the cooperation of local governments and related entities.

Regional News

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Why invest in Japan’s local regions?

Find information on attractive investment environments throughout Japan’s local regions, including incentives, and examples of foreign-affiliated companies conducting business there. Also, learn about a variety of JETRO’s support activities for foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies considering investing or expanding business in Japan’s local regions.

Why Invest in Japan’s Local Region? - Unlimited Business Opportunities Await -

This content informs you the advantages of the investment environment Japan’s local regions offer. We have three sections of reasons “Why1 : -Business Opportunity Beyond Tokyo-“, “Why2 : -Leverage the Power of Innovation-“, “Why3 : -Safe & Secure Business Environment-“.

Why invest in Japan’s local regions?PDF file (3.3MB)

Foreign-Affiliated Companies Contributing to Local Economies

This content introduces foreign-affiliated companies contributing to local economies in Japan through “Export promotion of local products”, “Job creation”, “Attracting foreign tourists”, and “Research and development”.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies Contributing to Local EconomiesPDF file (2.0MB)

Prefectural and municipal incentives

Incentives offered by local governments for foreign-affiliated companies

Prefectural and municipal incentives

Cost estimation of setting up business in Japan’s local regions

Clear comparisons with visual aids of start-up costs for subsidiaries in major Japanese cities (with Tokyo assigned the value of 100) as well as business costs that are cheaper than those of other major cities in the world.

Initial costs in areas beside Tokyo

Success Stories

Articles based on interviews with foreign-affiliated companies that have successfully entered the Japanese market, introducing their reasons for investment, ideas and future plans.

Success Stories

Support for foreign-affiliated companies

Services provided by JETRO to support foreign-affiliated companies in Japan in expanding their business throughout the country’s local regions.

Support for foreign-affiliated companies

Where to invest in Japan’s local regions

Find information by prefecture or city, collected in cooperation with local governments and organizations, that can help you choose a destination for investment. Comparisons of information and data by prefecture are also available.