“With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan” Promotion Video Series

These videos introduce active foreign companies in rapidly growing new sectors during COVID-19.

Attractive Sectors

We introduce Japan's attractive sectors. Learn about each sector's general overview and trends, government initiatives, and alluring markets for foreign companies.

JETRO’s Market and Industry Information Service

As part of our support services, JETRO provides industry research reports tailored to the interests and needs of foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. If you are interested, please contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. To learn more about JETRO’s support, please click here.

Examples of Market Research Report Titles

  • AI Predictive Analysis Automation Technology
  • Potential partners for 3D eye-tracking technology
  • Information on robotics market in Japan
  • Market and price research on chemicals products, specifically Polyurethane and polyols in Japan
Environment and Energy
  • Smart Community Market in Japan
  • Information on the realization of low-carbon society, regulations related to EV batteries and ethical and sustainable supply chain guidelines
Life Science
  • Research on gene therapy market in Japan
  • Standards and regulations of medical data exchange in Japan

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