How to Set up Business in Japan Series

Laws and Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan

JETRO provides basic information about the laws and various procedures related to setting up a business in Japan (incorporating business/visas and status of residence/taxes in Japan/human resource management/trademark and design protection systems).

Laws & Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan
Latest Update (Revise Point)

Based on legal revision of the 2020 fiscal year, all of the items of Section1 - 5 are Update.(2020. November)

Section1: Incorporating Your Business

Definitions and comparisons of various business operations; procedures and guidelines for establishing/registering each of these distinct operations in Japan.


Section2: Visas and Status of Residence

Entry procedures into Japan, conditions and provisions that apply to various types of visas and working/residence statuses; the alien registration process; details concerning family members accompanying foreign nationals.


Section3: Taxes in Japan


Section4: Human Resource Management



Section5: Trademark and Design Protection Systems


Writer :


Sakiko AKIYAMA, Judicial Scrivener, INTRIM Scrivener Office


Tetsuya Iida, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, In Control Legal Support Services


Naoko Sato, Tax accountant, Sato & Akasaki Accounting Office


Satoshi NAGAURA, Social Insurance and Labor Consultant, Nagaura Personnel Management Office


Tetsuo TACHIBANA, Patent Attorney, Tachibana International Patent Office

Editor / Publisher :

Invest Japan Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Laws and Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan Pamphlet

JETRO provides a pamphlet (PDF) version of Laws and Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan especially for foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies planning to invest or already operating a business in Japan.

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