Reason1. World's third largest economy

Reason1. World's third largest economy



No. 3

Domestic Competition

(Market competitiveness evaluated on the extent of market dominance, competiti on in services etc.)


No. 5

  1. The Global Competitiveness Report 2019(World Economic Forum)

  1. ( in 100 million US$)

Rank Country Nominal GDP
1 United States 213,744
2 China 143,429
3 Japan 50,818
4 Germany 38,456
5 India 28,751
Rank Country Nominal GDP
6 United Kingdom 28,271
7 France 27,155
8 Italy 20,012
9 Brazil 18,398
10 Canada 17,364
  1. [Source] "GDP (Current US$)" (World Bank)

Inward FDI Stock

33.9trillion yen

Japan's FDI stock in 2019 was 33.9 trillion yen, 6.1% of GDP.
  1. [Source]Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan "International Investment Position", Cabinet Office "National Accounts of Japan"

Japan's regional economies have GDPs as big as those of other countries

Japan's economic power is not limited to Tokyo.
Japan's regional economies have GDPs as big as those of European and Asian countries.

Comparison of GDP between Japan's local regions and other countries. (U.S. $1 billion) Hokkaido/Tohoku 567.5, Sweden 540.5. Kanto 2,077.2, Italy 2,062.8. Chubu 777.6, Switzerland 680.0. Kansai 775.2, Switzerland 680.0. China 274.2, Finland 255.1. Shikoku 131.6, Slovakia 95.5. Kyushu 464.3, Thailand 455.3.
  1. [Source] Cabinet Office, Fiscal 2017 Prefectural Accounts, October 2020.

Evaluation by Foreign Affiliates:The Greatest Attractiveness of Japan is its market

The attractiveness of investing in Japan for companies is "the large market size" and "the potentiality to verify new products and services' competitiveness."

62.4% of foreign-affiliated companies value the size of the Japanese market.

High income levels and large customer base for
products and services
(Large market size)


46.0% of foreign-affiliated companies say they can verify new products and services in Japan.

Sensitive to the added value and trends of products and services and can verify new products' and services' competitiveness.


  1. [N.B.] A total of 2558 companies responded. Respondents selected up to five "attractiveness in business development in Japan" in the questionnaire.

    [Source] Compiled from "53rd Survey of Trends in Business Activities of Foreign Affiliates (conducted in connection with business for FY2018)" (METI)

Japan aims to be the "frontrunner in solving social challenges"

As Japan faces various social issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population and regional disparities, there is a strong need for digital innovation and diverse businesses.

Japan face social challenges (such aslow birth rate, aging, deflation, low productivity, regional disparities, labor shortage, aging infrastructure, natural disasters) and have high needs for business innovation and diverse businesses (telehealth, sharing, logistics efficiency improvement, disaster prevention management, construction equipment remote control, electronic approval, automatic farm management, telework).
  1. [Source]"Global Structural Changes and Japanese Responses (May 2018)" (METI)

Reason2. Innovation Hub

Industrial clusters
(Tokyo - Yokohama)

1st in the world

Reason2. Innovation Hub

WHY JAPAN? "5 Reasons to Invest in JAPAN"

  1. Reason 1 World's third largest economy

  2. Reason 2 Open as an innovation hub

  3. Reason 3 Excellent business environment

  4. Reason 4 Stable infrastructure

  5. Reason 5 Livable society

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