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Japanese agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food

Japan can offer a wide variety of safe, delicious and high-quality food and beverages.
In addition to sushi and sake, processed foods, fruit, vegetables, livestock and marine products are gaining ever more acclaim around the world.

The demand from overseas for Japanese food products has been growing in line with overseas consumers’ awareness of these products. Thanks to the improvement of global transportation, Japanese food has also become increasingly accessible across the global market.
JETRO offers opportunities for overseas buyers and Japanese food suppliers to meet. The Japan Pavilion at international exhibitions is one effective way to further expand trade and also diffuse new information on Japanese food products.
The following is a list of exhibitions in which Japan Pavilion was held or will be held by JETRO. The Japan Pavilion Exhibitor’s Catalogue contains useful information on exhibitors and their products.

Japan Pavilion Exhibitors' Catalogue