Reason4. Stable infrastructure

Efficiency of public
transport services


No. 1

Access to electricity


No. 2

Airport connectivity


No. 3

  1. The Global Competitiveness Report 2019 (World Economic Forum)

Power outage duration and frequency are extremely small in Japan

The stable and safe electricity supply allows
companies to conduct business activities with peace of mind.

International Comparison of Average Power Failure Duration Index
and Average Power Failure Count Index

System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI): Japan 0.0375, South Korea 0.04, Singapore 0.06, Germany 0.25, U.K. 0.28, France 0.35, China 0.896, Canada 0.98, U.S. 1.28, Italy 1.3. System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI): Japan 0.024, South Korea 0.05, Singapore 0.11, Germany 0.3, U.K. 0.14, France 0.29, China 0.188, Canada 1.48, U.S. 0.378, Italy 2.22.
  1. [N.B.] 2020 figures. System Average Interruption Duration Index ( SAIDI) shows the power outages duration per year, and System Average Interruption Frequency I ndex (SAIFI) tracks the number of power outages per year. Lower figures indicate better performance.

    [Source] "Getting electricity: System average interruption duration index (SAIDI) (DB16 20 methodology," "Getting electricity: S ystem average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) (DB16 20 methodology." (World Bank)

Internet utilization rate

(as a percentage of the population)


The number of mobile phone users

Per 100

141 people

Mobile phone subscribers (per 100 people)

Number of mobile-phone users (per 100 people). Japan 141, South Korea 134, Italy 133, the United States 129, Germany 128, China 120, the United Kingdom 118, France 111, Canada 93
  1. [N.B.] Figures for Japan and the U.K. in mobile phone subscribers are for 2018, and those for other countries are for 2019.

    [Source] "Individuals using the internet (% of population)," "Secure Internet servers (per 1 million people)," "Mobile Cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)." (World

Convenient access to major business hubs in Asia

Excellent nationwide transport network

Travel time on the Shinkansen
Sendai-Tokyo 1 hour 33 minutes, Tokyo-Shin Osaka 2 hours 23 minutes
Shin Osaka-Hakata 2hours 25 minutes

Travel time on an airplane
Tokyo-Fukuoka 2 hours, Tokyo-Sapporo 1 hours 30 minutes, Sapporo-Fukuoka 2 hours 35 minutes

Flight access from the Kansai International Airport to major Asian business districts. Within 2 hours: Busan (Korea) 1 hour and 3 minutes, Seoul (Korea) 1 hour and 50 minutes. Within 3 hours: Dalian (China) 2 hours 3 minutes, Shanghai (China) 2 hours 25 minutes. Within 4 hours: Taipei, Taoyuan (Taiwan) 3 hours 10 minutes, Tainan (Taiwan) 3 hours 45 minutes, Hong Kong 3 hours 50 minutes, Guangzhou (China) 4 hours

Reason5. Livable Society

City Safety

1st in the world

Reason5.Livable Society

WHY JAPAN? "5 Reasons to Invest in JAPAN"

  1. Reason 1 World's third largest economy

  2. Reason 2 Open as an innovation hub

  3. Reason 3 Excellent business environment

  4. Reason 4 Stable infrastructure

  5. Reason 5 Livable society

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