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Ritto city

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View of the Ritto New Industrial District Industrial Park

View of the Meishin Expressway and National Route 1 Bypass leading to the central city of Ritto

Establish your production bases in Ritto - a significant transport hub providing excellent access to both Kansai and Chubu regions.

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Department of Environment and Economic, Division of Industrial Development Promotion

1-13-33 Anyoji, Ritto-shi, Shiga-ken, 520-3088


Basic information

Population *1

66 thousand

Labor force *1

33 thousand

Nominal GDP*2


Number of Establishments*3

2,906 establishments

JETRO office
  1. *1

    Population Census 2015, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  2. *2

    Prefectural Citizens'Economic Accounts 2018, Cabinet Office

  3. *3

    "2016 Economic Sensus", Statstics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Basic information updated on:Jan. 2022

Business Environment

Ritto City provides excellent transport convenience thanks to the Ritto Interchange of the Meishin Expressway, inter-regional trunk roads such as National Highway No.1 and No.8, and train stations Ritto Station and Tehara Station.
The widening work of the main prefectural road Kusatsu-Moriyama Line to four lanes and the Ishibe-Ono section of the National Route No. 1 Bypass have been completed, and the Meishin Expressway Ritto-Konan Interchange has opened. These, coupled with planned constructions of the Ono-Kamitoyama section of the National Highway No. 1 Bypass, No. 8 Bypass, and the Yamate trunk road (to be completed in 2023), will boost the wide-area transport convenience further.
The City is home to businesses in various industries and fields, centered on plastics, food products, and commercial machinery.


Granting of incentives to enterprises establishing or expanding plants


We are currently reviewing the support measures. For details, please inquire.

Industrial cluster information

Environment and new technologies

Environment: chemical industry (excluding salt manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing), electronic components, devices, and electronic circuit manufacturing, electric machinery manufacturing, and academic and development research institutes
New Technologies: food products manufacturing, plastic products manufacturing, ceramic and stone products manufacturing, general-purpose machinery manufacturing, production machinery manufacturing, business machinery manufacturing (excluding weapons), electronic components, devices and electronic circuits manufacturing, electric machinery manufacturing, information and communications machinery manufacturing, transport equipment manufacturing (excluding railroad vehicles and parts manufacturing, shipbuilding and repair, and marine engines manufacturing), academic and development research institutes

Local companies

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., Lithium Energy Japan

Living environment

There is a grocery supermarket within 2km in the City's urban area.
Saiseikai Shiga Hospital provides service in English and Spanish.

Logistics and infrastructures

Located almost at the center of the southern part of Shiga Prefecture, adjacent to the major metropolitan areas of the Keihanshin and Chukyo areas.
The City provides excellent traffic convenience thanks to the Ritto Interchange of the Meishin Expressway, inter-regional trunk roads such as National Highway No.1 and No.8, and train stations Ritto Station and Tehara Station.

Land : by car (Meishin Expressway Ritto IC and Ritto Konan IC (entrance bound for Osaka only))
20 minutes to Kyoto and 70 minutes to Osaka
70 minutes to Osaka International Airport
80 minutes to Osaka Port
120 minutes to Kansai International Airport
90 minutes to Tsuruga Port
Land : by train (From Ritto Station on the JR Biwako Line)
25 minutes to Kyoto and 60 minutes to Osaka (using the rapid train or the special rapid train)
70 minutes to Nagoya (using the Tokaido Shinkansen from JR Maibara Station)
90 minutes to Tsuruga
3 hours to Tokyo (useing the Tokaido Shinkansen from JR Maibara Station)

Map of Ritto city


Provision of information on vacant land, introducing newly developed sites, and supporting coordination and advice of related offices regarding procedures for setting up businesses.

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