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Seto city

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Seto City, the manufacturing city

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Seto City Industrial Policy Division

64-1 Oiwake-cho Seto city Aichi, 489-8701


Basic information

Population *1

120 thousand

Labor force *1

63 thousand

Nominal GDP*2


Number of Establishments*3

2,842 establishments

JETRO office
  1. *1

    Population Census 2015, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  2. *2

    Prefectural Citizens'Economic Accounts 2018, Cabinet Office

  3. *3

    "2016 Economic Sensus", Statstics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Basic information updated on:Jan. 2022

Business Environment

Seto City is located in a northwest inland part of Aichi Prefecture and boasts excellent accessibility to an airport, harbor, and railways. For a long time, the City has grown with the ceramics industry, endowed with quality clay and silica sand as raw materials. The City’s major industries today include electrical machinery, metal products, medical products, and fine ceramics.
As for R&D, the City is close to Knowledge Hub Aichi, an Aichi-Prefecture-run center for creating and disseminating next-generation manufacturing technologies and universities.


Subsidy for promoting the establishment of businesses


Subsidy amount: An amount equivalent to the fixed assets tax concerning newly-acquired land, buildings or depreciable assets and the city planning tax for up to 5 years (up to 1 billion yen)

Subsidy for promoting employment


Subsidy amount: 250,000 yen per new employee who is a local resident when establishing a new facility in the City (only once; up to 7.50 million yen)

Subsidy for promoting the establishment of IT and startup businesses


Subsidies are available for businesses in the IT or starup fields that establish or expand business establishments in the City.

Industrial cluster information

Manufacturing industry, etc.

Living environment

Seto City has rich nature, with low hills surrounding the City and 70% of the land covered with mountain forests. People can enjoy lush nature in many places, including Aichi-Kogen Quasi-National Park, which covers some City areas.
The City hosted the World Exposition, Aichi, in 2005 and welcomed many guests from overseas.
The Seto City International Center offers various support to foreign residents.

Logistics and infrastructures

Seto City is located within 20 km northeast of Nagoya City, the economic center of Aichi Prefecture and central Japan.
The road access improved dramatically when the City hosted the World Exposition, Aichi, in 2005.
The City provides excellent access to major expressways, such as Tomei, Meishin, Chuo, and New-Tomei, from the two interchanges of Tokai-Kanjo Expressway in the City. It is also connected directly to the logistic hubs, such as the Port of Nagoya and Chubu Centrair International Airport.

From Nagoya Station, it takes only 90 minutes to Tokyo, and 50 minutes to Osaka by Tokaido Shinkansen.

Map of Seto city


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