How to Set Up Business in Japan Laws & Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan

Section 2. Visas and Status of Residence

2.1 Entry procedures

Any foreign national wishing to enter Japan must have a valid passport, which, in principle, contains a visa corresponding to his/her purpose of entry into Japan obtained in advance from a Japanese embassy, consulate or other Japanese diplomatic mission abroad (hereinafter, "Japanese diplomatic mission abroad"). Upon landing in Japan, the foreign national must then be screened by, and receive a landing permission stamp from, an immigration officer at the port of entry, who will decide on the foreign national's status of residence and period of stay (however, as discussed later in 2.6 and 2.8 below, this visa requirement does not apply to entry by nationals of countries with which Japan has reciprocal visa exemption arrangements for temporary visitor visa or to entry by foreign nationals having re-entry permission).

Section2. Visas and Status of Residence

Samples of forms businesses are required to submit to authorities

No. Section Form English Japanese
1 2-3a Application for Certificate of Eligibility "Intra-company Transferee" English / JapanesePDF file(729KB) 
2 2-3b Application for Certificate of Eligibility "Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services" English / JapanesePDF file(794KB) 
3 2-3c Application for Certificate of Eligibility "Business Manager" English / JapanesePDF file(734KB) 

These sample application forms indicate the essential points and descriptive examples of registration, visa, taxation, and personnel and labor affairs that are necessary when a foreign company establishes a corporation etc. in Japan. These documents are not published by competent authorities and therefore are not official. Therefore, when going through the official procedures consult a specialist or download the official documents from the competent authorities.

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