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When you hear "Japan," what image does that evoke? History and culture? Science and technology? While the country has broadcast its appeals as a study-abroad or tourism destination, the Japanese government would also like to attract people who want to learn in Japan and highly-skilled professionals from around the world who are interested in working  or starting a business in Japan.

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Studying in Japan

Japan is actively accepting students from abroad as a part of our “300,000 Foreign Students Plan.” For more, please visit our dedicated page for the Japan Student Services Organization.

Study in Japan (Japan Student Services Organization)External site: a new window will open

The conditions for a student visa (status of residence), which should be acquired when studying in Japan, are detailed below.

Immigration procedures and status of residence related to studying abroadExternal site: a new window will open

Career Search Support Program by the Government

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) provides a program to help students who came to Japan through these and other initiatives to find employment.

Studying Japanese

Learning Japanese will enrich your life in Japan, and Japanese language ability may be considered an advantage when applying to study abroad or to find a job. If you are interested in Japan, we encourage you to challenge yourself and learn the language as well.

Japanese Language Learning-related Information Provided by the Government

Points of Contact for Related Agencies
Learn Japanese language (The Japan Foundation)External site: a new window will open

Working in Japan

Japan is a developed nation with safety and economic scale that ranks among the best in the world. What Japan seeks in order to continue growing economically is innovation. From R&D to new businesses, innovation is created by talented people.

Status of Residence Available to Highly-skilled Professionals

In order to stay in Japan, you will need a “status of residence” linked to the purpose of your stay or your field of employment. Here, we will verify whether you can acquire a status of residence that matches your desired employment type.

A Quick Check of Status of Residence

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Preferential Treatment for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals

The Japanese government has established a system of preferential treatment in order to accelerate the inflow of highly-skilled foreign professionals to the country. Points are awarded based on education and work experience, with applicants having 70 or more points receiving various preferential treatments in terms of entry and residence. Professionals with 80 or more points can apply for permanent resident status after one year of residency.
For more, please refer to the dedicated area of the Ministry of Justice website.

Expansion of the list of universities eligible for bonus points

People who graduated from a university separately specified by the Minister of Justice in a public notice can receive additional 10 points. In March 2019, the list of these universities have been expanded.
The details are as follows.

  1. Universities ranked in the top 300 in at least two of the three* world university rankings , or Japanese Universities ranked in at least one of the world university rankings.

    * The three world university rankings are as below:

  2. Universities receiving subsidies through the Top Global Universities Project implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  3. Universities designated as "partner schools" in the Innovative Asia Project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Regardless of the point system, if your academic background or professional career and annual income are at a certain levels, you will be granted a “Highly-Skilled Professional ” (J-Skip). For more, click here.

If you meet all the 3 requirements in academic background, the number of years after graduation, and a certain amount of fund for living expenses, you will be granted a maximum of 2-year stay under new residence status for “Designated Activities” (J-Find). For more, click here.

Career Search by Foreign Students

Students already studying in Japan will likely be planning for their careers alongside their Japanese peers. Japanese career search has some unusual characteristics, such as the employer practice of hiring new graduates en masse in April. Your first step should be to gather information about career search in Japan.

Prospective Entrepreneurs

The Japanese government is engaged in a number of initiatives to promote entrepreneurial activity by foreign nationals. We support entrepreneurs and startups that launch business in Japan.

New System for Encouraging Foreign Entrepreneurs to Smoothly Start Business
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) established a new system for encouraging foreign entrepreneurs to start business in Japan.
Foreign entrepreneurs who intend to start business in approved municipalities, can receive support and will be eligible to enter and stay in Japan for their business startup activities for up to one year.
Startup Visa - New residential status and supporting entrepreneurs coming to Japan -External site: a new window will open

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