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Required Procedures

Once you secure employment in Japan, you will need to make plans to enter the country. One important process is to acquire a “status of residence” for staying in Japan. A status of residence is linked to the purpose of your visit or your occupational category. This page guides you through the process of entering the country, focusing on the status of residence.

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What Is Status of Residence?

With a few exceptions, the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act requires all non-Japanese citizens staying in Japan to do so as holders of a “status of residence” that accords with the purpose of their stay. Please refer to the Ministry of Justice’s Immigration Bureau website for more.

When applying for a status of residence, be sure to closely consult your prospective employer.

Procedure After Entering the Country

Once you are in Japan and have a place of residence, you must register this address within 14 days at the offices of the municipality (city, ward, town, or village) that your residence is located in. Please be sure to bring your residence card.

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