Japan Street: Online Catalog to connect Swiss buyers with Japanese companies

Japan Street is JETRO’s online catalog exclusive for buyers interested in products from Japan. Launched in January 2021, it allows buyers to search for Japanese products online. We have now 40'000+ products from 6'000+ Japanese suppliers (as of October 2023). Products you can find are: foods, cosmetics, kitchenware, even machineries and more to come. All products are exportable!

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For more information, visit the designated website. If you are interested in buying products from Japan, please sign up*!

*Note that after signing up JETRO Geneva will contact you to have more information about your activities. 

Contact: SWG@jetro.go.jp

Japan Street Newsletter

Newsletter Vol 1, 2021: Gluten Free in Japan PDF

Newsletter Vol 2, 2021: Make your nighttime special PDF

Newsletter Vol 3, 2021: Japanese craft beer & gin PDF

Newsletter Vol 4, 2022: Facial masks PDF

Newsletter Vol 5, 2022: Wagashi - traditional Japanese confectionery PDF

Newsletter Vol 6, 2022: Camping PDF

Newsletter Vol 7, 2022: Furoshiki and Bento 

Newsletter Vol 8, 2023: Drinkware and drink pairing

Newsletter Vol 9, 2023: Healthy food from Tofu

Newsletter Vol 10, 2023: Pet supplies and food 

Newsletter Vol 11, 2024: Udon