This new business matching service started on 14 January 2022 under the name JETRO e-Venue, replacing TTPP (Trade Tie-Up Promotion Program) which terminated on 28 December 2021 in order to strengthen security and introduce new functions for an even better experience. 
As an all-free international business matching website, e-Venue will enable you to engage in an open business exchange with global partners from more than 160 countries. 
Get it all done online through the e-Venue website (see link above). Simply complete the user/business proposal registration, search and view business proposals and make inquiries. 
e-Venue enables you to
  1. deliver your business proposals to the world and expand your business opportunities 
  2. approach business proposals speedily using the chat function 
  3. check the contact status of business proposals and JETRO event information that you are participating in

We will also notify you by email of newly registered projects (partner candidates) that automatically match your requested conditions as "recommended proposals". 

e-Venue registration for non-Japanese companies 

For more information, check out the user guide for JETRO e-Venue