Japanese Publications

JETRO Publications

JETRO regularly publishes a number of reports, magazines, surveys, etc.
Those can be accessed through the JETRO website.
Examples include:
- JETRO White Paper
- 10 Advantages to Investing in Japan
- In-depth survey of 6 attractive sectors in Japan
- Sake: An exquisite work of the brewing art (in German) PDF
- Invest Japan (quarterly online magazine)
10 Advantages to Investing in Japan Attractive sector: Retail Invest Japan

The Japan Journal

The Japan JournalTo other site is a monthly magazine published in English-, Chinese-, and Spanish-language editions. The magazine offers timely, in-depth analysis of Japanese government policy, social and economic trends, scientific and technological breakthroughs, and topics of cultural interest.

Highlighting Japan

Highlighting JapanTo other site provides information on modern Japan, including politics and economy, foreign policy, industry, science and technology, arts and culture, lifestyles, and environment.


NIPPONIATo other site is a quarterly Web magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society.