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JETRO Geneva

Address: Rue de Lausanne 80 1202 Geneva - Switzerland
Tel: +41/22/732.13.04
Fax: +41/22/732.07.72

Office opens from: Monday to Friday 09:00-12:30 13:30-17:00
Our office is closed on Japanese and Swiss holidays: Jan. 1-3, Feb. 11, March 21, April 19 and 22, May 1, 3 and 30, June 10, July 15, Aug. 1, Sep 5 and 23, Oct. 22, Nov 4, Dec, 25-26 and 30-31.

How to get here:
From the airport: Take bus n°10 to the train station, then take tramway n°15. Get off at Butini.
From the train station: Walk out of the station on Place de Cornavin and turn left. Take the Rue de Lausanne and walk straight for about 10 minutes. Take tramway n°15 and get off at Butini.