JETRO Switzerland Newsletter

The JETRO Switzerland Newsletter (formerly "JETRO Geneva Newsletter") is our office's monthly publication. It focuses on Swiss-Japanese relations and introduces our activities.

Back issues of this publication, formerly known as the "Bulletin", are available here.

Issue 165, February 2023
 "Swiss pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka : Among others, it will stand out as the pavilion with the smallest ecological footprint"; "Japan will host the G7 summit in May, plus several ministerial meetings"; "Minister Nishimura visited Switzerland"; "Hinotori, the first Japanese surgical robot arrives on the market". PDF

Issue 164, January 2023
 "World Economic Forum 2023: Focus on Japan: With Economic minister Nishimura, Governor of the BoJ Kuroda, and JETRO’s Chairman Sasaki"; "Trade between Switzerland and Japan has hit a new record in 2022"; "JETRO Geneva’s selected articles in Japanese"; "JETRO showcasing 36 startups at the CES including 7 Award honorees: focus on the last four". PDF

Issue 163, December 2022
 "Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; "Strong interest in Swiss hydrogen tech from Japanese companies: Many companies attended JETRO’s seminar on hydrogen on November 29th"; "Survey on business condition of Japanese companies overseas"; "Ambassador Fujiyama represents Japan in Switzerland"; "JETRO showcasing 36 startups at the CES including 7 Award honorees". PDF

Issue 162, November 2022
 "JETRO Geneva welcomes a new directorInterview with Ms Kaoru Fukaya who joined our office on July 20th"; "Indonesia ratifies the RCEP"; "Hundreds of people have enjoyed Japanese food in Bern"; "JETRO’s search engine for companies interested in foreign professionals"; "SCAP acceleration program, meet 126 Japanese brilliant startups". PDF

Issue 161, October 2022
 "SIG’s key contribution to reducing energy consumption in Geneva Interview with Mr Giorgio Pauletto, Head of Innovation at the Industrial Services of Geneva"; "A stimulus package worth CHF 260 billion to boost the economy"; "JETRO’s “Enhance your Career in Japan”: sharing successful experiences"; "Using the water of the Leman Lake to save 70,000 tons of CO2 per year". PDF

Issue 160, September 2022
"Standardization is a tool that supports achieving sustainability: Interview with Mr Tomoyuki Endo, Director of Standards and Conformity Assessment at JETRO Geneva"; "The decreasing value of the yen fuels inflation in Japan"; "Japan will lift border entry restrictions for tourists from October 11"; "Japan and the USA to scale up on semiconductors". PDF

Issue 159, August 2022
"One hundred years of quality in dental: Interview with Mr Makoto Nakao, third generation and Chairman of the Board, GC International AG"; "Monitoring of the Swiss Japanese free trade agreement: Exports"; "Japan’s economy expanded by 0.5% during 2022’s second quarter"; "Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2022: more and better". PDF

Issue 158, July 2022
Articles: Focus on Japanese grills and charcoals with two great companies"Interview with Mr Margoni, founder of Margoni Grill, and Mr Yachi, president of Yachiringyo Co., Ltd."“Elections in Japan: The ruling party secured the upper house; "Elections in Japan: The ruling party secured the upper house"; "Assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe". PDF

Issue 157, June 2022
Articles: We are working hard on improving the life of local communities"Interview with Mr Wada, CEO of Summit Fresh Produce, leading European distributor of bananas"“Monitoring of the Swiss Japanese free trade agreement: Imports; "Opening ceremony for JETRO Munich"; "Japanese government plans to invest 10 times more into start-ups". PDF

Issue 156, May 2022
Articles: “There are many synergies between Mabuchi Motor and Electromag: Interview with Tomofumi IMAMURA, Group Executive Officer and Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Electromag"“Japanese economy starts 2022 with a small contraction of its GDP; "JETRO Invest Japan on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook"; "Technology is helping wheelchair users to use public transports in Japan"; "Agenda: JETRO’s Chairman Nobuhiko SASAKI at the WEF". PDF

Issue 155, April 2022
Articles: Bento Lieferservice: Five years of bento delivery in Biel!Interview with Ms. Michèle Stocco-Dolder founder of Bento Lieferservice"“Swiss President Cassis met Japanese Prime Minister Kishida; "Switzerland lifts COVID entry measures for non-Europeans"; "Focus on Fugaku, the fastest Supercomputer in the world". PDF

Issue 154, March 2022
Articles: Making biomass a true alternative to petroleumInterview with Bloom Biorenewables, a young company with prestigious partners and sponsors"“COVID measures: latest development in Switzerland and Japan; "Trade between Japan and Switzerland close to the pre-crisis level"; "The mascot of the Osaka 2025 World Expo has been chosen"; "Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 - Accelerate Innovation with Japan". PDF

Issue 153, February 2022
Articles: “MobyFly won the Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka award!: Interview with Ms Sue Putallaz, cofounder, CEO, and winner of the Hack Osaka global innovation award"“Switzerland lifts most measures; some must be kept in mind; "Foreign businesspeople and students authorized to enter Japan"; "Hack Osaka: Hack Award 2022 Winners"; "Swiss Open Innovation Webinar: Strong interest for Swiss startups". PDF

Issue 152, January 2022
Articles: “CES 2022 Innovation Award Winners: Six Japanese startups have been awarded at the largest consumer electronic event worldwide"“Prime Minister Kishida took part at Davos Agenda; "The BOJ expects higher inflation but not enough for a change"; "Fixing Japan’s economic and social challenges by investing into youth"; "Agenda: Swiss Open Innovation Webinar on February 16, 2022". PDF

Issue 151, December 2021
Articles: “Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"Sake day in Gastrosuisse’s Swiss Wine Sommelier seminar: We attended the one day sake seminar taught by Dr. Charly Iten, SSA Master Sake Sommelier; "RCEP: the world’s largest trade agreement enters into force on Jan. 2022"; "Minor adjustments to the Swiss Japanese travel restrictions"; "Japan’s day at the Expo 2020 Dubai: culture and innovation". PDF

Issue 150, November 2021
Articles: With our know-how and expertise, we can support biotechnologies: Interview with Mr. Tsuneji Sawai and Dr. Daisuke Nojima from Yokogawa Innovation Switzerland"“A Hub for Life + Science; "New travel restrictions because of Omicron"; "COVID and supply chain issues undermined Japan’s economy in Q3"; "Fifth AI Edge Contest organized by METI". PDF

Issue 149, October 2021
Articles: Sustainable Wagyu: from “useless” meat to top quality meatWagyu tasting event focusing on the valorization program of  Ginkakuji Onishi and Jukuho Farm"“Prime Minister Kishida has three priorities: COVID, new-capitalism and security; "Trade between Switzerland and Japan almost recovered to pre-crisis level"; "Timely Nobel Prize for Prof. Syukuro Manabe for its work on climate". PDF

Issue 148, September 2021
Articles: “Travel restrictions between Japan and Switzerland: Summary of the latest developments regarding COVID travel restriction measures"“Japanese economy recovers well, but private consumption is still affected; "KISHIDA Fumio to become Japan’s new Prime Minister"; "Japanese innovative companies showcasing at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021". PDF

Issue 147, August 2021
Articles: Do not hesitate to knock the door of the JETRO Geneva officeInterview with Mr. Shiro TAKEGAMI, the new Director General of JETRO Geneva"“Historical performance for Japanese and Swiss athletes in Tokyo; "Japanese economy grew in the second quarter despite state of emergency"; "Two leaders co-working on large-scale offshore wind projects in Japan". PDF

Issue 146, July 2021
Articles: “The performances of the athletes will move viewersInterview with Mr Kentaro Sugino, reporter at Yomiuri Shimbun"“Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic 2020 Games: Facts and Program; "Be better, together - For the planet and the people"; "Moving Forward, United by Emotion, Worlds we share"; "Tokyo 2020 Robot Project". PDF

Issue 145, June 2021
Articles: “Japan can be a good neighbour of Switzerland: Farwell message from Mr. Takashi Wada, Director General at JETRO Geneva"“Focus on the new regulation for importing composite products; "Swiss World in Japan 2021 edition"; "Digital farming makes Japanese agriculture sustainable". PDF

Issue 144, May 2021
Articles: “Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Japan: one year later: Interview with Alexandre Tranchellini, General Manager of the shop in Tokyo, after one year of business in Japan"“Japan extends the state of emergency as a precaution measure; "Japanese economy: 2021’s first quarter still affected by COVID"; "Swiss Open Innovation Webinar: Focus on three start-ups". PDF

Issue 143, April 2021
Articles: “ARTMYN, (re)discover Art: A demonstration of how art can meet technology with Ms Oceane Nevesny, Client Manager"“The Freeport of Geneva: a key role in the Geneva art ecosystem; "Switzerland-Japan trade in goods 2020"; "We are on LinkedIn!"; "Five IoT and infrastructure promising companies"PDF

Issue 142, March 2021
Articles: Yamaha is once again the market leader with 18% market share:Interview with Mr Vincent Mentha, Managing Director at Hostettler AG, Yamaha’s official importer"; Japan’s football heroes to kick-off Olympic Torch Relay; "The Tokyo Games will have to take place without foreign visitors"; "Japanese AI start-ups: Axelspace, Kotozna and Efficiera". PDF

Issue 141, February 2021
Articles: Japanese handcrafted goods have been very popular in 2020: Interview with Mr. Carasso, from Sopha Diffusion"; Japan Street: A new online catalogue to find the finest Japanese products; "The Great East Japan Earthquake: 10 years after"; "Japanese Innovative companies: Vanguard Industries and First Ascent". PDF

Issue 140, January 2021
Articles: “I was amazed by the Japanese handcraft quality and culture: Interview with Mr. André Perrin, President, Association Romande des Métiers de la Bijouterie (ASMEBI)"; “State of emergency declared in eleven Japanese prefectures; "51 Japanese startups at CES 2021"; "QR Code: From supply chain optimization to public health prevention". PDF

Issue 139, December 2020
Articles: Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; Wagyu: one of the best experiences you can enjoy in your life: Interview with Mr. Sebastian Stöveken, co-founder of Umai International GmbH; "An English-speaking single-entry point for financial service firms"; "The Japan Club Genève and Ms. Naoko Herbort-Tanno awarded". PDF

Issue 138, November 2020
Articles: The demand has been very strong over the last monthsInterview with Mr. Ryo Nakamura, President of Elna International Corp."; Japan further increases its overseas market access thanks to the RCEP; "Japanese companies seeking new business styles"; "The PlayStation 5 opens the way for the next generation of videogames". PDF

Issue 137, October 2020
Articles: “Pentel’s sales reflect how people have adapted to the pandemic: Interview with Mr. Atsushi Sueoka, Managing Director Pentel Switzerland"; “Japan to slightly ease the inbound restrictions; "World trade drops sharply in 2020’s first quarter"; "The standard behind antibacterial materials". PDF

Issue 136, September 2020
Articles: “Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Japan; a business and familial project: Interview with Alexandre Tranchellini, General Manager of the shop in Tokyo"; “Prime Minister Suga succeeds to Mr. Shinzo Abe; "Care 222, Ushio’s UV lamp that kills Covid-19, and is harmless to humans". PDF

Issue 135, August 2020
Articles: "We can’t go back to the past, but only leap towards the future!: Interview with Mr. Satoshi Fukui, Vice-President of Santen"; "JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report 2020: 1) Trade in 2019”; "COVID causes the worst quarter ever for the Japanese economy"; "Robots have become a reality for the construction industry in Japan". PDF

Issue 134, July 2020
Articles: "We want to bring the true essence of a pleasant life to our customers: Interview with Mr. Hensley Chen, Store Manager, MUJI Zurich Glatt"; "Covid-19: Latest measures taken in Switzerland and Japan”; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2020"; "Leading pharmaceutical companies jointly working on new antibiotics". PDF

Issue 133, June 2020
Articles: "We have donated over 85,000 GUM oral care products: Interview with Sunstar on how the company is dealing with the Covid-19"; "Covid-19 in Japan and Switzerland”; "Japan has the largest budget worldwide to tackle the crisis"; "A Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence"; "JETRO’s Covid-19 business support webpage is regularly updated". PDF

Issue 132, May 2020
Articles: "JETRO is here for you: Webinars and Covid-19 business support"; "When Museums help us to remember the good practices”; "Japan and Switzerland lifting additional Covid-19 related restrictions"; "A brief history of masks"; "The startup Technis reacts quickly to help tackle the Covid pandemic". PDF

Issue 131, April 2020
Articles: "The situation in Japan: cluster model and helicopter money"; "Switzerland’s economic measures: start-ups and restaurants”; "Survey on the COVID-19 impact on foreign-affiliated companies"; "A brief history of hand washing: From Dr. Semmelweis to Dr. Pittet"; "Unprecedented times call for bold moves". PDF

Issue 130, March 2020
Articles: “Editorial"; "Switzerland takes exceptional measures to support SMEs”; "Support small businesses, buy locally"; "The situation in Japan is under control but constant efforts must be made"; "Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed to 2021"; "More time to enjoy Japanese culture". PDF

Issue 129, February 2020
Articles: “Enter the world of the Sake SommeliersInterview with Mr. Charly Iten, Sake Sommelier Association’s first Master Sommelier in Switzerland"; "Private consumption plummet impacted Japanese economy in 2019’s Q4”; "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Where to get a ticket?"; "Introducing the Japanese Start-up visa". PDF

Issue 128, January 2020
Articles: “Auto-Swiss promotes low emissions cars: Interview with the President of the Swiss car importers association"; "Solid figures for new car sales in Switzerland in 2019”; " A useful website for tourist in Japan"; "Sony showcases its know-how with the EV Vision-S". PDF

Issue 127, December 2019
Articles: “Season's Greetings"; " Twenty Green: More sustainability thanks to probiotics: Interview with Prof. Duncan Sutherland, CEO and Founder”; "A CHF 118 billion stimulus package to support Japanese economy"; "JETRO Invest Japan Report 2019: Focus on Innovation". PDF

Issue 126, November 2019
Articles: “Shojin Ryori: I find Buddha in vegetables: Lunch with Toshio Tanahashi”; "Ceremony of the Enthronement of his Majesty Emperor Naruto"; "Medical Japan: Innovative solutions for aging societies".PDF

Issue 125, October 2019
Articles: “It is essential to design each part of the watch beautifully: Interview of Mr. Kenjiro Tomaru, watchmaker”; "Introducing WOSTEP, the watchmaking school"; "Shojin’s Chef Toshio Tanahashi in Switzerland for one month"; "Rugby World Cup: A nice journey for the Brave Blossoms"; "Nobel Prize season: From atoms to exoplanets".PDF

Issue 124, September 2019
Articles: “Idorsia, the new biotech rising star: Interview with Dr. Jean-Pierre Clozel, co-founder and CEO of Idorsia”; "Biotech opportunities in Japan"; "10 years of Japanese-Swiss Free Trade"; "Shochu has been very appreciate at our tasting event"; "Rugby World Cup 2019".PDF

Issue 123, August 2019
Articles: "JETRO Geneva hosts a Standardardization Expert: Interview with Ms. Yukiko Kotani, Director of Standards and Conformity Assessment"; "A brief introduction to Shochu"; "A good second quarter and a solid economic perspective for 2019"; "Japan to be the first partner country for the IFA/Next".PDF

Issue 122, July 2019
Articles: "The brand is the ultimate differentiation: Interview with Professor Dominique Turpin, Dean of External Relations at IMD"; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2019"; "Japanese upper house elections"; "Japan’s recent contributions to the space exploration".PDF

Issue 121, June 2019
Articles: "Japanese Food Supporter: More of that taste of Japan: Introduction of this new program from Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries"; "Every serving is crucial for me: Interview with Mr. Masahiko Numabukuro from Nagomi restaurant"; "Japan-Switzerland Summit Meeting"; "Japan strongly commits to preserve global trade"; "Olympic and Paralympic Games are driving innovation in Japan".PDF

Issue 120, May 2019
Articles: "Chasselas goes very well with Sashimi and Sushi: Interview with Mr. Alexandre Centeleghe, Head of Events and Media at the Office des Vins Vaudois"; "Greater Nagoya is back at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "The trade balance boosted Japanese GDP in 2019’ first quarter"; "AI and crowdfunding for the 5th Nippon Venture Awards".PDF

Issue 119, April 2019
Articles: "Japan plans to welcome 40 million tourists in 2020: Interview with Mr. Thomas Köhler, founder of the travel agency Japan-Ferien"; "A new standard for QR Code Payment"; "The beginning of a New Era in Japan"; "Toyota provides 24,000 EV-related patents for free".PDF

Issue 118, March 2019
Articles: "Exceptional sales for Mitsubishi Motors in 2018: Interview with Mr. Bernd Hoch, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors Switzerland "; "EPA and success stories at the menu of the Zurich event "; "PHEV: A win-win solution"; "Agenda: Geneva International Motor Show until March 17th".PDF

Issue 117, February 2019
Articles: "MAME: Coffee with Care: Interview with Emi Fukahori, co-founder of the coffee shop MAME"; "Valentine’s Day in Japan: chocolate instead of flowers"; "Japanese economy recovered in the last quarter of 2018"; "ITOCHU wants to increase traceability thanks to Blockchain".PDF

Issue 116, January 2019
Articles: "Akselos: “Simulation at the speed of thought”: Interview with Mr. Thomas Leurent, co-founder and CEO of Akselos"; "22 Japanese startups in the CES 2019 thanks to JETRO"; "Fiscal Year 2019 Economic Outlook"; "Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies in Europe".PDF

Issue 115, December 2018
Articles: "Season’s Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; "Fumi Jokura has joined JETRO Geneva: Interview with the new Director of JETRO Geneva, taking over from Momoko Sugiyama"; "JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018"; "First Invest in Japan seminar in St-Gallen"; "JETRO extends its efforts to overseas start-ups".PDF

Issue 114, November 2018
Articles: "An introduction to Sake thanks to FOODEX: Interview with Ms. Catherine Ruchti, in charge of Consumer Service and Marketing at FOODEX"; "New standards for more readable and usable displays"; "Osaka will host the 2025 World Expo".PDF

Issue 113, October 2018
Articles: "How Sika successfully reframed its strategy in Japan: Interview with Dr. Koichi Oba, Head of Corporate Target Market Roofing"; "Global Competitiveness Index: Switzerland 4th, Japan 5th"; "Tokyo is the most innovative city in the world".PDF

Issue 112, September 2018
Articles: "A Swiss Baker teaching to 5000 Japanese students: Interview with François Wolfisberg, Director of Wolfiseberg shops"; "Message from the Governor of Hokkaido about the earthquake"; "Strong interest for Japanese market in Fribourg"; "Revised figures show a better first quarter than initially expected"; "New area for research on Neutrinos thanks to Japan lead".PDF

Issue 111, August 2018
Articles: "JETRO Geneva welcomes its new Director General: Interview with Takashi Wada, Director General"; "A new accountant at JETRO Geneva"; "Japan Houses: Three hubs to learn more about Japan"; "JETRO Global Trade and Investement Report 2018 is now avaiable"; "The "Brain" of Fujitsu's next supercomputer is ready".PDF

Issue 110, July 2018
Articles: "How Plumettaz is entering the Japanese market: Interview with Selim Grobéty, Vice President Business Development"; "Fukushima Rice Wine Named 2018 Champion Sake"; "Japan’s mid-year economic projection for fiscal year 2018"; "Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency writes a modern tale".PDF

Issue 109, June 2018
Articles: "Crowdfunding for Japanese shops: Interview with Susuru, Marutcha and Ginmaku Festival"; "Greater Nagoya at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT: second year"; "Enhancing Measures to Attract Global Talent"; "Thank you and all the best!".PDF

Issue 108, May 2018
Articles: "Pentel celebrates 40 years of presence in Switzerland: Interview with Atsushi Sueoka, Managing Director, Pentel Switzerland"; "Seven Japanese leading companies at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "First contraction of Japanese GDP since 2015".PDF

Issue 107, April 2018
Articles: "Nexiot digitalises the supply chain: Interview with the company that is creating a new standard for value and trust in the supply chain"; "Meet Japanese Companies with Quality"; Minase 7 Windows: the art of transparency".PDF

Issue 106, March 2018
Articles: "Flyability: “Our very first customer was in Japan”: Interview with Patrick Thévoz, co-founder and CEO"; "Cars: hybdrid instead of diesel"; "Impulse Event: Japan"; "Japan H2 Mobility".PDF

Issue 105, February 2018
Articles: "swissQprint has just established a subsidiary in Japan: Interview with Adriano Gut, Product Manager at swissQprint and strongly involved in the process of establishing a subsidiary in Japan"; "Swiss-Japanese Trade in Goods in 2017"; "Brexit aside, Japanese companies in Europe are optimistic"; "Last days to register for the "Impulse Event: Japan" in Zurich".PDF

Issue 104, January 2018
Articles: "Fischer Connectors and the Japanese market: Interview with Ricardo Rodriguez, International Sales Manager"; "The new Swiss VAT rates"; "2017 ends with several good surprises for the Japanese economy"; "Self-healing glass discovered at Tokyo University".PDF

Issue 103, December 2017
Articles: "SONY, the “wow” effect: Interview with Martin Lage, Country Head for Sony Switzerland and Austria"; "AIBO is back: Sony shows its knowledge in the field of robotics and IA, releasing the new generation of AIBO".PDF

Issue 102, November 2017
Articles: "Tea Time with Ms Emiko Okamoto - Japanese Tea Advisor"; "JETRO Seminars: Partnership Switzerland-Japan: keys to success"; "Japan Economy in Q2 of Fiscal Year 2017 (July-Sept.)"; "The Driving Force of Japan: Small and Medium Enterprises"PDF

Issue 101, October 2017
Articles: "Partnership Switzerland-Japan: keys to success"; "What is happening to Toshiba?"; "

Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Lithium-ion Battery"; "Japanese tea exports to Switzerland are growing fast";

"Congrats to the Nobel laureates Mr. Ishiguro and Mr. Dubochet"PDF

Issue 100, September 2017
Articles: "Preface to the One Hundredth Issue by Masashi Nakazono, Director General of JETRO Switzerland"; "Kowa is looking for partners in Switzerland and Europe (Interview with Dr. Junichi Kawagoe, General Manager of Kowa Holdings Europe AG and CEO of Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe AG)"; "JFOODO: A brand new center to promote Japanese food overseas"PDF

Issue 99, August 2017
Articles: "Autonomous vehicles will completely transform mobility: (Interview with Maud Simon, BestMile's Corporate Operations Manager)"; "Tourism is booming in Japan"; "Start-ups in Switzerland: what could be improved?"; "Japanese investments in non-listed companies are increasing"PDF

Issue 98, July 2017
Articles: "Human Rights are privileges that we have to use (Interview with H.E. Ambassador Mitsuko Shino)"; "Japan is stongly supporting free-trade"; "How Robots help people"PDF

Issue 97, June 2017
Articles: "Greater Nagoya at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "Japanese GDP growth in first quarter 2017"; "JETRO meets WTO: Seminar with H.E. Director Azevêdo"; "Super slow-motion video in a smartphone"PDF

Issue 96, May 2017
Articles: "Connecting Western Switzerland and Greater Nagoya"; "Greater Nagoya shows its knowledge"; "Business Conditions in Japan"; "Honda's X-ADV: the motorcycle crossover"PDF

Issue 95, April 2017
Articles: "Baselworld 2017: Crossroads for the Watch Industry Interview with Mr. Yasuhito Shibuya"; "Business Conditions in Japan"; "Japanese Watch Brands at Baselworld"; "One century of Japanese animated movies"; "Hitachi use AI technology to improve safety" PDF

Issue 94, March 2017
Articles: "Toyota-Lexus represent two-thirds of the hybrid car sales"; "Swiss-Japanese Trade 2016"; "Fourth industrial revolution in Japan"; "JETRO Geneva welcomes a new Research Associate"; "The future of individual transport?" PDF

Issue 93, January 2017
Articles: "Kanebo will bring a new brand to European markets"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Fourth industrial revolution in Japan"; "Research Associate will leave JETRO Geneva"; "Swiss post will use NEC’s postal processing systems" PDF   

Issue 92, December 2016
Articles: "“Japan’s economy is very strong in infrastructure, market size and business sophistication” Interview with Masao Takahashi, World Economic Forum"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Survey on business conditions of Japanese-affiliated companies in Europe"; "Japan launched space junk collector" PDF 

Issue 91, November 2016
Articles: "“Trade with Japan is running smoothly” Interview with Felix Rosenberger, SECO’s Deputy Head of Asia/Oceania Section"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Invest Japan seminars in Basel and Geneva"; "METI sponsors Fukushima’s new technologies"; "Japan to develop world’s fastest supercomputer" PDF    

Issue 90, October 2016
Articles: "Visit of companies from Greater Nagoya in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO morning seminars in Geneva and Basel"; "8th World Bonsai convention in Saitama City"; "Japanese teams in ETH Zurich’s competition Cybathlon" PDF   

Issue 89, September 2016
Articles: "Import of Japanese rice in Europe through Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Standard certification on hospitality is now in force"; "JETRO released Global Trade and Investment Report 2016"; "Sony’s new smartphone features a triple sensing camera" PDF 

Issue 88, August 2016
Articles: "Janome Sewing Machine expands in Europe through Elna"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Next deadline for JETRO’s subsidy program"; "MOU signed with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies"; "Mitsubishi Electric developed real time crowd estimation" PDF   

Issue 87, July 2016
Articles: "Santen Pharmaceutical set up European headquarters in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Election of members of the House of Councillors"; "Tanaka acquires the stocks of Metalor Technologies"; "Drone delivery in Chiba’s golf course resort" PDF  

Issue 86, June 2016
Articles: "New owner of Japanese grocery shop in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Statement on UK’s decision to leave the EU"; "Meeting of heads of Japanese companies in Geneva"; "Exhibition of Ito Shinsui’s works in Zurich"; "Japanese robot PARO serves in care facilities" PDF    

Issue 85, May 2016
Articles: "Miho Habel is elected President of the Japan Club of Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Sales of Swissôtel Nankai Osaka doubled over the last three years"; "Newly appointed advisor for trade and investment"; "Invest Japan Seminar in Brussels with Prime Minister Abe"; "Hitachi’s strategy on Internet of Things business" PDF      

Issue 84, April 2016
Articles: "Ehime’s sake promoted in renowned European restaurants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Kabuki play to be performed in Geneva"; "JETRO survey on business conditions in Europe"; "Japanese prints at Geneva’s Baur foundation"; "Japan unveils energy/environment innovation strategy" PDF         

Issue 83, March 2016
Articles: "Increase of Mazda’s market share in Switzerland";  "Japan culture festival in Davos"; "Swiss World In Japan attracts around 70 participants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan as second world’s biggest source of patents"PDF       

Issue 82, February 2016
Articles: "“Our Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to welcoming new members” Interview with Martin Herb Takata and Dominique Ursprung, Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce";  "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Centers"; "JAXA’s X-ray astronomy satellite successfully launched"PDF         

Issue 81, January 2016
Articles: "Menicon opened a R&D office in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Opening of JETRO Miyazaki"; "Impulse: Swiss World In Japan"; "An by Naomi Kawase"; "World’s first wearable translator" PDF      

Issue 80, December 2015
Articles: "JETRO publishes Swiss World In Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO seminar on tourism business opportunities"; "Driverless cars to be available for Tokyo Olympics" PDF       

Issue 79, November 2015
Articles: "u-blox has opened a second office in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan to develop a standard on “Omotenashi”"; "JETRO’s survey on Trans-Pacific Partnership"; "List of Japanese restaurants available on Internet"; "MRJ first flight test" PDF     

Issue 78, October 2015
Articles: "“Japanese people have regained confidence” Interview with Dr. Yaichi Aoshima, Professor, Hitotsubashi University"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Booming of tourism in Japan"; "2015 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Sailor Pen introduces a new pen collection" PDF   

Issue 77, September 2015
Articles: "Tokyo 2020 will bring the soft legacy"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Momoko Sugiyama has joined JETRO Geneva"; "The Secret of Swiss Innovation"; "Japanese earthquake resistant technologies" PDF

Issue 76, August 2015
Articles: "Polymanga will show world cosplay contest"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Tourism is booming thanks to Abenomics"; "Exploration for geothermal resources in Iwate"; "Panasonic to develop hydrogen to power homes and vehicles" PDF 

Issue 75, July 2015
Articles: "“My mission is to strengthen the tie between Switzerland and Japan” Interview with Masashi Nakazono, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japanese-Language Proficiency Test"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO’s Website is now available in German and French"; "Japan/EU partnership on 5G mobile technology" PDF   

Issue 74, June 2015
Articles: "“Japanese consumer has a very favorable image of Swiss made products” Interview with David Chalk, Managing Director, M-INDUSTRY Japan Inc."; "Promotion of Vaud’s wine in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center"; "Maglev train reached a world speed record of 603 kph" PDF 

Issue 73, May 2015
Articles: "Five Promises for Attracting Foreign Businesses to Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Government introduces energy market reform"; "New concept of smart healthy houses" PDF

Issue 72, April 2015
Articles: "Shiseido introduces Ultimune in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Opening of JETRO’s Kyoto"; "JETRO signed MoU with German Chamber of Commerce"; "Japanese community celebrates Hanami in Geneva"; "Exhibition of innovative cars at Geneva Motor Show 2015" PDF 

Issue 71, March 2015
Articles: "Growth Opportunities for Swiss Medical Device Companies in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "About 700 participants in Japan Night 2015"; "Paintings inspired by Japanese art exhibited in Zurich"; "Development of green car infrastructures in Japan" PDF

Issue 70, February 2015
Articles: "“We are the only Japanese restaurant in Switzerland with one star on Michelin guide”"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "New business information available on JETRO’s Website"; "Matching SMEs and overseas businesses"; "Opening of JETRO's 76th overseas office in Rabat"; "Toshiba developed virtual dressing room" PDF

Issue 69, January 2015
Articles: "“I encountered how Swiss people interested in and full of knowledge of Japanese culture” Interview with H.E. Ms. Misako Kaji, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan"; "February 12, 2015 in Bern: Seminar on medical devices"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town"; "Message from Koichiro Nakamura, Director General of JETRO Geneva" PDF

Issue 68, December 2014
Articles: "“Japan offers a lot of untapped business potential” Interview with Roger Zbinden, Head of Swiss Business Hub"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Update of regional information on JETRO’s Website"; "Gifu promotion event took place in Zurich"; "Toyota introduced a new hydrogen-powered car" PDF

Issue 67, November 2014
Articles: "Consultancy services for cross cultural management"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "1,500 experts in the field of electrotechnology to gather in Tokyo"; "Opening reception of Gifu Prefecture in Zurich"; "Kabuki prints exhibited in Geneva"; "Innovation awards at CEATEC Japan 2014" PDF

Issue 66, October 2014
Articles: "ANA expands routes to Tokyo-Haneda airport"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "IDE-JETRO introduces the “Happy Worker” initiative"; "Economic Mission of the Geneva Canton in Japan"; "Great success for the Japanese festival"; "Japanese artist exhibits art pieces in Carouge"; "Japanese industrial innovations at Paris Motor Show 2014" PDF

Issue 65, September 2014
Articles: "“A Japanese biotech firm will settle in Geneva” Interview of Pierre Maudet, Geneva Cantonal Minister for security and economic affairs"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "2014 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Space Expo 2014 in Japan" PDF

Issue 64, August 2014
Articles: "On the front line of ‘Visit Japan Campaign’"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "SGE and JETRO strengthen their collaboration"; "JETRO’s invitation for business matching in Osaka"; "Toshiba to supply geothermal power in Indonesia" PDF

Issue 63, July 2014
Articles: "Introduction of the third arrow of “Abenomics”"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Visit Japanese southwestern island by luxury train"; "Consult JETRO’s business booklets and reports"; "We are Tomodachi — the new magazine of the Prime Minister"; "List of 100 Japanese innovative projects" PDF

Issue 62, June 2014
Articles: "Nestlé is present on Japanese market for over a century"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO celebrates 150th anniversary at Geneva Book Fair"; "Hitachi has developed “EMIEW 2” robot" PDF

Issue 61, May 2014
Articles: "Gilgen Door Systems has become part of the Japanese group Nabtesco"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Consumption tax rate has been increased to 8%"; "JETRO will further promote direct investment into Japan"; "Cherry trees to celebrate 150th anniversary"; "Kaneka has developed new protective films" PDF

Issue 60, April 2014
Articles: "Interview of Philipp Rhomberg, Director General of Toyota AG"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Seminar at Geneva international book fair"; "ICT seminar in Zurich"; "Revised regulation on food imports"; "Japanese culture festival in Ticino"; "World premieres and concept cars at Geneva Motor Show" PDF

Issue 59, March 2014
Articles: "Ionbond-IHI opened new headquarters in Zurich"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Large audience at Japan Night 2014"; "Symposium in Winterthur to celebrate 150th anniversary"; "Official launch of festivities in Neuchâtel"; "Marukome invents Miso soup dispenser" PDF

Issue 58, January 2014
Articles: "“My wish is to further the successful relation between Japan and Switzerland” Interview of H.E. Mr. Ryuhei Maeda, Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese feed-in tariff for renewable power facilities"; "Renewable Energy Village in Fukushima Prefecture"PDF

Issue 57, December 2013
Articles: "Astellas expands its network through international organization"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Specialized ICT seminar at JETRO Geneva office"; "Japanese literature — Ode to slow food"; "First talk between human and robot in outer space"PDF

Issue 56, November 2013
Articles: "Japan center on automobile standards in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese food culture to be recognized as UNESCO’s heritage"; "Japan and Switzerland will further collaborate in the field of innovation"; "Celebrations of 150 years of diplomatic relations"; "Toshiba and ORIX to develop geothermal plan at Okuhida Onsen" PDF

Issue 55, October 2013
Articles: "Kanebo launches new cosmetics products in Europe"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Large success of the Japanese festival in Carouge"; "IDE-JETRO research studies on Least Developed Countries"; "Number of foreign visitors to increase to 30 million"; "Social application LINE expands outside Japan" PDF

Issue 54, September 2013
Articles: "GC Corporation opened a new office in Lucerne"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese shows and animations to take place in Carouge"; "Articles about JETRO in “Tribune de Genève” and “24 Heures”"; "2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to bring economic benefits"; "Consumption tax to be raised"; "Mazda obtained METI’s innovation award" PDF

Issue 53, August 2013
Articles: "Mycom operates overseas sales from Zug"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Globus has resumed the sales of Japanese fruits"; "JETRO’s Approaches to New Growth Strategy"; "2013 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Fujifilm to release new instant camera" PDF

Issue 52, July 2013
Articles: "Koichiro Nakamura becomes Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Liberal Democratic Party obtained a majority at the House of Councillors"; "Traditional tofu made in Geneva"; "Tokyo in competition to host 2020 Olympics"; "Honda and GM to develop next generation fuel cell technologies" PDF

Issue 51, June 2013
Articles: "Technology cooperation for the expansion of TOTO’s Washlet in Europe"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese sake becomes a more and more popular drink"; "Sushi-Tram will resume in old-timer Zurich’s tramway"; "Conference on African Development held in Tokyo"; "Shiseido will develop hair regenerative technology" PDF

Issue 50, May 2013
Articles: "JETRO Geneva office is one of 113 JETRO offices"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Exports from Japan in Switzerland rose 7%"; "Japanese growth tactics unveiled"; "Promotion of robotic technologies for elderly care" PDF

Issue 49, April 2013
Articles: "Citizen expands through Swiss watch manufacturer"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese demographic evolution"; "JETRO’s survey on foreign firms operating in Japan"; "Paul Klee and Japanese art"; "Public-private pharma partnership for the developing world" PDF

Issue 48, March 2013
Articles: "Fujitsu expands its business in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Seminars on the eve of 150th anniversary"; "Japanese low-emission cars at Geneva Motor Show"; "JETRO’s survey on Japanese foods among overseas consumers"; "More innovative Japanese firms" PDF

Issue 47, February 2013
Articles: "Wine-producers export Swiss wines to Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Investments between Switzerland and Japan"; "Japan lifts ban on imports of beef"; "JETRO’s conferences in Geneva and Zurich"; "PlayStation®4 to be introduced in 2013" PDF

Issue 46, January 2013
Articles: "Interview of Ambassador Takashi Okada, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations and Other International Organizations and Head of the Japanese Consulate in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan Night welcomed business and political leaders"; "Swiss-Japanese New Year’s party in Zurich"; "Panasonic develops a 20-inch tablet" PDF

Issue 45, December 2012
Articles: "Interview of Manabu Eto, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Recovery situation in the Tohoku region"; "JETRO opened a Business Support Center in Yangon, Myanmar"; "Traditional Japanese New Year’s meal"; "Japanese comedy show in Geneva"; "Kazuki Yamada invited by Swiss orchestra"; "Kyushu University developed OLED material free of rare metals" PDF

Issue 44, November 2012
Articles: "Japanese industrial group TICO acquired USTER"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Switzerland and Japan strengthens their scientific cooperation"; "Switzerland revised its regulation on imports of foodstuffs"; "Partnership agreement between Geneva and Tsu-City"; "Successful seminar on Japanese innovations"; "Nissan released updated Leaf" PDF

Issue 43, October 2012
Articles: "New President of the Japan Club of Geneva"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese and Swiss share a common interest in newspaper reading"; "Japanese festival in Carouge"; "JETRO innovation seminar at EPFL"; "Sony introduces environmental products and technologies" PDF

Issue 42, September 2012
Articles: ""Japan remains in an economic area of great opportunities"- Interview of Dominique Turpin, President of IMD"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO analysis of Japan / China trade"; "Subsidy program for Asian site location in Japan"; "Preferential treatments for highly skilled foreign professionals"; "Hitachi to lead European project on electric vehicles" PDF

Issue 41, August 2012
Articles: "Toshiba and Landis+Gyr to develop smart communities"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Masters of Japanese calligraphy in Zurich"; "Japan imports more disaster prevention products"; "Toyota opened the city of the future" PDF

Japanese version of article "Toshiba and Landis+Gyr to develop smart communities":PDF

Issue 40, July 2012
Articles: "Midokura is planning to expand in Lausanne"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Economic improvements in four regions"; "JETRO visited Pilot Corporation of Europe in Annecy"; "Japanese women at Zurich’s Rietberg museum"; "Giant solar power plant projects in Japan" PDF

Issue 39, June 2012
Articles: "United Coffee is acquired by Japanese coffee leader UCC"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Meeting of Japanese business leaders in Zurich"; "Enjoy sushi in a tram tour through Zurich"; "Lower House of Japan approved bill to double sales tax"; "Sony and Panasonic will jointly develop next generation TVs" PDF

Issue 38, May 2012
Articles: "Namiki’s office at EPFL Campus will expand"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises"; "Shiseido celebrates 140 years of beauty in Geneva"; "When Shinkansen trains make wishes come true"; "Sunstar developed bike electric equipments" PDF

Issue 37, April 2012
Articles: "Japanese watch component subsidiary moved to Neuchâtel"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Vaud companies will visit Japan from September 10 to 14"; "Traditional Japanese cuisine in Geneva"; "Visit of WTO Director General to JETRO’s Headquarters"; "Canon received six “Best Product 2012” awards" PDF

Issue 36, March 2012
Articles: "Unique Japanese watch exhibited at Baselworld"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Corporate seminars in Geneva and Zurich"; "Toyota shows hybrid cars at Geneva Motor Show 2012"; "Strong yen boosts Japanese overseas acquisitions"; "Seiko developed world first GPS solar watch" PDF

Issue 35, February 2012
Articles: "Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company Takeda acquired Nycomed"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Entry into force of the Agreement on Social Security"; "Japanese food culture seminar in Zurich"; "History of Japanese economy since 1980"; "Japanese robot to work in hazardous environments" PDF

Issue 34, January 2012
Articles: "VS Technology opened its European office in Winterthur"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Creation of new special economic zones"; "Lights of Japan in Davos"; "Japanese tradition to cast out demons"; "“Green First Hybrid” houses exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show" PDF

Issue 33, December 2011
Articles: "Sunstar acquired Swiss firm specialized in degradable implants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Swiss firms took part in Interior Lifestyle Living trade fair"; "Japan’s reconstruction path: nine months on"; "JETRO White Paper on Trade and Investment"; "Panasonic to launch smartphones in European markets" PDF

Issue 32, November 2011
Articles: "Japanese traditions inspired arushi’s creations"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Kazuo Okamoto awarded by ETH Zurich"; "OSEC seminar on Japan/Switzerland FTEPA"; "New Director joined JETRO Geneva team"; "Sharp achieved the world’s highest solar cell conversion efficiency" PDF

Issue 31, October 2011
Articles: "New President for Honda Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Successful JETRO booth in Carouge"; "Reconstruction process is on the way"; "Thank you for your answers!"; "Toshiba unveiled AT200 tablet" PDF

Issue 30, September 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Otsuka’s office in Geneva promotes global health policies"; "Coordinated banking action to protect EU banks"; "Japanese yen against weaker currencies"; "2011 Month of Japanese Culture will benefit to victims" PDF

Issue 29, August 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Hitachi Zosen Inova has the support of Japanese parent firm"; "Yen reached record high level against US dollar"; "Rapid recovery of Japan’s industries"; "Second extra budget for Tohoku region reconstruction"; "Overcoming electricity shortage"; "Air-conditioned clothes to help reduce global warming"; "Biotechnology and high precision technology trade fairs" PDF

Issue 28, July 2011
Articles: "New Director General at JETRO Geneva"; "Sony moved to a new environment-friendly building"; "Measures to ensure the continuous supply of power"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Annual Assembly of the Japan Club of Geneva in Jussy"; "Message from Tokyo of Michiaki Watanabe"; "JETRO invitation programs for trade fairs" PDF

Issue 27, June 2011
Articles: ""All Japanese products reaching consumers are totally safe""; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Heinrich Wegmann is confident of Japan’s ability to recover"; "General Meeting of the Swiss - Japanese Chamber"; "Launch of IDE-JETRO / WTO joint publication"; "Anniversary of Time in Japan" PDF

Issue 26, May 2011
Articles: "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Recovery of Japan's infrastructures and industry"; "Efforts to meet summer's peak demand"; "Seminars about the recovering situation in Japan"; "Takeda signed agreement to acquire Nycomed"; "Toshiba will acquire Landis+Gyr"; ""GOPAN", the first rice bread cooker" PDF

Issue 25, April 2011
Articles: "Japan’s Road to Recovery and Rebirth"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Reconstruction of Japan’s infrastructures"; "Beautiful destinations remain unchanged"; "Survey after the Great East Japan Earthquake"; "Inspections to ensure the safety of Japanese food"; "New regulation on Swiss imports"; "High-quality monitors for intensive usages" PDF

Issue 24, March 2011
Articles: "Situation and economic decisions related to the disasters"; "New cars and concepts at Geneva Motor Show 2011"; "Japanese delegation visited neighboring France"; "Geneva traditional chocolate-maker exports to Japan"; "Lessons from Japan great recession"; "Japanese speech contest in Bern"; "Nintendo 3DS now available in Europe" PDF

Issue 23, February 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Summit Minerals trades natural resources in Zug"; "Japan’s actions to attract businesses"; "Suwa’s delegation visited Switzerland"; "Seminar on Swiss social security system"; "New green tea to be introduced in Switzerland"; "Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland opened its doors" PDF

Issue 22, January 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese Fine Food Fair in Davos"; "Made in Japan, sold in Switzerland"; "Association for facilitating Swiss-Japan exchanges"; "World's first Hydrogen Town Project"; "Exhibitions of Japan's art in Lugano" PDF

Issue 21, December 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "APEC committed to pursue economic integration"; "Implementation status of Japan's eco-points program"; "Globus stores sell Japanese fruits"; "Türler's exhibition of Japanese art in Zurich"; "Japanese world in Switzerland" PDF

Issue 20, November 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Zeria's support to the expansion of Swiss pharmaceutical firm"; "SJCC celebrates its 25th anniversary"; "FTEPA seminars in Zurich and Lausanne"; "JETRO participation in Gastronomia"; "2010 Japan Day in Uster"; "Tokyo remains the world's best place of restaurants"; "2011 major trade fairs in Japan" PDF

Issue 19, October 2010
Articles: "Deepening the relations between Japan and Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Swiss agricultural organization awarded by Japan"; "Japanese Mission and JETRO participation in WTO Open Day"; "JETRO workshop on Swiss legal system"; "Nissan started the production of the Leaf electric car" PDF

Issue 18, September 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Pentel, Japan's leader in writing instruments"; "Japan's New Growth Strategy"; "Family's Japanese restaurant and shop in Zurich"; "Convenience stores sales increased 1%"; "Multipurpose Japanese vending machines" PDF

Issue 17, August 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Swiss travel agency to visit Japan"; "Sightseeing places in Japan"; "2010 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Japan's agriculture exports recovered rapidly"; "International flights at Tokyo Haneda Airport" PDF

Issue 16, July 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Elpida Memory aims to become No.1 DRAM company"; "Tokyo International Toy Show 2010"; "JETRO took part in WSC Academic Week"; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade"; "Yamaha released a zero-emission scooter" PDF

Issue 15, June 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Nomura's global expansion strategy"; "Japan hosted APEC energy meeting"; "Speno's rail track maintenance business in Japan"; "Suwa DTF's exhibition at Lausanne's EPMT show"; "Sony 3D World Tour stopped by Swiss cities" PDF

Issue 14, May 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Daiwa's services for financial investments in Asia"; "Three Mikado shops in Geneva"; "Six new JETRO success stories"; "White paper on small and medium entreprises"; "Sound equipment for electric and hybrid cars"; "Switzerland and Japan revised the Double Taxation Agreement" PDF

Issue 13, April 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Shiseido further strengthens its business in the Swiss market"; "Japan Pavilion at Shangai Expo 2010"; "Participate in JETRO Zone at N-Expo / Kansai'10"; "Improvement and extension of the Eco-Point Program"; "Survey on international operations of Japanese firms"; "Koshu wine registered by International Organization" PDF

Issue 12, March 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese jewellery and pearls at Baselworld"; "The Diet approved FY2010 budget"; "Electric and hybrid cars at Geneva Show"; "World leading exhibition on renewable energy"; "PALRO®, your new robot friend" PDF

Issue 11, February 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Nissan: the future leader in zero emission vehicle"; "Japan pavilion at Baselworld 2010"; "Japan Night in Davos"; ""Salon du Chocolat" in Tokyo"; "Bonsai garden in Zurich" PDF

Issue 10, January 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Sunstar's world headquarters in Switzerland"; "METI's discussions on cigarette lighter regulation"; "Japanese Diet debates on FY 2010 budget"; "Japan as the main FDI partner of Switzerland in Asia"; "Toshiba unveiled the 3D Cell TV" PDF

Issue 9, December 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO foodstuff seminars"; "Interview. Dominique Gauthier, Chef in Geneva"; "Japan unveiled its fourth stimulus plan"; "Japanese apples and black garlics at Globus"; "A plant thriving in desert areas" PDF

Issue 8, November 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO seminars in Basel and in Geneva"; "Linear Chuo Shinkansen: a 500 km/h train project"; "JETRO booth at IGEHO" ; "JETRO's White Paper on International Trade and FDI"; "Tokyo as the new gourmet capital"; "Japanese foodstuffs at Globus" PDF

Issue 7, October 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Debiopharm academic and business ties with Japan"; "Tailored Tamiflu for Japan's market"; "Game and motor shows in Tokyo"; "JETRO participated in Suwa's messe"; "Japanese foodstuff discovery seminars in Geneva" PDF

Issue 6, September 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japan-Switzerland FTA entered into force"; "Memorandum to promote the exchange of professionals"; "Japan's competitiveness moved up one position"; "Buying Japanese food in Geneva and Lausanne"; "Sony will make home 3D available in 2010" PDF

Issue 5, August 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JTI: the largest "Japanese" company in Switzerland"; "Toy show: high technologies and traditions"; "Factories to produce environmental-friendly vegetables"; "Japanese anime directors awarded in Locarno"; "Switzerland tops IT investment ranking" PDF

Issue 4, July 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Toray's commitments in 21st century challenges"; "Cultural and technical specificities"; "Switzerland/Japan Free Trade Agreement is approved"; "Organization to facilitate business contacts"; "Japan's future: robots in retirement homes?" PDF

Issue 3, June 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Mr. Taguchi presents Honda's green values"; "A Swiss IT company expands in Japan"; "A successful seminar in Solothurn"; "Interview. Dr. Hannes Bleuler"; "Japan invents the future of television"; "A new staff member in JETRO's office" PDF

Issue 2, May 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Regional Industry Tie-up(RIT) Project: Suwa"; "The role of consumers in standardization: JETRO trip"; "Hayao Miyazaki, or when anime goes global" PDF

Issue 1, April 2009
Articles: "Message from Mr. Michiaki Watanabe, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Cosplay, the new phenomenon from Japan"; "Regional Industry Tie-up (RIT) project: Toyama" PDF

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