JETRO Switzerland Newsletter

The JETRO Switzerland Newsletter (formerly "JETRO Geneva Newsletter") is our office's monthly publication. It focuses on Swiss-Japanese relations and introduces our activities.

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2024 (Issues 173-)

Issue 175, March 2024
Articles: "On a Mission to Share Japanese Sake Culture in Switzerland: Interview with Mrs. Cristina Volpi, Co-founder of Kitsune Trading"; "Results of the Federal Vote of 3 March 2024"; "The Return of the Geneva International Motor Show"; "Farewell Message by Director General Shiro Takegami". PDF  

Issue 174, February 2024
Articles: "Hidden Champion in the Field of Specialized Grinding Machines: Interview with Mr. Beat Schweizer, Area Sales Manager at Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik"; "Key Findings of the 2024 Swiss Venture Capital Report"; "Wagyu and Hokkaido Scallop Tastings to Celebrate 160 Years of Cooperation between Japan and Switzerland"; "JETRO Geneva and Greater Geneva Bern Area-Webinar about the Battery Ecosystem in Western Switzerland". PDF  

Issue 173, January 2024
Articles: "A positive impact through sustainable and healthy food practices: Interview with Ms. Azusa Kozma, Director, and Ms. Haruno Sakurada, managing member at Japanese Food for GOOD Sàrl"; "Switzerland abolishes industrial tariffs"; "World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024 in Davos"; "Japan plans to dispatch solar-powered 5G mobile base stations"; "JETRO debuted new pitch stage and events at CES 2024". PDF

2023 (Issues 164-172)

Issue 172, December 2023
Articles: "Combining Swiss Craftsmanship with Japanese Aesthetics: Interview with Mr. Eric Blum, co-founder of Zurich-based brand Onkai Heiwa"; "ENEOS installs CO2 Capture Equipment from Climeworks"; "Swiss Parliament elects Beat Jans as new Federal Councilor"; "JETRO Geneva exhibited at this year's Igeho Event".PDF

Issue 171, October 2023
Articles: "Japanese Cooking Workshop at EHL highlighting Toyo Rice Products: Interview with Ms. Nao Adachi Mathiesen, Sales Representative for Europe at Toyo Rice, and Mr. Kohji Imai, Sushi chef at Ecole telière de Lausanne (EHL)"; "Results of Switzerland's Federal Elections"; "New Consulate and Swissnex Office in Osaka + Signing of an MoC"; "Major News from the Japanese Automotive Sector".

Issue 170, September 2023
Articles: "IAF Roadshow: "New Technologies - New Ways of Age(ing)?": Interview with Ms. Samira Hüsler, Roadshow co-organizer and researcher at the Institute for Ageing Research (IAF) at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Science"; "Meet-up with Keigo Tsunemoto, Japanese Football Player"; "Switzerland's revised Federal Data Protection Act comes into force"; "Key findings from the annual JETRO Global Trade & Investment Report"; "Sevensense and Rapyuta Robotics develop autonomous forklifts"; "Message from the editor". PDF  

Issue 169, August 2023
 "One of the biggest advantages of our dressings is their versatility": Interview with Mr Roman Donzé, CEO and founder of akari taste GmbH; "Switzerland lifts import curbs on foods from Fukushima"; "Call for Logo Designs: Japan-Switzerland 160th Anniversary". PDF

Issue 168, May 2023
 "A new editor for the JETRO Switzerland Newsletter in July"; "Tax event for Japanese Corporate Clients on May 31: Interview with Mr Erik Steiger, Partner Tax and Ms Céline Jundt, Director Tax at PwC Switzerland"; "Companies’ utilization of the Swiss-Japanese EPA could be improved"; "Japanese economy stronger than expected during the first quarter"; "Ms Stocco’s Bento from Bento Lieferservice on NHK World!"; "JP-UK Hiroshima Accord includes trade, security, and innovation". PDF

Issue 167, April 2023
 "The Nature of Time: Grand Seiko enjoys a fast-growing demand: Interview with Grand Seiko at Watches and Wonders in Geneva"; "Key findings from the annual survey on business conditions overseas"; "Hydrogen related patents: Japan and Europe are leading the way". PDF

Issue 166, March 2023
 "Microlino: “This is not a car!”, but it is Swiss, smart, and beautiful: Interview of Mr Merlin Ouboter, co-founder of Microlino"; "Credit Suisse takeover, from a Japanese perspective"; "When women thrive, humanity thrives: Women’s Pavilion at Expo Osaka". PDF

Issue 165, February 2023
 "Swiss pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka: Among others, it will stand out as the pavilion with the smallest ecological footprint"; "Japan will host the G7 summit in May, plus several ministerial meetings"; "Minister Nishimura visited Switzerland"; "Hinotori, the first Japanese surgical robot arrives on the market". PDF

Issue 164, January 2023
 "World Economic Forum 2023: Focus on Japan: With Economic minister Nishimura, Governor of the BoJ Kuroda, and JETRO’s Chairman Sasaki"; "Trade between Switzerland and Japan has hit a new record in 2022"; "JETRO Geneva’s selected articles in Japanese"; "JETRO showcasing 36 startups at the CES including 7 Award honorees: focus on the last four". PDF

2022 (Issues 152-163)

Issue 163, December 2022
 "Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; "Strong interest in Swiss hydrogen tech from Japanese companies: Many companies attended JETRO’s seminar on hydrogen on November 29th"; "Survey on business condition of Japanese companies overseas"; "Ambassador Fujiyama represents Japan in Switzerland"; "JETRO showcasing 36 startups at the CES including 7 Award honorees". PDF

Issue 162, November 2022
 "JETRO Geneva welcomes a new directorInterview with Ms Kaoru Fukaya who joined our office on July 20th"; "Indonesia ratifies the RCEP"; "Hundreds of people have enjoyed Japanese food in Bern"; "JETRO’s search engine for companies interested in foreign professionals"; "SCAP acceleration program, meet 126 Japanese brilliant startups". PDF

Issue 161, October 2022
 "SIG’s key contribution to reducing energy consumption in Geneva Interview with Mr Giorgio Pauletto, Head of Innovation at the Industrial Services of Geneva"; "A stimulus package worth CHF 260 billion to boost the economy"; "JETRO’s “Enhance your Career in Japan”: sharing successful experiences"; "Using the water of the Leman Lake to save 70,000 tons of CO2 per year". PDF

Issue 160, September 2022
"Standardization is a tool that supports achieving sustainability: Interview with Mr Tomoyuki Endo, Director of Standards and Conformity Assessment at JETRO Geneva"; "The decreasing value of the yen fuels inflation in Japan"; "Japan will lift border entry restrictions for tourists from October 11"; "Japan and the USA to scale up on semiconductors". PDF

Issue 159, August 2022
"One hundred years of quality in dental: Interview with Mr Makoto Nakao, third generation and Chairman of the Board, GC International AG"; "Monitoring of the Swiss Japanese free trade agreement: Exports"; "Japan’s economy expanded by 0.5% during 2022’s second quarter"; "Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2022: more and better". PDF

Issue 158, July 2022
Articles: Focus on Japanese grills and charcoals with two great companies"Interview with Mr Margoni, founder of Margoni Grill, and Mr Yachi, president of Yachiringyo Co., Ltd."“Elections in Japan: The ruling party secured the upper house; "Elections in Japan: The ruling party secured the upper house"; "Assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe". PDF

Issue 157, June 2022
Articles: We are working hard on improving the life of local communities"Interview with Mr Wada, CEO of Summit Fresh Produce, leading European distributor of bananas"“Monitoring of the Swiss Japanese free trade agreement: Imports; "Opening ceremony for JETRO Munich"; "Japanese government plans to invest 10 times more into start-ups". PDF

Issue 156, May 2022
Articles: “There are many synergies between Mabuchi Motor and Electromag: Interview with Tomofumi IMAMURA, Group Executive Officer and Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Electromag"“Japanese economy starts 2022 with a small contraction of its GDP; "JETRO Invest Japan on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook"; "Technology is helping wheelchair users to use public transports in Japan"; "Agenda: JETRO’s Chairman Nobuhiko SASAKI at the WEF". PDF

Issue 155, April 2022
Articles: Bento Lieferservice: Five years of bento delivery in Biel!Interview with Ms. Michèle Stocco-Dolder founder of Bento Lieferservice"“Swiss President Cassis met Japanese Prime Minister Kishida; "Switzerland lifts COVID entry measures for non-Europeans"; "Focus on Fugaku, the fastest Supercomputer in the world". PDF

Issue 154, March 2022
Articles: Making biomass a true alternative to petroleumInterview with Bloom Biorenewables, a young company with prestigious partners and sponsors"“COVID measures: latest development in Switzerland and Japan; "Trade between Japan and Switzerland close to the pre-crisis level"; "The mascot of the Osaka 2025 World Expo has been chosen"; "Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 - Accelerate Innovation with Japan". PDF

Issue 153, February 2022
Articles: “MobyFly won the Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka award!: Interview with Ms Sue Putallaz, cofounder, CEO, and winner of the Hack Osaka global innovation award"“Switzerland lifts most measures; some must be kept in mind; "Foreign businesspeople and students authorized to enter Japan"; "Hack Osaka: Hack Award 2022 Winners"; "Swiss Open Innovation Webinar: Strong interest for Swiss startups". PDF

Issue 152, January 2022
Articles: “CES 2022 Innovation Award Winners: Six Japanese startups have been awarded at the largest consumer electronic event worldwide"“Prime Minister Kishida took part at Davos Agenda; "The BOJ expects higher inflation but not enough for a change"; "Fixing Japan’s economic and social challenges by investing into youth"; "Agenda: Swiss Open Innovation Webinar on February 16, 2022". PDF

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Prior to the JETRO Switzerland Newsletter, we published the "Bulletin", a similar publication focusing more on Japan and less on Swiss-Japanese relations. Bulletin issues are available here.