J-Messe: Online Trade Fair Database

J-Messe is an extensive trade fair database that provides comprehensive information on fairs and exhibitions held in Japan, but also all around the world. It has more than 6'000 references, including about 400 in Japan. Users can search information by industry, location and date.

Looking for a trade fair or an exhibition?

If you are looking for a trade fair or an exhibition, or if you are looking for new partners, go on J-Messe! It will provide useful information about fairs and exhibitions in Japan and around the world.

Wishing to advertise a trade fair or an exhibition?

If you are a trade fair or an exhibition organizer, you can use J-Messe to advertise it! You can register in English event details on the database and reach out to users in Japan and other countries. JETRO will then translate for free information you provided into Japanese. You can also update or change the information whenever you want.

Online exhibitions

J-Messe also provides virtual trade fairs to promote products of developing countries. It shows information about the product and company, as well as a picture of the product.

Click here to access to JETRO J-Messe Website