Database of Government Procurements


JETRO's Online Database of Government Procurement Notices and Invitations helps to find information about:
- Central government procurement notices (central government organizations, e.g. central ministries, administrative agencies, government-related agencies, etc.);
- Local government procurement notices (66 local governments, all 47 Japan's prefectures and 19 designated cities);
- local government's Websites (automatic translation function).

Users can search by publication date, product/service category as well as location.

This database is updated every working day, based on the official gazettes (Kanpo, or Government Procurement Announcements) published by National Printing Bureau, at 15:00 on the date of the gazette publication (except for the year-end and New Year holidays).

In January 1981, an agreement on Government Procurement set forth rules for non-discrimination against foreign products or suppliers.
In January 1996, a new agreement enlarged its scope to regional governments, a broader range of government-related entities, the procurement of services, and to introduce a complaint review system pertaining to procurement procedures.
The Government of Japan has also established voluntary measures designed to increase market access. These measures include the following:
(1) Clarification of government procurement procedures.
(2) Expanded use of general tenders.
(3) Improved qualifying procedures.
(4) Improved distribution of government procurement information.