IP The “IP” mark is used to designate companies which possess intellectual property which has been registered with the Japan Patent Office.

Capture the Moments In-Between



Eye technology is fast becoming one of the key battlegrounds of wearable tech. BLINCAM, a wearable camera operated simply by winking, fills the need for a device that’s not as adventure-oriented as an action camera, but more hands-free than a smartphone – and cheaper, too!

A Smart Helmet with Selective Noise Control

Borderless Inc.


Borderless Inc. CEO Arata Oono has been a motorcycle enthusiast since high school. Having experienced his share of accidents and injuries, he resolved to use the power of industrial design to make life safer for himself and his fellow riders. The CrossHelmet is the result.

AI for the Pastry Aisle

BRAIN Co., Ltd.


BakeryScan employs image recognition technology to identify and quickly calculate the total price of unpackaged breads, simplifying staff training and reducing time at the register – no barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) required! The underlying technology has potential applications in any field that requires rapid and accurate sorting and identification.

Saving Lives in Seconds

Challenge Co., Ltd.


In the event of an earthquake, a few seconds’ warning could mark the line between safety and disaster. Challenge Co., Ltd. produces earthquake early-warning systems that enable businesses and institutions to not only independently detect earthquakes, but also automate responses that can save lives, data and equipment.

Printing the Path to Flexible Technology



The next generation of electronics is expected to make extensive use of flexible displays and wearable devices that will markedly increase demand for printed electronics. C-INK Co., Ltd. is supporting fast, inexpensive and flexible circuit board production using metal nanoink that can be printed with conventional inkjet printers.

Expanding the Horizons of Biologics

Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd.


Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd. develops biologics and biosimilar pharmaceuticals using a “fabless” development structure that gives it the speed and flexibility to compete with big pharmaceutical companies. Meanwhile, the sheer difficulty of developing manufacturing processes for biosimilars gives the company a treasure-trove of know-how that is hard to match.

From Security to Education, the Future is in the Grid

Gridmark Inc.


Gridmark combines invisible dots, infrared pens and recording technology to create an intuitive, flexible system that can be used for everything from financial transactions to language education. It’s all backed by some 300 domestic and international patents registered by company CEO Dr. Kenji Yoshida.

Increasing the Accuracy of Preclinical Trials

Hamamatsu Pharma Research, Inc.


Hamamatsu Pharma Research, Inc. performs preclinical trials using rodent and nonhuman primate (NHP) models to judge the efficacy of pharmaceuticals. The company’s high skill level and unique NHP models have made it a leading R&D center that is frequently relied upon by Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

The Healing Vector

ID Pharma Co., Ltd.


ID Pharma Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of gene therapy and regenerative medicine, with patented viral vector technology that holds promise for a range of treatments, from critical limb ischemia (drastically reduced blood flow to the extremities) to a preventive AIDS gene vaccine, both with clinical trials already underway.

Taking the Global Pulse

I・Medex Co., Ltd.


Electrocardiographs (ECGs) are an indispensable part of medical inspection, while personal vital sensors represent a burgeoning industry for individual body monitoring. I・Medex Co., Ltd. provides critical support to these industries, specializing in robust electrode pads used in ECGs and other monitoring devices that support health and a healthy lifestyle.

Bridging the Gaps between Concept and Reality

IP Bridge, Inc.


Small to medium companies and universities may excel in developing intellectual property (IP), but they don’t necessarily have the technology, know-how or connections to efficiently monetize their innovations. Aiming to enhance open innovation both domestically and internationally, IP Bridge, Inc. works to connect these ideas to enterprises that can lay the foundations for new industries.

A License to Create

iPS Academia Japan, Inc.


iPS Academia Japan, Inc. manages in-licensing and out-licensing of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell patents, offering a one-stop service for iPS cell-related intellectual property. Boasting a portfolio of about 430 patents and patent applications in Japan, the U.S., Europe and other regions, the company even offers special pricing for small to mid-sized start-ups.

Helping Machine Vision Find the Light

Machine Vision Lighting Inc.


Machine vision is used to automate assembly line parts inspection. Yet the effectiveness of machine vision is, in fact, largely determined by lighting. Machine Vision Lighting Inc. offers a revolutionary new approach to lighting that enables uniform illumination across the entire surface of an object, as well as one-step 3-D scanning.

Putting Cancerous Tumors on Lockdown

Medigear International Corporation


The standard options for treating cancer put a tremendous burden on patients. Surgery is invasive and the pain often lingers afterwards, while less invasive methods such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are expensive and cause unpleasant side effects. Medigear International Corporation is developing a new choice for patients facing the toughest cancers.

Calligraphy for the Digital Age

Morisawa Inc.


Our manner of speaking can often convey as much information as the words we choose. This is also true for written communication, where an elegant or stylish typeface can convey a sense of artistry and sophistication. Morisawa is a firm that is bringing a sense of traditional Japanese aesthetics to digital screens.

Houses That Can Heal

Mutenka House CO.


It may save money to choose inexpensive construction materials when having a new house built, but those decisions can have a greater cost down the line. Plastic doesn't last, harsh chemicals can be found in wallpaper, and some types of wood may even contain toxins. Mutenka House CO. sources building materials that are made to last – and keep residents healthy.

A New Vision Into the Structure of Proteins

Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd.


The structure and movement of proteins are extraordinarily complex, but being able to properly model them is one of the keys to developing new biopharmaceuticals and gaining a better understanding of diseases such cancer and malaria. Thanks to the imaging techniques of Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd., researchers have access to a clearer picture.

A Ninja-Charged Future

PlusWare Co., Ltd.


There’s no denying the importance of staying connected in an increasingly wireless world. And the next level of wireless connectivity is indubitably an easy, affordable, cordless method of charging up our devices – such as Plusware Co., Ltd.’s Ninpo Dengen (“Ninja Power Supply”), which uses spintronics to charge devices placed in a field.

Skin Gel that Protects Against Pollutants

Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd.


As the world grows increasingly conscious of the personal effects of air pollution—and PM2.5 particulate matter in particular—Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd. has developed a series of all-in-one skincare gels that help protect the skin from its effects, including a plant-based, Muslim-friendly product.

Like A Portable Spa

Saravio Cosmetics Ltd.


Humans, and even animals, around the world have long enjoyed natural hot springs for their therapeutic benefits. But some cannot visit hot springs on a regular basis, particularly in countries where they may be few and far between. Saravio Cosmetics Ltd. is taking the hot spring to the customer instead, with a natural treatment for various ailments of the body.

Home Security for All

Secual, Inc.


Secual, Inc. lets you check up on your home from anywhere. The company’s affordable and efficient home security system uses acceleration sensors connected to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi to send notifications directly to smartphones, keeping users up-to-date on the status of their home regardless of where they are.

Closing the Door on Fraud Calls

Tobila Systems, Inc.


Fraudulent phone calls – particularly to elderly people from criminals who are pretending to have legitimate business offerings – are an all-too-common problem in the US and Japan. Tobila Systems’ Tobila Phone call-filtering system uses an innovative approach and a comprehensive database to help protect these would-be victims.

A Green Technique for Cleaning Contaminated Soil



Hexavalent chromium is a poisonous and carcinogenic compound that was a significant problem in Japan a generation back. Thanks to a solution from Hokkaido-based TOWA CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd., other nations with developing industrial sectors can avoid the pollution caused by this chemical in an environmentally friendly way.