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Sachiyo Hayashi’s new line of skincare products protects against the harmful effects of PM2.5

As the world grows increasingly conscious of the personal effects of air pollution—and PM2.5 particulate matter in particular—Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd. has developed a series of all-in-one skincare gels that help protect the skin from its effects, including a plant-based, Muslim-friendly product.

During a six-month stay in China for business, CEO Sachiyo Hayashi began to wonder if there was a beauty-related response to PM2.5, air pollution made up of particles 2.5 micrometers or smaller in diameter, which is of increasingly urgent concern in parts of China.

Such air pollution has been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular issues, and a positive relationship has been observed between levels of PM2.5 particles and protein oxidation, which has been associated with skin aging. In particular, protein carbonylation in the stratum corneum (a form of protein oxidation in the outermost layer of the skin) has been found to decrease the skin’s translucency.

PP SKIN BARRIER GEL and PP SKIN BARRIER GEL Natural, each in 50-gram containers.

Two Flagship Products that Protect Against Pollutants

In response, Hayashi came to the idea for a line of topical skincare products designed to protect against pollutants, or “PP.” She now has two PP products awaiting trademark in Japan, China and other countries across Asia, both developed specifically for overseas markets.

PP SKIN BARRIER GEL is a high-end, all-in-one gel that functions as a skin lotion, toner, makeup primer and sunscreen. Its various protective active ingredients include silver vine fruit extract, which has been shown to help decrease protein carbonylation and preserve skin translucency.

PP SKIN BARRIER GEL Natural offers the same features minus the UV-blocking properties, but is a plant-based, alcohol- and paraben-free alternative that’s safe for use by Muslims, a major global market.

Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd. CEO Sachiyo Hayashi.

Paving the Way for Japanese Cosmetics & Skincare

PP SKIN BARRIER GEL has been available at various locations in Japan targeting overseas tourists since late 2016. It’s also sold at the largest import product trading center in Shenzhen, China—and Hayashi has received an influx of inquiries from Chinese distributors looking to secure rights for a wide-scale launch.

Approaching distributors throughout Asia, Hayashi aims to expand availability to duty-free stores, drug stores, hotels, spas and beauty salons throughout the region. In India, she has partnered with a major trading company to lay groundwork for a March 2017 launch, while in five years’ time she aims to have a presence in all major G20 nations and regions.

The PP SKIN BARRIER GEL display at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo; courtesy of Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Licensing and distribution of the PP series is part of a larger strategy to build sales channels distributing Japanese beauty products overseas, with Hayashi hoping to establish her products as a representative brand of Japan. “I want to pave the way for small and mid-sized companies in markets that up until now were only accessible to industry giants,” she says. “My goal is to bring the best of Japanese beauty and health products to a worldwide audience.”

Based on interview in December 2016

A striking PP SKIN BARRIER GEL display; courtesy of Sachiyo Hayashi Beauty Laboratory Co., Ltd.