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Plusware’s wireless “Ninja Power Supply” is a cut above the competition

There’s no denying the importance of staying connected in an increasingly wireless world. And the next level of wireless connectivity is indubitably an easy, affordable, cordless method of charging up our devices – such as Plusware Co., Ltd.’s Ninpo Dengen (“Ninja Power Supply”), which uses spintronics to charge devices placed in a field.

Plusware founder and CEO Yasuyuki Matmalu has patented wireless technology that he believes will meet future demand for wireless charging – and much more. Developed in 2013, the Ninpo Dengen system is Plusware’s multifaceted power supply technology that, much like the eponymous masked warriors of ancient Japan, performs behind the scenes with speed, stealth and precision.

The Ninpo Dengen “Ninja Power Supply” system.

Cutting-Edge Energy

Patented in Japan in 2015 and in the U.S. in 2016, the Ninpo Dengen system uses magnetic resonance and the newly understood properties of electron spin, or spintronics, to wirelessly power light bulbs and charge electronic devices such as capacitors and lithium-ion batteries.

Wrapping a single wire through, say, a simple straw basket, transforms the basket into a charging station that can power a device placed inside the generated field. And unlike present commercial chargers, Ninpo Dengen’s technology eliminates the need for precise placement.

A light bulb in a straw basket turned into a charging station by Ninpo Dengen technology.

Furthermore, the high efficiency of the power system enables it to generate even 1,500-degree-Celsius plasma drawing on nothing more than a standard laptop AC adaptor. Achieving the temperature needed to melt steel paper clips allows them to be used like solder, while applying the same technology to incinerators would enable them to burn more cleanly, eliminating the need for oil-fueled auxiliary burners.

“There are many benefits to using resonance,” says Matmalu. “It can burn trash, provide power wirelessly… it also dissolves iron, and eliminates the need to use solder. You can even use this technology in your car to charge your smartphone without plugging it in.”

Easily generated plasma may even have applications in the future of green energy, producing the high temperatures needed for silicon in solar panels to be melted down and recycled. While standard plasma technology today is expensive and requires large amounts of electricity, Ninpo Dengen generates the same result efficiently and at lower cost.

Yasuyuki Matmalu, founder and CEO of Plusware Co., Ltd.

Not-so-Silent Partnerships

With sights set on the global market – and the lucrative U.S. market in particular – Matmalu is currently seeking international investors to license Ninpo Dengen technology, as well as funding for further research, with an eye on makers of mobile technology and charger systems, environmental plant makers and even design houses, with the aim of becoming a highly profitable IP business in five to 10 years’ time.

Taking his innovation to startup conferences such as TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 in San Francisco, Matmalu aims to communicate directly with clients about purchasing his patent and application of the technology, which he believes has the potential to revolutionize the tech industry.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 in San Francisco, California

“What I have is a game-changer,” Matmalu says. His invention is sure to resonate with fans of wireless technology!

Based on interview in September 2016