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“With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan” promotion video series launched - 3rd episode: “Innovation Ecosystem Leading the Way in Japan”

Sep 14, 2019

In Japan amid the pandemic, while there have been concerns of COVID-19's impact on the economy, there have also been a surge of new businesses and services due to the growing demand for remote work systems, telehealth, and online education.
With the aim of showcasing the current situation and changes of the Japanese society, and the potential of the Japanese market with and after COVID-19, JETRO has launched a promotion video series, “With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan.” The 3rd episode is “Innovation Ecosystem Leading the Way in Japan.”

In Japan, major companies, VCs and accelerators, are actively working, in collaboration with startups, to create innovations to solve the various problems that have arisen with COVID-19. We heard about Japan’s innovation ecosystem and business chances of Edtech field from Rainmaking Innovation Japan, a British innovation firm, and EduLab, a leading Japanese company in the field of education innovation.

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