Latest UpdatesPreliminary results of the “Survey on Operations of Foreign-affiliated Companies in Japan”

Jul 30, 2020

JETRO conducted a survey on foreign-affiliated companies in Japan, in order to understand their business development and policy needs. The survey was conducted from June 24th to July 10th and collected answers from 193 companies. The summary of survey results is as follows.
Based upon the results, JETRO will follow up with client companies within Japan and will continue our best efforts by conveying the results and comments to the government and working with them to make the better business environment in the country.

Summary of Survey Preliminary Results :
92.2% answered negative impacts of COVID-19
46.1% answered the COVID-19 had had “Negative” impacts on their business while another 46.1% chose “Slightly negative” impacts. Combined, 92.2% reported the virus had had some sort of negative impacts on them. Compared to the April Survey, the number of companies that answered “Negative” impacts declined while more companies chose “Slightly negative” impacts.
No major change in future business development plan since April
For future development of business in Japan, the top answer was “Maintain the current business” (34.2%), followed by “Delaying the expansion” (23.3%), and “Expanding as scheduled” (20.2%). The proportions of these answers did not have major changes since the April Survey. As for the attractiveness of Japanese market, “Current market size” (67.4%) and “Potential growth of relevant industries” (64.7%) were the top answers.
Future digitalization focuses on communication with clients
33.7% answered “Communication with clients/consumers” as the most important aspect of future digitalization of their business operations, the choice of which was the only one that collected over 30% of the answer. In particular, 41.6% of the manufacturing companies chose the answer. As for the future management of business bases and procurement networks, many answered they would maintain the current system or no planning to change.
Comments heard on digitalization of administrative procedures and entry restrictions
There were some positive comments on the government responses against the COVID-19 while others asked to ease the complicated procedures as well as digitalization of administrative procedures. Furthermore, companies pointed out that the current entry restrictions of foreigners had had hindered business development within Japan.
Preliminary Survey Results :

You can find the results of the previous survey conducted in April at following page.

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