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“With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan” promotion video series launched - 2nd episode: “Accelerating Digitalization of Medical Care in Japan”

Sep 02, 2019

In Japan amid the pandemic, while there have been concerns of COVID-19's impact on the economy, there have also been a surge of new businesses and services due to the growing demand for remote work systems, telehealth, and online education.
With the aim of showcasing the current situation and changes of the Japanese society, and the potential of the Japanese market with and after COVID-19, JETRO has launched a promotion video series, “With and Beyond COVID-19: Business Opportunities in Japan.” The 2nd episode is “Accelerating Digitalization of Medical Care in Japan.”

Following the spread of the virus, healthcare workers and medical institutions are facing unprecedented challenges. Demand for efficiency and digitalization to lessen the workload of healthcare workers is growing rapidly. We heard from two foreign companies, Infervision and PRA Health Sciences, about their contribution to Japan’s medical field, and the emerging needs and business opportunities in this era.

*The 1st video “Work Style Changes in Japan”

*The 3rd videos in the series will be released soon.

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