Chinese E-commerce company, HANGZHOU DARE TRADING CO.LTD establishesJapanese subsidiary in Osaka

Jul 18, 2017

HANGZHOU DARE TRADING CO.LTD is an online retailer (Cross-border E-commerce) firm based in Hangzhou, China. Since its founding in 2011, it has sold daily necessities and food produced by major Japanese companies with factories in China. HANGZHOU DARE TRADING CO.LTD has achieved rapid growth through exhibiting products and selling to major Chinese E-Commerce companies like and Tmall. In order to become involved in Cross-border E-commerce, which the Chinese government is promoting, it has located a logistics base in the Hangzhou Head Office, and two each in Beijing and Shanghai, with warehouses and transit bases in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang and Xi'an in Shanghai. The company has also built its own logistics and distribution network system that covers China extensively, and owns a subsidiary in Hong Kong.

The company is seeking to develop operations by bolstering efforts in the E-commerce business, an area of high growth potential, and China’s cross-border EC market, while also working to meet the needs created through greater health awareness among consumers.
In March 2016, they established DARE TRADING CO.LTD in Osaka to develop new suppliers and expand procurement of safe and secure Made-in-Japan products in-house, directly in Japan.

For the establishment of the subsidiary, the JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided support to HANGZHOU DARE TRADING CO.LTD. including consultation (for registration, visa, tax matters and labor affairs), referral to service providers (judicial scriveners, accountants, financial institutions and real estate agents), provision of business matching for candidate companies, referral to municipalities and provision of incentive information.

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