Food General Incorporated Association Niigata Furusato association

  1. persimmon vinegar

    2,300yen(Retail Price in Japan)

    Uses persimmons from Niigata Prefecture. There is an old adage that says, When a persimmon ripen red, the doctor turns white. It contains plenty of nutrients such as polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, and is packed with useful ingredients that are good for health and beauty.

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Company Profile

Company Name
General Incorporated Association Niigata Furusato association
Main products
Vegetables, Fruits and Processed vegetables and Processed fruits;Seasonigs and soups
Year founded
Industrial Sector
Niigatahanatyou Building.5F, Hanacho, Niigata Shi Chuo Ku, Niigata Ken, 951-8056, Japan
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Company outline
We support people who are active in Niigata. To that end, we are conducting projects such as regional support, agricultural experience and food education through the Niigata Furusato Fund and agricultural products.
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