About Niigata

“All that Niigata”. Many of the local foods, clothing and home & living items produced in Niigata are best-in-class nationwide and even globally renowned for their quality. The rich land and climate of this Japan Sea-facing prefecture and its people embody “All that Niigata”.

Niigata Products

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How to Apply

  • 1 Learn
    Learn about special Niigata products on their introductory pages of food, clothing and home & living.
    Learn various appeal and stand out of Niigata products via video and imagery.They guide you to your items of choice.
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    Find items from the search page
    Search for a favorite item or company – filter by product category, company initials, industry type and other variables.
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    Refine candidate companies for business meetings
    Learn more about the product/company you searched for. Click “Add to meeting request” placed on the product to add it to the list as a candidate.
  • 4 Submit
    Submit meeting requests
    Click the button "Send a Business Matching Request", fill in the request form, and click the confirm button. Check that all of the information is correct, and then click “Finish.”
  • 5 Wait
    Wait for the business matching result
    Click the  button to send the information to JETRO. Once receive it, JETRO will strive (but cannot guarantee) to offer a business matching opportunity. JETRO will contact you via email within two weeks.


JETRO Niigata
e-mail: NIG@jetro.go.jp