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  1. Specially cultivated rice Koshihikari from Kamo City

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    Niigata-produced Koshihikari rice supplied by Kamo Organic Rice Growers Co-op, an organization of professional rice farmers who have been producing specially cultivated rice since 1988, primarily in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture. We provide oldfashioned Koshihikari rice (*not Koshihikari BL but the original Koshihikari cultivar) grown from carefully selected seeds.Our mottos are "We want to cultivate environmentally friendly rice," and "We want to protect the people living around our paddies from the harmful effects of pesticides."Realizing delicious rice is not the only reason we use special cultivation methods to grow our carefully selected grains. Environmentally friendly rice farming methods also result in a delicious product. This eco-rice is both delicious and considerate of the local environment.

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Company Name
Rice Growers Inc.Kamo Organic Rice Growers Co-oc
Main products
Rice and Cereal processed goods, Prepared foods, Alcoholic beverages(except medicine)
Year founded
Industrial Sector
Ooazayatateshinden521, Kamoshi, Niigata
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Company outline
We are a rice grain distributor mainly handling rice produced by the Kamo Organic Rice Production Association and striving daily to deliver “the best rice” from Niigata to the world.
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