JETRO Switzerland Newsletter

The JETRO Switzerland Newsletter (formerly "JETRO Geneva Newsletter") is our office's monthly publication. It focuses on Swiss-Japanese relations and introduces our activities.

Back issues of this publication, formerly known as the "Bulletin", are available here.

Issue 156, May 2022
Articles: “There are many synergies between Mabuchi Motor and Electromag: Interview with Tomofumi IMAMURA, Group Executive Officer and Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Electromag"“Japanese economy starts 2022 with a small contraction of its GDP; "JETRO Invest Japan on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook"; "Technology is helping wheelchair users to use public transports in Japan"; "Agenda: JETRO’s Chairman Nobuhiko SASAKI at the WEF". PDF

Issue 155, April 2022
Articles: Bento Lieferservice: Five years of bento delivery in Biel!Interview with Ms. Michèle Stocco-Dolder founder of Bento Lieferservice"“Swiss President Cassis met Japanese Prime Minister Kishida; "Switzerland lifts COVID entry measures for non-Europeans"; "Focus on Fugaku, the fastest Supercomputer in the world". PDF

Issue 154, March 2022
Articles: Making biomass a true alternative to petroleumInterview with Bloom Biorenewables, a young company with prestigious partners and sponsors"“COVID measures: latest development in Switzerland and Japan; "Trade between Japan and Switzerland close to the pre-crisis level"; "The mascot of the Osaka 2025 World Expo has been chosen"; "Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 - Accelerate Innovation with Japan". PDF

Issue 153, February 2022
Articles: “MobyFly won the Expo 2025/Jetro Osaka award!: Interview with Ms Sue Putallaz, cofounder, CEO, and winner of the Hack Osaka global innovation award"“Switzerland lifts most measures; some must be kept in mind; "Foreign businesspeople and students authorized to enter Japan"; "Hack Osaka: Hack Award 2022 Winners"; "Swiss Open Innovation Webinar: Strong interest for Swiss startups". PDF

Issue 152, January 2022
Articles: “CES 2022 Innovation Award Winners: Six Japanese startups have been awarded at the largest consumer electronic event worldwide"“Prime Minister Kishida took part at Davos Agenda; "The BOJ expects higher inflation but not enough for a change"; "Fixing Japan’s economic and social challenges by investing into youth"; "Agenda: Swiss Open Innovation Webinar on February 16, 2022". PDF

Issue 151, December 2021
Articles: “Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"Sake day in Gastrosuisse’s Swiss Wine Sommelier seminar: We attended the one day sake seminar taught by Dr. Charly Iten, SSA Master Sake Sommelier; "RCEP: the world’s largest trade agreement enters into force on Jan. 2022"; "Minor adjustments to the Swiss Japanese travel restrictions"; "Japan’s day at the Expo 2020 Dubai: culture and innovation". PDF

Issue 150, November 2021
Articles: With our know-how and expertise, we can support biotechnologies: Interview with Mr. Tsuneji Sawai and Dr. Daisuke Nojima from Yokogawa Innovation Switzerland"“A Hub for Life + Science; "New travel restrictions because of Omicron"; "COVID and supply chain issues undermined Japan’s economy in Q3"; "Fifth AI Edge Contest organized by METI". PDF

Issue 149, October 2021
Articles: Sustainable Wagyu: from “useless” meat to top quality meatWagyu tasting event focusing on the valorization program of  Ginkakuji Onishi and Jukuho Farm"“Prime Minister Kishida has three priorities: COVID, new-capitalism and security; "Trade between Switzerland and Japan almost recovered to pre-crisis level"; "Timely Nobel Prize for Prof. Syukuro Manabe for its work on climate". PDF

Issue 148, September 2021
Articles: “Travel restrictions between Japan and Switzerland: Summary of the latest developments regarding COVID travel restriction measures"“Japanese economy recovers well, but private consumption is still affected; "KISHIDA Fumio to become Japan’s new Prime Minister"; "Japanese innovative companies showcasing at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021". PDF

Issue 147, August 2021
Articles: Do not hesitate to knock the door of the JETRO Geneva officeInterview with Mr. Shiro TAKEGAMI, the new Director General of JETRO Geneva"“Historical performance for Japanese and Swiss athletes in Tokyo; "Japanese economy grew in the second quarter despite state of emergency"; "Two leaders co-working on large-scale offshore wind projects in Japan". PDF

Issue 146, July 2021
Articles: “The performances of the athletes will move viewersInterview with Mr Kentaro Sugino, reporter at Yomiuri Shimbun"“Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic 2020 Games: Facts and Program; "Be better, together - For the planet and the people"; "Moving Forward, United by Emotion, Worlds we share"; "Tokyo 2020 Robot Project". PDF

Issue 145, June 2021
Articles: “Japan can be a good neighbour of Switzerland: Farwell message from Mr. Takashi Wada, Director General at JETRO Geneva"“Focus on the new regulation for importing composite products; "Swiss World in Japan 2021 edition"; "Digital farming makes Japanese agriculture sustainable". PDF

Issue 144, May 2021
Articles: “Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Japan: one year later: Interview with Alexandre Tranchellini, General Manager of the shop in Tokyo, after one year of business in Japan"“Japan extends the state of emergency as a precaution measure; "Japanese economy: 2021’s first quarter still affected by COVID"; "Swiss Open Innovation Webinar: Focus on three start-ups". PDF

Issue 143, April 2021
Articles: “ARTMYN, (re)discover Art: A demonstration of how art can meet technology with Ms Oceane Nevesny, Client Manager"“The Freeport of Geneva: a key role in the Geneva art ecosystem; "Switzerland-Japan trade in goods 2020"; "We are on LinkedIn!"; "Five IoT and infrastructure promising companies"PDF

Issue 142, March 2021
Articles: Yamaha is once again the market leader with 18% market share:Interview with Mr Vincent Mentha, Managing Director at Hostettler AG, Yamaha’s official importer"; Japan’s football heroes to kick-off Olympic Torch Relay; "The Tokyo Games will have to take place without foreign visitors"; "Japanese AI start-ups: Axelspace, Kotozna and Efficiera". PDF

Issue 141, February 2021
Articles: Japanese handcrafted goods have been very popular in 2020: Interview with Mr. Carasso, from Sopha Diffusion"; Japan Street: A new online catalogue to find the finest Japanese products; "The Great East Japan Earthquake: 10 years after"; "Japanese Innovative companies: Vanguard Industries and First Ascent". PDF

Issue 140, January 2021
Articles: “I was amazed by the Japanese handcraft quality and culture: Interview with Mr. André Perrin, President, Association Romande des Métiers de la Bijouterie (ASMEBI)"; “State of emergency declared in eleven Japanese prefectures; "51 Japanese startups at CES 2021"; "QR Code: From supply chain optimization to public health prevention". PDF

Issue 139, December 2020
Articles: Season's Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; Wagyu: one of the best experiences you can enjoy in your life: Interview with Mr. Sebastian Stöveken, co-founder of Umai International GmbH; "An English-speaking single-entry point for financial service firms"; "The Japan Club Genève and Ms. Naoko Herbort-Tanno awarded". PDF

Issue 138, November 2020
Articles: The demand has been very strong over the last monthsInterview with Mr. Ryo Nakamura, President of Elna International Corp."; Japan further increases its overseas market access thanks to the RCEP; "Japanese companies seeking new business styles"; "The PlayStation 5 opens the way for the next generation of videogames". PDF

Issue 137, October 2020
Articles: “Pentel’s sales reflect how people have adapted to the pandemic: Interview with Mr. Atsushi Sueoka, Managing Director Pentel Switzerland"; “Japan to slightly ease the inbound restrictions; "World trade drops sharply in 2020’s first quarter"; "The standard behind antibacterial materials". PDF

Issue 136, September 2020
Articles: “Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Japan; a business and familial project: Interview with Alexandre Tranchellini, General Manager of the shop in Tokyo"; “Prime Minister Suga succeeds to Mr. Shinzo Abe; "Care 222, Ushio’s UV lamp that kills Covid-19, and is harmless to humans". PDF

Issue 135, August 2020
Articles: "We can’t go back to the past, but only leap towards the future!: Interview with Mr. Satoshi Fukui, Vice-President of Santen"; "JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report 2020: 1) Trade in 2019”; "COVID causes the worst quarter ever for the Japanese economy"; "Robots have become a reality for the construction industry in Japan". PDF

Issue 134, July 2020
Articles: "We want to bring the true essence of a pleasant life to our customers: Interview with Mr. Hensley Chen, Store Manager, MUJI Zurich Glatt"; "Covid-19: Latest measures taken in Switzerland and Japan”; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2020"; "Leading pharmaceutical companies jointly working on new antibiotics". PDF

Issue 133, June 2020
Articles: "We have donated over 85,000 GUM oral care products: Interview with Sunstar on how the company is dealing with the Covid-19"; "Covid-19 in Japan and Switzerland”; "Japan has the largest budget worldwide to tackle the crisis"; "A Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence"; "JETRO’s Covid-19 business support webpage is regularly updated". PDF

Issue 132, May 2020
Articles: "JETRO is here for you: Webinars and Covid-19 business support"; "When Museums help us to remember the good practices”; "Japan and Switzerland lifting additional Covid-19 related restrictions"; "A brief history of masks"; "The startup Technis reacts quickly to help tackle the Covid pandemic". PDF

Issue 131, April 2020
Articles: "The situation in Japan: cluster model and helicopter money"; "Switzerland’s economic measures: start-ups and restaurants”; "Survey on the COVID-19 impact on foreign-affiliated companies"; "A brief history of hand washing: From Dr. Semmelweis to Dr. Pittet"; "Unprecedented times call for bold moves". PDF

Issue 130, March 2020
Articles: “Editorial"; "Switzerland takes exceptional measures to support SMEs”; "Support small businesses, buy locally"; "The situation in Japan is under control but constant efforts must be made"; "Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed to 2021"; "More time to enjoy Japanese culture". PDF

Issue 129, February 2020
Articles: “Enter the world of the Sake SommeliersInterview with Mr. Charly Iten, Sake Sommelier Association’s first Master Sommelier in Switzerland"; "Private consumption plummet impacted Japanese economy in 2019’s Q4”; "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Where to get a ticket?"; "Introducing the Japanese Start-up visa". PDF

Issue 128, January 2020
Articles: “Auto-Swiss promotes low emissions cars: Interview with the President of the Swiss car importers association"; "Solid figures for new car sales in Switzerland in 2019”; " A useful website for tourist in Japan"; "Sony showcases its know-how with the EV Vision-S". PDF

Issue 127, December 2019
Articles: “Season's Greetings"; " Twenty Green: More sustainability thanks to probiotics: Interview with Prof. Duncan Sutherland, CEO and Founder”; "A CHF 118 billion stimulus package to support Japanese economy"; "JETRO Invest Japan Report 2019: Focus on Innovation". PDF

Issue 126, November 2019
Articles: “Shojin Ryori: I find Buddha in vegetables: Lunch with Toshio Tanahashi”; "Ceremony of the Enthronement of his Majesty Emperor Naruto"; "Medical Japan: Innovative solutions for aging societies".PDF

Issue 125, October 2019
Articles: “It is essential to design each part of the watch beautifully: Interview of Mr. Kenjiro Tomaru, watchmaker”; "Introducing WOSTEP, the watchmaking school"; "Shojin’s Chef Toshio Tanahashi in Switzerland for one month"; "Rugby World Cup: A nice journey for the Brave Blossoms"; "Nobel Prize season: From atoms to exoplanets".PDF

Issue 124, September 2019
Articles: “Idorsia, the new biotech rising star: Interview with Dr. Jean-Pierre Clozel, co-founder and CEO of Idorsia”; "Biotech opportunities in Japan"; "10 years of Japanese-Swiss Free Trade"; "Shochu has been very appreciate at our tasting event"; "Rugby World Cup 2019".PDF

Issue 123, August 2019
Articles: "JETRO Geneva hosts a Standardardization Expert: Interview with Ms. Yukiko Kotani, Director of Standards and Conformity Assessment"; "A brief introduction to Shochu"; "A good second quarter and a solid economic perspective for 2019"; "Japan to be the first partner country for the IFA/Next".PDF

Issue 122, July 2019
Articles: "The brand is the ultimate differentiation: Interview with Professor Dominique Turpin, Dean of External Relations at IMD"; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2019"; "Japanese upper house elections"; "Japan’s recent contributions to the space exploration".PDF

Issue 121, June 2019
Articles: "Japanese Food Supporter: More of that taste of Japan: Introduction of this new program from Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries"; "Every serving is crucial for me: Interview with Mr. Masahiko Numabukuro from Nagomi restaurant"; "Japan-Switzerland Summit Meeting"; "Japan strongly commits to preserve global trade"; "Olympic and Paralympic Games are driving innovation in Japan".PDF

Issue 120, May 2019
Articles: "Chasselas goes very well with Sashimi and Sushi: Interview with Mr. Alexandre Centeleghe, Head of Events and Media at the Office des Vins Vaudois"; "Greater Nagoya is back at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "The trade balance boosted Japanese GDP in 2019’ first quarter"; "AI and crowdfunding for the 5th Nippon Venture Awards".PDF

Issue 119, April 2019
Articles: "Japan plans to welcome 40 million tourists in 2020: Interview with Mr. Thomas Köhler, founder of the travel agency Japan-Ferien"; "A new standard for QR Code Payment"; "The beginning of a New Era in Japan"; "Toyota provides 24,000 EV-related patents for free".PDF

Issue 118, March 2019
Articles: "Exceptional sales for Mitsubishi Motors in 2018: Interview with Mr. Bernd Hoch, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors Switzerland "; "EPA and success stories at the menu of the Zurich event "; "PHEV: A win-win solution"; "Agenda: Geneva International Motor Show until March 17th".PDF

Issue 117, February 2019
Articles: "MAME: Coffee with Care: Interview with Emi Fukahori, co-founder of the coffee shop MAME"; "Valentine’s Day in Japan: chocolate instead of flowers"; "Japanese economy recovered in the last quarter of 2018"; "ITOCHU wants to increase traceability thanks to Blockchain".PDF

Issue 116, January 2019
Articles: "Akselos: “Simulation at the speed of thought”: Interview with Mr. Thomas Leurent, co-founder and CEO of Akselos"; "22 Japanese startups in the CES 2019 thanks to JETRO"; "Fiscal Year 2019 Economic Outlook"; "Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese Companies in Europe".PDF

Issue 115, December 2018
Articles: "Season’s Greetings from JETRO Geneva"; "Fumi Jokura has joined JETRO Geneva: Interview with the new Director of JETRO Geneva, taking over from Momoko Sugiyama"; "JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018"; "First Invest in Japan seminar in St-Gallen"; "JETRO extends its efforts to overseas start-ups".PDF

Issue 114, November 2018
Articles: "An introduction to Sake thanks to FOODEX: Interview with Ms. Catherine Ruchti, in charge of Consumer Service and Marketing at FOODEX"; "New standards for more readable and usable displays"; "Osaka will host the 2025 World Expo".PDF

Issue 113, October 2018
Articles: "How Sika successfully reframed its strategy in Japan: Interview with Dr. Koichi Oba, Head of Corporate Target Market Roofing"; "Global Competitiveness Index: Switzerland 4th, Japan 5th"; "Tokyo is the most innovative city in the world".PDF

Issue 112, September 2018
Articles: "A Swiss Baker teaching to 5000 Japanese students: Interview with François Wolfisberg, Director of Wolfiseberg shops"; "Message from the Governor of Hokkaido about the earthquake"; "Strong interest for Japanese market in Fribourg"; "Revised figures show a better first quarter than initially expected"; "New area for research on Neutrinos thanks to Japan lead".PDF

Issue 111, August 2018
Articles: "JETRO Geneva welcomes its new Director General: Interview with Takashi Wada, Director General"; "A new accountant at JETRO Geneva"; "Japan Houses: Three hubs to learn more about Japan"; "JETRO Global Trade and Investement Report 2018 is now avaiable"; "The "Brain" of Fujitsu's next supercomputer is ready".PDF

Issue 110, July 2018
Articles: "How Plumettaz is entering the Japanese market: Interview with Selim Grobéty, Vice President Business Development"; "Fukushima Rice Wine Named 2018 Champion Sake"; "Japan’s mid-year economic projection for fiscal year 2018"; "Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency writes a modern tale".PDF

Issue 109, June 2018
Articles: "Crowdfunding for Japanese shops: Interview with Susuru, Marutcha and Ginmaku Festival"; "Greater Nagoya at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT: second year"; "Enhancing Measures to Attract Global Talent"; "Thank you and all the best!".PDF

Issue 108, May 2018
Articles: "Pentel celebrates 40 years of presence in Switzerland: Interview with Atsushi Sueoka, Managing Director, Pentel Switzerland"; "Seven Japanese leading companies at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "First contraction of Japanese GDP since 2015".PDF

Issue 107, April 2018
Articles: "Nexiot digitalises the supply chain: Interview with the company that is creating a new standard for value and trust in the supply chain"; "Meet Japanese Companies with Quality"; Minase 7 Windows: the art of transparency".PDF

Issue 106, March 2018
Articles: "Flyability: “Our very first customer was in Japan”: Interview with Patrick Thévoz, co-founder and CEO"; "Cars: hybdrid instead of diesel"; "Impulse Event: Japan"; "Japan H2 Mobility".PDF

Issue 105, February 2018
Articles: "swissQprint has just established a subsidiary in Japan: Interview with Adriano Gut, Product Manager at swissQprint and strongly involved in the process of establishing a subsidiary in Japan"; "Swiss-Japanese Trade in Goods in 2017"; "Brexit aside, Japanese companies in Europe are optimistic"; "Last days to register for the "Impulse Event: Japan" in Zurich".PDF

Issue 104, January 2018
Articles: "Fischer Connectors and the Japanese market: Interview with Ricardo Rodriguez, International Sales Manager"; "The new Swiss VAT rates"; "2017 ends with several good surprises for the Japanese economy"; "Self-healing glass discovered at Tokyo University".PDF

Issue 103, December 2017
Articles: "SONY, the “wow” effect: Interview with Martin Lage, Country Head for Sony Switzerland and Austria"; "AIBO is back: Sony shows its knowledge in the field of robotics and IA, releasing the new generation of AIBO".PDF

Issue 102, November 2017
Articles: "Tea Time with Ms Emiko Okamoto - Japanese Tea Advisor"; "JETRO Seminars: Partnership Switzerland-Japan: keys to success"; "Japan Economy in Q2 of Fiscal Year 2017 (July-Sept.)"; "The Driving Force of Japan: Small and Medium Enterprises"PDF

Issue 101, October 2017
Articles: "Partnership Switzerland-Japan: keys to success"; "What is happening to Toshiba?"; "

Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Lithium-ion Battery"; "Japanese tea exports to Switzerland are growing fast";

"Congrats to the Nobel laureates Mr. Ishiguro and Mr. Dubochet"PDF

Issue 100, September 2017
Articles: "Preface to the One Hundredth Issue by Masashi Nakazono, Director General of JETRO Switzerland"; "Kowa is looking for partners in Switzerland and Europe (Interview with Dr. Junichi Kawagoe, General Manager of Kowa Holdings Europe AG and CEO of Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe AG)"; "JFOODO: A brand new center to promote Japanese food overseas"PDF

Issue 99, August 2017
Articles: "Autonomous vehicles will completely transform mobility: (Interview with Maud Simon, BestMile's Corporate Operations Manager)"; "Tourism is booming in Japan"; "Start-ups in Switzerland: what could be improved?"; "Japanese investments in non-listed companies are increasing"PDF

Issue 98, July 2017
Articles: "Human Rights are privileges that we have to use (Interview with H.E. Ambassador Mitsuko Shino)"; "Japan is stongly supporting free-trade"; "How Robots help people"PDF

Issue 97, June 2017
Articles: "Greater Nagoya at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT"; "Japanese GDP growth in first quarter 2017"; "JETRO meets WTO: Seminar with H.E. Director Azevêdo"; "Super slow-motion video in a smartphone"PDF

Issue 96, May 2017
Articles: "Connecting Western Switzerland and Greater Nagoya"; "Greater Nagoya shows its knowledge"; "Business Conditions in Japan"; "Honda's X-ADV: the motorcycle crossover"PDF

Issue 95, April 2017
Articles: "Baselworld 2017: Crossroads for the Watch Industry Interview with Mr. Yasuhito Shibuya"; "Business Conditions in Japan"; "Japanese Watch Brands at Baselworld"; "One century of Japanese animated movies"; "Hitachi use AI technology to improve safety" PDF

Issue 94, March 2017
Articles: "Toyota-Lexus represent two-thirds of the hybrid car sales"; "Swiss-Japanese Trade 2016"; "Fourth industrial revolution in Japan"; "JETRO Geneva welcomes a new Research Associate"; "The future of individual transport?" PDF

Issue 93, January 2017
Articles: "Kanebo will bring a new brand to European markets"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Fourth industrial revolution in Japan"; "Research Associate will leave JETRO Geneva"; "Swiss post will use NEC’s postal processing systems" PDF   

Issue 92, December 2016
Articles: "“Japan’s economy is very strong in infrastructure, market size and business sophistication” Interview with Masao Takahashi, World Economic Forum"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Survey on business conditions of Japanese-affiliated companies in Europe"; "Japan launched space junk collector" PDF 

Issue 91, November 2016
Articles: "“Trade with Japan is running smoothly” Interview with Felix Rosenberger, SECO’s Deputy Head of Asia/Oceania Section"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Invest Japan seminars in Basel and Geneva"; "METI sponsors Fukushima’s new technologies"; "Japan to develop world’s fastest supercomputer" PDF    

Issue 90, October 2016
Articles: "Visit of companies from Greater Nagoya in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO morning seminars in Geneva and Basel"; "8th World Bonsai convention in Saitama City"; "Japanese teams in ETH Zurich’s competition Cybathlon" PDF   

Issue 89, September 2016
Articles: "Import of Japanese rice in Europe through Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Standard certification on hospitality is now in force"; "JETRO released Global Trade and Investment Report 2016"; "Sony’s new smartphone features a triple sensing camera" PDF 

Issue 88, August 2016
Articles: "Janome Sewing Machine expands in Europe through Elna"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Next deadline for JETRO’s subsidy program"; "MOU signed with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies"; "Mitsubishi Electric developed real time crowd estimation" PDF   

Issue 87, July 2016
Articles: "Santen Pharmaceutical set up European headquarters in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Election of members of the House of Councillors"; "Tanaka acquires the stocks of Metalor Technologies"; "Drone delivery in Chiba’s golf course resort" PDF  

Issue 86, June 2016
Articles: "New owner of Japanese grocery shop in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Statement on UK’s decision to leave the EU"; "Meeting of heads of Japanese companies in Geneva"; "Exhibition of Ito Shinsui’s works in Zurich"; "Japanese robot PARO serves in care facilities" PDF    

Issue 85, May 2016
Articles: "Miho Habel is elected President of the Japan Club of Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Sales of Swissôtel Nankai Osaka doubled over the last three years"; "Newly appointed advisor for trade and investment"; "Invest Japan Seminar in Brussels with Prime Minister Abe"; "Hitachi’s strategy on Internet of Things business" PDF      

Issue 84, April 2016
Articles: "Ehime’s sake promoted in renowned European restaurants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Kabuki play to be performed in Geneva"; "JETRO survey on business conditions in Europe"; "Japanese prints at Geneva’s Baur foundation"; "Japan unveils energy/environment innovation strategy" PDF         

Issue 83, March 2016
Articles: "Increase of Mazda’s market share in Switzerland";  "Japan culture festival in Davos"; "Swiss World In Japan attracts around 70 participants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan as second world’s biggest source of patents"PDF       

Issue 82, February 2016
Articles: "“Our Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to welcoming new members” Interview with Martin Herb Takata and Dominique Ursprung, Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce";  "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Subsidy Program for Global Innovation Centers"; "JAXA’s X-ray astronomy satellite successfully launched"PDF         

Issue 81, January 2016
Articles: "Menicon opened a R&D office in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Opening of JETRO Miyazaki"; "Impulse: Swiss World In Japan"; "An by Naomi Kawase"; "World’s first wearable translator" PDF      

Issue 80, December 2015
Articles: "JETRO publishes Swiss World In Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO seminar on tourism business opportunities"; "Driverless cars to be available for Tokyo Olympics" PDF       

Issue 79, November 2015
Articles: "u-blox has opened a second office in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan to develop a standard on “Omotenashi”"; "JETRO’s survey on Trans-Pacific Partnership"; "List of Japanese restaurants available on Internet"; "MRJ first flight test" PDF     

Issue 78, October 2015
Articles: "“Japanese people have regained confidence” Interview with Dr. Yaichi Aoshima, Professor, Hitotsubashi University"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Booming of tourism in Japan"; "2015 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Sailor Pen introduces a new pen collection" PDF   

Issue 77, September 2015
Articles: "Tokyo 2020 will bring the soft legacy"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Momoko Sugiyama has joined JETRO Geneva"; "The Secret of Swiss Innovation"; "Japanese earthquake resistant technologies" PDF

Issue 76, August 2015
Articles: "Polymanga will show world cosplay contest"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Tourism is booming thanks to Abenomics"; "Exploration for geothermal resources in Iwate"; "Panasonic to develop hydrogen to power homes and vehicles" PDF 

Issue 75, July 2015
Articles: "“My mission is to strengthen the tie between Switzerland and Japan” Interview with Masashi Nakazono, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japanese-Language Proficiency Test"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO’s Website is now available in German and French"; "Japan/EU partnership on 5G mobile technology" PDF   

Issue 74, June 2015
Articles: "“Japanese consumer has a very favorable image of Swiss made products” Interview with David Chalk, Managing Director, M-INDUSTRY Japan Inc."; "Promotion of Vaud’s wine in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center"; "Maglev train reached a world speed record of 603 kph" PDF 

Issue 73, May 2015
Articles: "Five Promises for Attracting Foreign Businesses to Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Government introduces energy market reform"; "New concept of smart healthy houses" PDF

Issue 72, April 2015
Articles: "Shiseido introduces Ultimune in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Opening of JETRO’s Kyoto"; "JETRO signed MoU with German Chamber of Commerce"; "Japanese community celebrates Hanami in Geneva"; "Exhibition of innovative cars at Geneva Motor Show 2015" PDF 

Issue 71, March 2015
Articles: "Growth Opportunities for Swiss Medical Device Companies in Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "About 700 participants in Japan Night 2015"; "Paintings inspired by Japanese art exhibited in Zurich"; "Development of green car infrastructures in Japan" PDF

Issue 70, February 2015
Articles: "“We are the only Japanese restaurant in Switzerland with one star on Michelin guide”"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "New business information available on JETRO’s Website"; "Matching SMEs and overseas businesses"; "Opening of JETRO's 76th overseas office in Rabat"; "Toshiba developed virtual dressing room" PDF

Issue 69, January 2015
Articles: "“I encountered how Swiss people interested in and full of knowledge of Japanese culture” Interview with H.E. Ms. Misako Kaji, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan"; "February 12, 2015 in Bern: Seminar on medical devices"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town"; "Message from Koichiro Nakamura, Director General of JETRO Geneva" PDF

Issue 68, December 2014
Articles: "“Japan offers a lot of untapped business potential” Interview with Roger Zbinden, Head of Swiss Business Hub"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Update of regional information on JETRO’s Website"; "Gifu promotion event took place in Zurich"; "Toyota introduced a new hydrogen-powered car" PDF

Issue 67, November 2014
Articles: "Consultancy services for cross cultural management"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "1,500 experts in the field of electrotechnology to gather in Tokyo"; "Opening reception of Gifu Prefecture in Zurich"; "Kabuki prints exhibited in Geneva"; "Innovation awards at CEATEC Japan 2014" PDF

Issue 66, October 2014
Articles: "ANA expands routes to Tokyo-Haneda airport"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "IDE-JETRO introduces the “Happy Worker” initiative"; "Economic Mission of the Geneva Canton in Japan"; "Great success for the Japanese festival"; "Japanese artist exhibits art pieces in Carouge"; "Japanese industrial innovations at Paris Motor Show 2014" PDF

Issue 65, September 2014
Articles: "“A Japanese biotech firm will settle in Geneva” Interview of Pierre Maudet, Geneva Cantonal Minister for security and economic affairs"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "2014 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Space Expo 2014 in Japan" PDF

Issue 64, August 2014
Articles: "On the front line of ‘Visit Japan Campaign’"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "SGE and JETRO strengthen their collaboration"; "JETRO’s invitation for business matching in Osaka"; "Toshiba to supply geothermal power in Indonesia" PDF

Issue 63, July 2014
Articles: "Introduction of the third arrow of “Abenomics”"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Visit Japanese southwestern island by luxury train"; "Consult JETRO’s business booklets and reports"; "We are Tomodachi — the new magazine of the Prime Minister"; "List of 100 Japanese innovative projects" PDF

Issue 62, June 2014
Articles: "Nestlé is present on Japanese market for over a century"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "JETRO celebrates 150th anniversary at Geneva Book Fair"; "Hitachi has developed “EMIEW 2” robot" PDF

Issue 61, May 2014
Articles: "Gilgen Door Systems has become part of the Japanese group Nabtesco"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Consumption tax rate has been increased to 8%"; "JETRO will further promote direct investment into Japan"; "Cherry trees to celebrate 150th anniversary"; "Kaneka has developed new protective films" PDF

Issue 60, April 2014
Articles: "Interview of Philipp Rhomberg, Director General of Toyota AG"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Seminar at Geneva international book fair"; "ICT seminar in Zurich"; "Revised regulation on food imports"; "Japanese culture festival in Ticino"; "World premieres and concept cars at Geneva Motor Show" PDF

Issue 59, March 2014
Articles: "Ionbond-IHI opened new headquarters in Zurich"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Large audience at Japan Night 2014"; "Symposium in Winterthur to celebrate 150th anniversary"; "Official launch of festivities in Neuchâtel"; "Marukome invents Miso soup dispenser" PDF

Issue 58, January 2014
Articles: "“My wish is to further the successful relation between Japan and Switzerland” Interview of H.E. Mr. Ryuhei Maeda, Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese feed-in tariff for renewable power facilities"; "Renewable Energy Village in Fukushima Prefecture"PDF

Issue 57, December 2013
Articles: "Astellas expands its network through international organization"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Specialized ICT seminar at JETRO Geneva office"; "Japanese literature — Ode to slow food"; "First talk between human and robot in outer space"PDF

Issue 56, November 2013
Articles: "Japan center on automobile standards in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese food culture to be recognized as UNESCO’s heritage"; "Japan and Switzerland will further collaborate in the field of innovation"; "Celebrations of 150 years of diplomatic relations"; "Toshiba and ORIX to develop geothermal plan at Okuhida Onsen" PDF

Issue 55, October 2013
Articles: "Kanebo launches new cosmetics products in Europe"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Large success of the Japanese festival in Carouge"; "IDE-JETRO research studies on Least Developed Countries"; "Number of foreign visitors to increase to 30 million"; "Social application LINE expands outside Japan" PDF

Issue 54, September 2013
Articles: "GC Corporation opened a new office in Lucerne"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese shows and animations to take place in Carouge"; "Articles about JETRO in “Tribune de Genève” and “24 Heures”"; "2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to bring economic benefits"; "Consumption tax to be raised"; "Mazda obtained METI’s innovation award" PDF

Issue 53, August 2013
Articles: "Mycom operates overseas sales from Zug"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Globus has resumed the sales of Japanese fruits"; "JETRO’s Approaches to New Growth Strategy"; "2013 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Fujifilm to release new instant camera" PDF

Issue 52, July 2013
Articles: "Koichiro Nakamura becomes Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Liberal Democratic Party obtained a majority at the House of Councillors"; "Traditional tofu made in Geneva"; "Tokyo in competition to host 2020 Olympics"; "Honda and GM to develop next generation fuel cell technologies" PDF

Issue 51, June 2013
Articles: "Technology cooperation for the expansion of TOTO’s Washlet in Europe"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese sake becomes a more and more popular drink"; "Sushi-Tram will resume in old-timer Zurich’s tramway"; "Conference on African Development held in Tokyo"; "Shiseido will develop hair regenerative technology" PDF

Issue 50, May 2013
Articles: "JETRO Geneva office is one of 113 JETRO offices"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Exports from Japan in Switzerland rose 7%"; "Japanese growth tactics unveiled"; "Promotion of robotic technologies for elderly care" PDF

Issue 49, April 2013
Articles: "Citizen expands through Swiss watch manufacturer"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japanese demographic evolution"; "JETRO’s survey on foreign firms operating in Japan"; "Paul Klee and Japanese art"; "Public-private pharma partnership for the developing world" PDF

Issue 48, March 2013
Articles: "Fujitsu expands its business in Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Seminars on the eve of 150th anniversary"; "Japanese low-emission cars at Geneva Motor Show"; "JETRO’s survey on Japanese foods among overseas consumers"; "More innovative Japanese firms" PDF

Issue 47, February 2013
Articles: "Wine-producers export Swiss wines to Japan"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Investments between Switzerland and Japan"; "Japan lifts ban on imports of beef"; "JETRO’s conferences in Geneva and Zurich"; "PlayStation®4 to be introduced in 2013" PDF

Issue 46, January 2013
Articles: "Interview of Ambassador Takashi Okada, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations and Other International Organizations and Head of the Japanese Consulate in Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Japan Night welcomed business and political leaders"; "Swiss-Japanese New Year’s party in Zurich"; "Panasonic develops a 20-inch tablet" PDF

Issue 45, December 2012
Articles: "Interview of Manabu Eto, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Recovery situation in the Tohoku region"; "JETRO opened a Business Support Center in Yangon, Myanmar"; "Traditional Japanese New Year’s meal"; "Japanese comedy show in Geneva"; "Kazuki Yamada invited by Swiss orchestra"; "Kyushu University developed OLED material free of rare metals" PDF

Issue 44, November 2012
Articles: "Japanese industrial group TICO acquired USTER"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Switzerland and Japan strengthens their scientific cooperation"; "Switzerland revised its regulation on imports of foodstuffs"; "Partnership agreement between Geneva and Tsu-City"; "Successful seminar on Japanese innovations"; "Nissan released updated Leaf" PDF

Issue 43, October 2012
Articles: "New President of the Japan Club of Geneva"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese and Swiss share a common interest in newspaper reading"; "Japanese festival in Carouge"; "JETRO innovation seminar at EPFL"; "Sony introduces environmental products and technologies" PDF

Issue 42, September 2012
Articles: ""Japan remains in an economic area of great opportunities"- Interview of Dominique Turpin, President of IMD"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO analysis of Japan / China trade"; "Subsidy program for Asian site location in Japan"; "Preferential treatments for highly skilled foreign professionals"; "Hitachi to lead European project on electric vehicles" PDF

Issue 41, August 2012
Articles: "Toshiba and Landis+Gyr to develop smart communities"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Masters of Japanese calligraphy in Zurich"; "Japan imports more disaster prevention products"; "Toyota opened the city of the future" PDF

Japanese version of article "Toshiba and Landis+Gyr to develop smart communities":PDF

Issue 40, July 2012
Articles: "Midokura is planning to expand in Lausanne"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Economic improvements in four regions"; "JETRO visited Pilot Corporation of Europe in Annecy"; "Japanese women at Zurich’s Rietberg museum"; "Giant solar power plant projects in Japan" PDF

Issue 39, June 2012
Articles: "United Coffee is acquired by Japanese coffee leader UCC"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Meeting of Japanese business leaders in Zurich"; "Enjoy sushi in a tram tour through Zurich"; "Lower House of Japan approved bill to double sales tax"; "Sony and Panasonic will jointly develop next generation TVs" PDF

Issue 38, May 2012
Articles: "Namiki’s office at EPFL Campus will expand"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises"; "Shiseido celebrates 140 years of beauty in Geneva"; "When Shinkansen trains make wishes come true"; "Sunstar developed bike electric equipments" PDF

Issue 37, April 2012
Articles: "Japanese watch component subsidiary moved to Neuchâtel"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Vaud companies will visit Japan from September 10 to 14"; "Traditional Japanese cuisine in Geneva"; "Visit of WTO Director General to JETRO’s Headquarters"; "Canon received six “Best Product 2012” awards" PDF

Issue 36, March 2012
Articles: "Unique Japanese watch exhibited at Baselworld"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Corporate seminars in Geneva and Zurich"; "Toyota shows hybrid cars at Geneva Motor Show 2012"; "Strong yen boosts Japanese overseas acquisitions"; "Seiko developed world first GPS solar watch" PDF

Issue 35, February 2012
Articles: "Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company Takeda acquired Nycomed"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Entry into force of the Agreement on Social Security"; "Japanese food culture seminar in Zurich"; "History of Japanese economy since 1980"; "Japanese robot to work in hazardous environments" PDF

Issue 34, January 2012
Articles: "VS Technology opened its European office in Winterthur"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Creation of new special economic zones"; "Lights of Japan in Davos"; "Japanese tradition to cast out demons"; "“Green First Hybrid” houses exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show" PDF

Issue 33, December 2011
Articles: "Sunstar acquired Swiss firm specialized in degradable implants"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Swiss firms took part in Interior Lifestyle Living trade fair"; "Japan’s reconstruction path: nine months on"; "JETRO White Paper on Trade and Investment"; "Panasonic to launch smartphones in European markets" PDF

Issue 32, November 2011
Articles: "Japanese traditions inspired arushi’s creations"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Kazuo Okamoto awarded by ETH Zurich"; "OSEC seminar on Japan/Switzerland FTEPA"; "New Director joined JETRO Geneva team"; "Sharp achieved the world’s highest solar cell conversion efficiency" PDF

Issue 31, October 2011
Articles: "New President for Honda Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Successful JETRO booth in Carouge"; "Reconstruction process is on the way"; "Thank you for your answers!"; "Toshiba unveiled AT200 tablet" PDF

Issue 30, September 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Otsuka’s office in Geneva promotes global health policies"; "Coordinated banking action to protect EU banks"; "Japanese yen against weaker currencies"; "2011 Month of Japanese Culture will benefit to victims" PDF

Issue 29, August 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Hitachi Zosen Inova has the support of Japanese parent firm"; "Yen reached record high level against US dollar"; "Rapid recovery of Japan’s industries"; "Second extra budget for Tohoku region reconstruction"; "Overcoming electricity shortage"; "Air-conditioned clothes to help reduce global warming"; "Biotechnology and high precision technology trade fairs" PDF

Issue 28, July 2011
Articles: "New Director General at JETRO Geneva"; "Sony moved to a new environment-friendly building"; "Measures to ensure the continuous supply of power"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Annual Assembly of the Japan Club of Geneva in Jussy"; "Message from Tokyo of Michiaki Watanabe"; "JETRO invitation programs for trade fairs" PDF

Issue 27, June 2011
Articles: ""All Japanese products reaching consumers are totally safe""; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Heinrich Wegmann is confident of Japan’s ability to recover"; "General Meeting of the Swiss - Japanese Chamber"; "Launch of IDE-JETRO / WTO joint publication"; "Anniversary of Time in Japan" PDF

Issue 26, May 2011
Articles: "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Recovery of Japan's infrastructures and industry"; "Efforts to meet summer's peak demand"; "Seminars about the recovering situation in Japan"; "Takeda signed agreement to acquire Nycomed"; "Toshiba will acquire Landis+Gyr"; ""GOPAN", the first rice bread cooker" PDF

Issue 25, April 2011
Articles: "Japan’s Road to Recovery and Rebirth"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Reconstruction of Japan’s infrastructures"; "Beautiful destinations remain unchanged"; "Survey after the Great East Japan Earthquake"; "Inspections to ensure the safety of Japanese food"; "New regulation on Swiss imports"; "High-quality monitors for intensive usages" PDF

Issue 24, March 2011
Articles: "Situation and economic decisions related to the disasters"; "New cars and concepts at Geneva Motor Show 2011"; "Japanese delegation visited neighboring France"; "Geneva traditional chocolate-maker exports to Japan"; "Lessons from Japan great recession"; "Japanese speech contest in Bern"; "Nintendo 3DS now available in Europe" PDF

Issue 23, February 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Summit Minerals trades natural resources in Zug"; "Japan’s actions to attract businesses"; "Suwa’s delegation visited Switzerland"; "Seminar on Swiss social security system"; "New green tea to be introduced in Switzerland"; "Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland opened its doors" PDF

Issue 22, January 2011
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese Fine Food Fair in Davos"; "Made in Japan, sold in Switzerland"; "Association for facilitating Swiss-Japan exchanges"; "World's first Hydrogen Town Project"; "Exhibitions of Japan's art in Lugano" PDF

Issue 21, December 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "APEC committed to pursue economic integration"; "Implementation status of Japan's eco-points program"; "Globus stores sell Japanese fruits"; "Türler's exhibition of Japanese art in Zurich"; "Japanese world in Switzerland" PDF

Issue 20, November 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Zeria's support to the expansion of Swiss pharmaceutical firm"; "SJCC celebrates its 25th anniversary"; "FTEPA seminars in Zurich and Lausanne"; "JETRO participation in Gastronomia"; "2010 Japan Day in Uster"; "Tokyo remains the world's best place of restaurants"; "2011 major trade fairs in Japan" PDF

Issue 19, October 2010
Articles: "Deepening the relations between Japan and Switzerland"; "Japan’s current economic situation"; "Swiss agricultural organization awarded by Japan"; "Japanese Mission and JETRO participation in WTO Open Day"; "JETRO workshop on Swiss legal system"; "Nissan started the production of the Leaf electric car" PDF

Issue 18, September 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Pentel, Japan's leader in writing instruments"; "Japan's New Growth Strategy"; "Family's Japanese restaurant and shop in Zurich"; "Convenience stores sales increased 1%"; "Multipurpose Japanese vending machines" PDF

Issue 17, August 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Swiss travel agency to visit Japan"; "Sightseeing places in Japan"; "2010 JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report"; "Japan's agriculture exports recovered rapidly"; "International flights at Tokyo Haneda Airport" PDF

Issue 16, July 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Elpida Memory aims to become No.1 DRAM company"; "Tokyo International Toy Show 2010"; "JETRO took part in WSC Academic Week"; "White Paper on International Economy and Trade"; "Yamaha released a zero-emission scooter" PDF

Issue 15, June 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Nomura's global expansion strategy"; "Japan hosted APEC energy meeting"; "Speno's rail track maintenance business in Japan"; "Suwa DTF's exhibition at Lausanne's EPMT show"; "Sony 3D World Tour stopped by Swiss cities" PDF

Issue 14, May 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Daiwa's services for financial investments in Asia"; "Three Mikado shops in Geneva"; "Six new JETRO success stories"; "White paper on small and medium entreprises"; "Sound equipment for electric and hybrid cars"; "Switzerland and Japan revised the Double Taxation Agreement" PDF

Issue 13, April 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Shiseido further strengthens its business in the Swiss market"; "Japan Pavilion at Shangai Expo 2010"; "Participate in JETRO Zone at N-Expo / Kansai'10"; "Improvement and extension of the Eco-Point Program"; "Survey on international operations of Japanese firms"; "Koshu wine registered by International Organization" PDF

Issue 12, March 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japanese jewellery and pearls at Baselworld"; "The Diet approved FY2010 budget"; "Electric and hybrid cars at Geneva Show"; "World leading exhibition on renewable energy"; "PALRO®, your new robot friend" PDF

Issue 11, February 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Nissan: the future leader in zero emission vehicle"; "Japan pavilion at Baselworld 2010"; "Japan Night in Davos"; ""Salon du Chocolat" in Tokyo"; "Bonsai garden in Zurich" PDF

Issue 10, January 2010
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Sunstar's world headquarters in Switzerland"; "METI's discussions on cigarette lighter regulation"; "Japanese Diet debates on FY 2010 budget"; "Japan as the main FDI partner of Switzerland in Asia"; "Toshiba unveiled the 3D Cell TV" PDF

Issue 9, December 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO foodstuff seminars"; "Interview. Dominique Gauthier, Chef in Geneva"; "Japan unveiled its fourth stimulus plan"; "Japanese apples and black garlics at Globus"; "A plant thriving in desert areas" PDF

Issue 8, November 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JETRO seminars in Basel and in Geneva"; "Linear Chuo Shinkansen: a 500 km/h train project"; "JETRO booth at IGEHO" ; "JETRO's White Paper on International Trade and FDI"; "Tokyo as the new gourmet capital"; "Japanese foodstuffs at Globus" PDF

Issue 7, October 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Debiopharm academic and business ties with Japan"; "Tailored Tamiflu for Japan's market"; "Game and motor shows in Tokyo"; "JETRO participated in Suwa's messe"; "Japanese foodstuff discovery seminars in Geneva" PDF

Issue 6, September 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Japan-Switzerland FTA entered into force"; "Memorandum to promote the exchange of professionals"; "Japan's competitiveness moved up one position"; "Buying Japanese food in Geneva and Lausanne"; "Sony will make home 3D available in 2010" PDF

Issue 5, August 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "JTI: the largest "Japanese" company in Switzerland"; "Toy show: high technologies and traditions"; "Factories to produce environmental-friendly vegetables"; "Japanese anime directors awarded in Locarno"; "Switzerland tops IT investment ranking" PDF

Issue 4, July 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Toray's commitments in 21st century challenges"; "Cultural and technical specificities"; "Switzerland/Japan Free Trade Agreement is approved"; "Organization to facilitate business contacts"; "Japan's future: robots in retirement homes?" PDF

Issue 3, June 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Mr. Taguchi presents Honda's green values"; "A Swiss IT company expands in Japan"; "A successful seminar in Solothurn"; "Interview. Dr. Hannes Bleuler"; "Japan invents the future of television"; "A new staff member in JETRO's office" PDF

Issue 2, May 2009
Articles: "Japan's current economic situation"; "Regional Industry Tie-up(RIT) Project: Suwa"; "The role of consumers in standardization: JETRO trip"; "Hayao Miyazaki, or when anime goes global" PDF

Issue 1, April 2009
Articles: "Message from Mr. Michiaki Watanabe, Director General of JETRO Geneva"; "Japan's current economic situation"; "Cosplay, the new phenomenon from Japan"; "Regional Industry Tie-up (RIT) project: Toyama" PDF

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