Section 2. Visas and Status of Residence

2.3 Process from application of Certificate of Eligibility to acquisition of visa

Visas are applied for and obtained at Japanese diplomatic missions abroad. The visa processing may take considerable time when an applicant applies for a long-term stay in Japan, such as for the purpose of work. Thus, the Immigration Services Agency of Japan often screens these applications in advance to determine whether or not the activities intended by the foreign national wishing to enter and reside in Japan correspond to the conditions for the status of residence being sought; if it is determined that these activities do in fact meet the conditions for the status of residence, a Certificate of Eligibility is issued. If this Certificate of Eligibility is presented to a Japanese diplomatic mission abroad together with a visa application, generally a visa will be issued in five working days. A Certificate of Eligibility is not applicable to temporary visitor visa.

Flowchart from application for Certificate of Eligibility to visa acquisition and
entry into Japan (general example)

  1. In Japan

    Application for Certificate of Eligibility (submitted to Regional Immigration Bureau (or branch office thereof) in Japan) by the applicant or his/her proxy on behalf of the applicant

  2. Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility (by Regional Immigration Bureau (or branch office thereof) in Japan); sent to applicant or his/her proxy in Japan

    1. *

      If a foreign national who has applied for a Certificate of Eligibility is already in Japan on a temporary visitor status of residence when the Certificate of Eligibility is issued, that foreign national may be able to change his/her temporary visitor status of residence to the status of residence approved in the Certificate of Eligibility while still in Japan, without the need to apply for and receive a visa at a Japanese diplomatic mission outside Japan.

  3. Outside Japan

    Single or multipl entry visa application with Certificate of Eligibility at Japanese diplomatic mission abroad

  4. Single or multiple entry visa issuance at Japanese diplomatic mission abroad

  5. In Japan

    In Japan Entry into Japan (In principle, a foreign national must land in Japan within three months from the issuance date of Certificate of Eligibility); presentation of a passport and single or multiple entry visa, submission of Certificate of Eligibility, receipt of seal of landing verification in passport at the port of debarkation, and receipt of residence card issued to foreign nationals residing in Japan for the mid to long term

  1. 注)

    成田空港、羽田空港、中部空港、関西空港、新千歳空港、広島空港及び福岡空港においては、旅券上に上陸許可の証印をするとともに、上陸許可によって日本に中長期間在留する外国人(以下、「中長期在留者」)に対して「在留カード」が交付されます。その他の出入国港においては、旅券上に上陸許可の証印をし、中長期在留者の外国人が市区町村の窓口に住居地の届出をした後に「在留カード」が交付されることとなります(在留カード発行拠点から当該住居地に郵送)。なお、「在留カード」とは、中長期在留者に対し、上陸許可や在留資格の変更許可、在留期間の更新許可などの在留に係る許可に伴って交付されるものです(2.7 参照)。

  1. (Note)

    At Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Shinchitose, Hiroshima and Fukuoka Airports, besides having a seal of landing verification stamped in their passports, mid-to long term residents will be issued a residence card. At other ports of entry/departure, a seal of landing verification will be stamped in the passport and a residence card will be issued after a mid-to long-term resident follows the residency procedure at the municipal office of the city/town/village. (A residence card will be mailed by the issuance place of residence card to the reported place of residence).

    A residence card will be issued to mid-to long-term residents when granted permission pertaining to residence in Japan, such as landing permission, permission for change of resident status and permission for extension of the period of stay (see 2.7).

Section2: Contents & Reference

Section2. Samples of documents businesses are required to submit to authorities

  1. Note

    As of July 2018, to be updated

These materials contain samples of documents regarding registration, visa, taxation, personnel and labor matters that are necessary when a foreign company establishes a corporation or other entity in Japan as well as descriptive examples of how to fill them out. A portion of the English content has been updated through a provisional translation. These documents are not published by competent authorities and therefore are not official. For those who are going through the official procedures, please download the latest official documents from the competent authorities and related bodies or consult a person who specializes in advising on such information and procedures.

The information contained in this documents should be used at the reader’s independent discretion. While JETRO makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides, no responsibility is accepted by JETRO for any loss or damage incurred as a result of actions based on the information provided in these documents or provided by the external links listed on these pages.

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