Swiss Open Innovation Webinar (February 16, 2022) - Innovation and digital health in Western Switzerland

Jan 27, 2022

Date/Time:  Ferbuary 16, 2022 (Thursday), 17.00-18.15 (JST) / 09.00-10.15 (CET) 

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Organizers: The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), The Greater Geneva Bern Area (GGBa)  

Co-organizer: Service of the Economy, Canton of Neuchâtel  


Target audience: Japanese companies looking to collaborate with Swiss start-ups and Swiss Institutes 

(Other companies can also join.)  

Participation: Free of charge/limited to 100 persons 

Language: Japanese/English (simultaneous translation) 

Location: Zoom webinar (online); the URL will be sent to the registered email address on  February 15th , 2022 


(Registration deadline February 14th, 2022) 


Contact: Ms. Fumi JOKURA or Ms.Nathalie CORNIER, JETRO Geneva at 

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Digital health lies in the crossroads of multiple industries, generally it is defined as the use of information and communication technologies to improve health and health services. Switzerland is known to be the home of major pharma companies but Switzerland is also very active in digital health with a great ecosystem that bridges research and innovation to the industry. JETRO’s webinar will be introducing part of the ecosystem around digital health as well as 3 start-ups with promising technologies in cancer prevention, care for the elderly or apnea diagnosis.  

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Ms. Fumi Jokura 

Director, JETRO Geneva 

Explanation of Zoom Functions  



Mr. Shiro Takegami  

Director General,  JETRO Geneva 

Switzerland Tech Market 



Mr. Thomas Bohn, Executive Director, GGBa  

Introduction of GGBa (Greater Geneva Bern Area) 


09.15- 9.25 

Mr. Jens Krauss, VP, Systems, CSEM 

Connected health as a driver of the digital transformation in heathcare 



Mr Marc Thurner, Director of the Start-Up Program Microcity  

Microcity startup incubator: accelerating a deeptech ecosystem 



Mr. Philippe Koller, CEO NetSensing Technology  

Introduction of Netsensing Technology  



Dr. Max Boysset, CEO, Icosamed 

Introduction of Icosamed 



Ms. Silvia Cordoni, CEO MyElixa  

Introduction of MyElixa 



Mr. Shiro Takegami, Director General  

Q&A session moderated by Mr.Shiro Takegami  


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Profiles of participating organization and companies:  



The Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa) is the investment promotion agency for Western Switzerland, bringing together the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Valais.  Its mission is to provide support to foreign companies allowing them to get established quickly and develop their activities in Western Switzerland.  Since its creation in 2010, the GGBa, in cooperation with the cantonal economic promotion agencies, has guided hundreds of companies from around the world in launching their activities in the region. 


CSEM is a private nonprofit Swiss organization for research and innovation. Supported by the Swiss Confederation, our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of industry by developing new technology platforms and transferring it to the industrial sector. CSEM plays a key role in the innovation value chain, by narrowing the gap between fundamental research and industrialization. By expanding CSEM’s knowledge and adapting it to industrial needs, new products are brought to market and new ventures are created. CSEM works with a wide range of stakeholders, from startups to SMEs and large organizations.CSEM ‘s services include contract R&D, strategy and innovation consultancy, development of specific business solutions for several Industrial Sectors (Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Watchmaking, Health & Lifestyle, Communication & Semiconductor, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control, Aeronautics, Transport & Security). 



Microcity Sa’s mission is to stimulate, support, accelerate and promote the realization of innovation projects.  

Microcity promotes skills in research, development, technology transfer and industrialization. The company provides specialized resources in the fields of business consulting, hosting, financing and communication, particularly in the fields of micro-nanotechnologies, micro-manufacturing and industrialization processes.  


NetSensing Technology:  

Netsensing Technology is a Swiss medtech startup, founded in 2019 which has patented a methodology to enable the mass detection of sleep apnea. This methodology is fully compliant with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The main objective is to save lives by enabling the mass detection of sleep disorders faster and cheaper than any other method. The technology is based on data fusion collected by dedicated sensors. The device directly measures thorax and diaphragm respirations, body posture, heart rate and oxygen saturation and, correlates them to detect apnea severity. The Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) is available overnight, and HSATPro displays a green/red indicator for users on their smartphones/tablets to indicate apnea severity. In case of a red event, the data summary can be quickly delivered to pharmacies and doctors to enable treatment. 




The goal of the company is to design, manufacture and sell garments to monitor resident cancers - especially breast cancer. More than 85% of cancers at stage 0 are not detected: if so, that could be easily fixed with very light treatments (surgery and low explore of radiation). Our goal is to reduce this number to 0% by monitoring and super-early detecting cancer. This total disruptive approach is using a proven technology (3D ultrasound), migrated to smart clothing. The smart bra EZ ROSE® is a wireless connected device, USB rechargeable, fully autonomous and piloted through an app. Data are sent to our servers via smartphone and images are rebuilt in 3D. Based on history and working with AI and big data, the system will warn the user on its smartphone if an evolution similar to a tumor cell growth is detected and statically confirmed. This is a unique approach for cancer monitoring, complementary and synergistic with existing one. This represents a tremendous hope for public health. Icosamed is a team of experts with multiple skills around micro technologies, digital health and marketing and communication 



Our vision is to be the trusted ally for healthy aging. 

MyElixa provides smart devices to holistically support senior people on their daily activities and provide the peace of mind to their family members and caregivers. The first product in our portfolio is focused on Hydration. 

MyElixa Hydration Band is flexible band that can be wrapped to any bottle or glass, measures how much you drink and reminds you to drink regularly. The data are sent real time to MyElixa App, used by family members. 

The product will be launched in Japan in May 2022 with pre-orders starting in March 2022 through a crowdfunding platform.