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The certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas

More of that taste of Japan

Our mission is promoting safe and delicious Japanese food products
and alchoholic beverages to every corner of the world.
We are looking for partners who can help us do that.

What is the certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas?
This program was designed to certify overseas restaurants, bars and retailers which carry Japanese food and beverages as official “Japanese Food Supporters” in order to further promote Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products around the world.
Ability to promote the appeal of selling and using quality, safe, and trusted Japanese food and ingredients.

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Ability to attain quality foods by communicating and sharing information with Japanese food distribution networks.

The mail magazine for certified Japanese
 Food and Ingredient
Supporter Stores Overseas.

Ability to use self-promotion mediums including store listings and introductions in “Taste of Japan” on
the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
and Fisheries Website.

Taste of Japan website
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Requirements for certification as a Japanese Food Supporter Store

Restaurants and retail stores that meet the following requirements will be certified a “Japanese Food Supporter Store”. They shall be able to use the certification logo and promote that their stores are certified.

For Restaurants
  • Consistently serving food made with Japanese Food products.
  • Alcoholic beverages produced in Japan shall be offered as a specialty shop.
  • The fact that the restaurant uses Japanese Food and alcoholic beverages is displayed on the menu.
  • Promoting the appeal and characteristics of Japanese food and alcoholic beverages.
For Retail Stores
  • Consistently selling Japanese food and alcoholic beverages.
  • The fact that products are Japanese foods and alcoholic beverages is indicated on the product shelf.
  • Promoting the appeal and characteristics of Japanese food and alcoholic beverages.

* Japanese foods are defined as agricultural, forestry, and fishery products that are produced within Japan.

To apply for certification

If you wish to apply for certification, please send an e-mail with “Application for Supporter Store Certification” in the subject line to JETRO (afa-supporter@jetro.go.jp). We will then reply by sending the application form.

List of stores and restaurants

As of June 30, 2018, this program has certified 3,034 stores and restaurants.

Certification logo

The Application / Management Body, the Certification Body and Supporter Stores may use the logo mark for the purpose of familiarizing, certifying and promoting Supporter Stores by MAFF.

We are also looking for partner certifying organizations


JETRO is designated as an operational administrative association for this program in line with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Based on the guidelines, we are recruiting overseas organizations such as restaurants and retailers which will be able to play the role of official Japanese Food Supporters by proactively incorporating Japanese ingredients into their menus and stocks. For more details, please see the following application guidebook.

This program is supported by 22 certification Bodies and 2 certifcation cooperating members.


Point of contact and where to submit application

Agricultural, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Department, JETRO
Tel:03-3582-4954 Fax:03-3582-7378