Application for Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Store Certification


Between March 1st - May (timing TBD), registration is suspended.

In case application is done in the meanwhile, the timing when JETRO reviews the application and gets back to you will be in May.

Thanks for your patience in advance.

[How to Apply]
Stores wishing to apply for Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Store Certification or renew certification should fill out and send this certification form.

・Filling out the application by PC is recommended. (The application form may not be suitable for filling out by mobile phone.)
・Please review <application form image> before filling out the form.
・Answers for items with * are required.
・It is highly recommended to complete step 1. and 2. below before filling out this form. (Both need to be completed along with the form.)
 1. Images displaying usage of Japanese foods and ingredients in the stores/restaurants being applied for.
  ※ Please refer to <sample image> regarding preparation of appropriate pictures to show the use of Japanese food and ingredients.
  ※ In case there are multiple pictures, please combine them in one file, e.g., Zip, PDF, Power Point, etc.
 2. For those applying for multiple stores/restaurants: Download <Form for multiple stores> and fill out the form.

[Application Form]
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