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FRARE FOOD FACTORY is bringing consumers the flavor experience of wine without its alcoholic effects

Although many of our social occasions are accompanied by alcoholic beverages, there are many times when drinking is not allowed. Those who can't drink, have to drive, or are under age may want to drink something more flavorful than sparkling grape juice. FRARE FOOD FACTORY CO., LTD. is meeting that need with a unique new beverage.

Created by the Kofu area's FRARE FOOD FACTORY, Previno (literally, “before becoming wine”) is made using wine grapes from locations in and around Yamanashi’s prefectural capital that are gently pressed using a unique "natural press" extraction technique, similar to the production of wine. The one major difference is that Previno doesn't contain any alcohol so it is ideal at parties for non-drinkers, drivers and younger members of the family.

The company's main brand is Pj-Ju, a premium beverage that has an assortment of aromatic tastes, each of which offers a unique flavor experience. Grape varieties – and tastes – range from the Koshu white wine grape to the dark red Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pj-Ju, a unique beverage from FRARE FOOD FACTORY CO., LTD.


A Single Ingredient, A Multitude of Tastes

Every Previno beverage contains just one ingredient: freshly pressed grapes. There is no added sugar or any chemical preservatives. The flavor comes from FRARE FOOD FACTORY’s unique extraction technology. “Natural Press” helps to preserve vitamins, enzymes and polyphenols – all of which combine to make up Previno’s notable flavor, and contribute to the beverage’s healthful properties. The company has applied for an international patent for a special crimping tool used to seal the bottles (for which it currently holds design patents in Japan and China), and also keeps a firm grip on other secrets of the drink’s production.

Of course, like wine, Previno matures well. “We have come to realize that these beverages have a shelf life that goes well beyond two years, which is a direct result of our extraction technology,” says FRARE FOOD FACTORY CEO Takuya Saito. “So you can enjoy it fresh, soon after purchase, or save it for a rainy day in the future when the taste will be different.” Saito is also keen to stress his company’s eco-friendly philosophy. “It is a small and simple kind of craftsmanship without any waste. Around 60% of the grapes are used for the beverage and the other 40% are used for a puree and a grape-origin yeast for making bread.”

Sharing the Flavor with the Wider World

“For now,” Saito says. “The main focus is the domestic market.” Pj-Ju is already being sold in department stores around the country including cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Yamanashi and Okayama. The company’s goal is for the drink to spread even wider this year. Beyond that there are plans to expand the brand beyond Japan. Representatives have already visited countries like the US, Singapore and China. Basically any destination where grapes are grown is a viable option. FRARE FOOD FACTORY is looking for production and development partners to aid with the importing and exporting of wine grapes. It is also widening its production range including a collaboration with major food producer and distributor to sell pineapple juice in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as the launch of peach juice expected later this year.

Based on Interview in February 2016

The company hopes to put its beverages on tables worldwide, courtesy of FRARE FOOD FACTORY CO., LTD.