Chapter 4 JETRO’s Efforts to Promote Investment in Japan

95 Foreign Companies Successfully Completed Investment Project with JETRO’s Support in Fiscal 2019

  • JETRO supported 943 projects in fiscal 2019 and led 95 investment projects to successfully enter or expand business in the Japanese market.
  • By region of origin of these foreign companies, North America is the largest with 34.7%, followed by Asia (32.6% of the total) and Europe (25.3%). By country, the US accounted for 31.6%, which made it the only country that exceeded 30%.
  • By industry, ICT and telecommunications accounted for the largest share at 37.9%.
  • By investment destination within Japan, while Tokyo was the largest with 60.0%, around 40.0% continued to expand outside of Tokyo, the trend of which has been observed in previous years.

JETRO-attracted Investments by Region(n=95)

JETRO-attracted Investments by Country(n=95)

JETRO-attracted Investments by Industry(n=95)

JETRO-attracted Investments by Investment Destination(n=95)

JETRO Provides Comprehensive Support for market Entry and Business Expansion in Japan, even under the COVID-19 Crisis

  • JETRO, as Japan’s only public organization promoting foreign investment to Japan, provides a full range of services, from the dissemination of information on Japan’s business environment to the discovery of companies interested in investing in Japan, support for establishing bases, and support for expanding business in the country.
  • Even under the COVID-19 crisis, as part of the efforts to strengthen the information dissemination functions, JETRO worked on videos that capture the Japanese market, which is being transformed through the pandemic, in order to disseminate information on a new Japanese society. In addition, together with local governments, JETRO is to hold Regional Business Conference (RBC) online, which were held offline in fiscal 2019, with a theme of disaster prevention/mitigation and innovation in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture and that of startup ecosystems in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo.

Overview of JETRO’s Efforts to Promote Investments in Japan

Video to Convey the Changes in the Japanese Market due to COVID-19

Online RBC on Bosai-tech

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