May 01, 2014

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"Invest in Japan: A Regional Roadmap" - Japan Business Promotion Seminar

On the 1st May, 2014, JETRO successfully held our event ‘Invest in Japan: A Regional Roadmap’ at the Institute of Directors in London. The aim of the event was to show the attractions of Japanese local regions to foreign companies as well to update the audience on the current situation surrounding inward investment into Japan. We were very pleased to welcome a selection of speakers from Japan and the UK who highlighted investment opportunities in various Japanese regions. We were also delighted that the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr Shinzo Abe, was able to stop by and address his national growth strategy and lend his support to the local governments across Japan. Attendees were able to find out the latest information regarding inward investment into Japan as well the opportunity to network over lunch. JETRO London would like to thank all speakers and attendees for contributing to a successful event.


Opening Remarks & Chairperson: Mr Jun Arima, Director of General, JETRO London
Keynote Speech: Mr Norihiko Ishiguro, Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) - "Invest in Japan"

Presentation by Mr Kizo Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe - "Investment Climate in Kobe"
Presentation by Mr Soichiro Takashima, Mayor of Fukuoka - "Global Start-up City, FUKUOKA"
Special Speech by Mr Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan
Speech by Sir David Warren, Chairman of the Japan Society (former British Ambassador to Japan)

Presentation by Mr Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture - "Imagine No.1 Growth and Tradition in Mie, the AK initiative"
Presentation by Mr Hidehiko Yuzaki, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture - "Investing in Hiroshima"
Presentation by Mr Steve Crane, Founder and CEO, Business Link Japan Ltd.

Closing Remarks: Mr Hidehiro Yokoo, Director-General, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau (METI)

London Seminar Report (JETRO Topics, Global Home):