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Promotion of Japanese foods and beverages

Currently, Japanese foods and beverages such as Sushi, Sake, Wasabi and Ramen etc. are becoming more and more popular worldwide. One of the reasons for such popularity may be its highly sophisticated quality. In addition to this aspect Japanese foods and beverages are full of unique and innovative qualities. Our mission is to expand the scale of export in Japanese foods and beverages through their promotion. We will support your business by providing information on Japanese foods and beverages.

* If you are a company looking to export your products to Japan, please contact Department for International Trade (DIT)To other site.

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Our services

1. Provision information regarding manufacturers and wholesalers which supply Japanese foods and beverages
2. Organizing events regarding Japanese foods and beverages
We occasionally run display booths in food exhibitions with the purpose of matching Japanese food manufacturers with UK buyers and also support events which aim to promote Japanese foods and beverages. For example, we have exhibited at the Japan Pavilion in IFE13 and supported Hyper Japan. The latest information about all of this can be seen in 'Outlines & News'.

Please contact us for assistance on Japanese foods and beverages.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF)

- If you are looking to find more information on Japanese foods and beverages, please visit the website, To other site where MAFF provide detailed reports and video clips about Japanese foods and beverages.

- If you would like to know the circumstances of Japan after the 2011 earthquake regarding foods, please go to "The Great East Japan EarthquakeTo other site" on the MAFF website.

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