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Welcome to JETRO United Kingdom. One of our aims here in the UK is to promote foreign direct investment into Japan. If you have been thinking about setting up an office or facility in Japan, then the investment team are here to assist you. From our offices in London, we cover all of the UK as well as Ireland. In Sweden and Finland, we have JETRO correspondents.

JETRO London has been involved with Japanese inward investment since 1995. Our senior investment advisor arrived at JETRO in 1998 and began promoting investment into Japan and working with companies. An investment team was formed in 2003 at the London office to carry out this role further, when the Japanese government launched the Invest Japan initiative.

On the investment team, we can provide a variety of free of charge services to registered clients. Services include basic market research and consultations with our senior investment advisor. In Japan, registered clients can receive in depth assistance from our labour, tax and legal advisors and sector specialists, as well as benefitting from the opportunity to use free office space in a variety of locations across Japan. The opportunity for business matching is also possible.
We welcome enquiries related to Japanese inward investment from companies in the areas we cover. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and we can arrange a meeting.

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