Business encourage in Hungary

Japanese Component & Material Buyers' Exhibition

  JETRO Budapest aims to support the endeavors of Japan-affiliated companies to find local component suppliers in Hungary and other European countries.

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Business reports on Hungary / Introducing business opportunities and future cooperations 

List of Japanese companies in Hungary, 23rd Edition, as of July 2015. If you need more information, please contact us for details. 

Information on Hungarian county seats and cities/towns

Kaposvar - Kaposvar is situated in the south Transdanubian region; it is the seat of  Somogy County and also a university town. Kaposvar has a population of nearly 65,000 people with an agglomeration of almost 120,000. 

Zalaegerszeg - Zalaegerszeg is the county seat of Zala County. Zalaegerszeg has a population of 60,000 with an agglomeration of almost 120,000. Zalaegerszeg has been the seat of Zala County since 1730. 

Veszprem - Veszprem is the county seat of Veszprem County. It is a historical town situated north of Lake Balaton. It is a cultural, educational, religious and touristic center. The population of Veszprem is 63,405. 

Dunaujvaros - Dunaujvaros is situated by the River Danube with 46,000 inhabitants in Fejer County. It is easy to acces from Budapest on the M6 Highway, it takes approximately 1 hour by car. 

Szolnok - Szolnok is located in the Hungarian Great Plain by the Tisza River, 100 km south-east of Budapest. It is the county seat of Jasz-Szolnok-Nagykun County. Szolnok is a hub for water, air, road and rail transport. 

Nyiregyhaza - Nyíregyháza is located in the eastern part of Hungary, it is the seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County surrounded by three countries (Ukraine, Slovakia, and Romania) is the seventh largest city of Hungary with nearly 120,000 inhabitants.