Veszprém is the county seat of Veszprém County. It is a historical town situated north of Lake Balaton. It is a cultural, educational, religious and touristic center. 

The population of Veszprém is 63,405. 63% of the population is active, 17.5% is young people and 19.5% is retired. Unemployment is 5%, which is the lowest in Hungary. About 5,000 people are engaged in seasonal jobs in the tourism and catering business at Lake Balaton every year. The number of job seekers (in 50-km range) is 6,000 persons. 

Veszprém is easy to access from Budapest on the M7 highway; it is only 29 km from the highway exit. There is direct rail connection to Gratz (Austria) and Budapest. International airports can be reached, Budapest approx 130 km 8 (1 h 45 m) and Vienna approx. 185 km (2 hrs). 

The University of Pannonia has 5 campuses since 1951. Currently, the number of students is 11,000 in Veszprém. 

The number of operating enterprises is 6,100, out of which companies with 50-249 employees is 55 and companies above 250 employees is 11. 

The growth of local GDP/capita increased by 16% in 2010-2015. The growth of gross output of local industry in 2010-2015 increased by 40%. 

There is an economic, commercial, service zone with 20 hectares land with direct main road and airport connection for further developments.

Prepared by JETRO Budapest