Import from Japan

Japanese Product

Cool Japan/Foood, Fashion, Design and Entertaintment
Japan is a country rich in culture and history and also a leading center of design and innovations. JETRO finds unique and attractive products and services to be showcased all over the world. 

Meet Japanese companies/Introducing Japanese companies
We would like to introduce innovative and cutting edge quality Japanese companies in the following areas:

1) Machinery; 2) Apparel, textile; 3) Design and daily goods and 4) Japanese food. 

Business Matching Program

 JETRO is accepting applications to participate in a business matching. If your company has an interest in
buying made-in-Japan products, the JETRO invitation program will be a great opportunity to connect with
relevant Japanese firms. We look forward to your participation in this program.

2017 October 11-13  Hungarian Food Buyer

 Hungarian Food company invited to JAPAN'S FOOD EXPORT FAIR.

2015 November 16-20  Hungarian Bonsai Buyer

 JETRO Budapest invited a Hungarian company to Japan as a potential Bonsai buyer. They will visit Tokyo and somelocal areas too

2015 October 18-23  Hungarian Media Contents Buyer
  JETRO Budapest invited a Hungarian company to Japan as a Japanese media contents buyer. 

2015 March 18-22  Hungarian Film Distributor Buyer
  JETRO Budapest invited a Hungarian film distributor company to Japan for Anime Japan 2015 Festival.