Nyíregyháza is located in the eastern part of Hungary, it is the seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County surrounded by three countries (Ukraine, Slovakia, and Romania) is the seventh largest city of Hungary with nearly 120,000 inhabitants.
The city is situated at the eastern border of the EU along important traffic routes. Travelling from Budapest, Nyíregyháza can be reached on the M3 highway. The extension of highway M3 towards the Ukraine and Romania will be constructed in the near future. Nyíregyháza lies along the main railway lines, and one of the largest rail logistics centers of Central Europe where the narrow and broad gauge railway meets is only 65 km away from the city. The city also has an airport suitable to receive business jets.
Nyíregyháza is a modern city with high economical potential where in the near past the investments made the creation and keeping of jobs exceeding the country’s average. The companies made their decision to invest in Nyíregyháza based on the great aptitude of the city, the partnership of the City Council and the well educated work force.
The Swedish, Austrian, French, Ukrainian, Danish and German firms, the joint ventures and multinational companies, as well as the progressing Hungarian private businesses play an important role in the local economy. The main economic branches are the machine, chemical, rubber, building, paper and microelectric industries /Lego Manufacturing Ltd. (plastic toy manufacturing), MICHELIN Hungary Ltd. (tyre manufacturing), Electrolux Lehel Ltd. (domestic electronics), Phoenix Ltd. (rubber industry), Hübner-H Ltd. (rubber manufacturing), Eismann Automotive Hungaria Ltd., ContiTech Phoenix Air Spring Systems Ltd., Sematic Ltd. (elevator industry), Dunapack Ltd. (paper manufacturing)/. The major service areas are logistics, finance, real estate development, commerce and tourism.
The Nyíregyháza Industrial Park completely supplied with public utilities, it is situated in a very advantageous location from the aspect of logistics: it is only 1.5 km from motorway M3, along the railway connecting the two neighbouring countries.
With the building of the Western Bypass Road in the years to come one of Eastern Hungary’s most significant industrial and economic improvement area will be built. A 320 hectares large area is being prepared to be used for this project.
Nyíregyháza is a regional centre for commerce, and the multinational shopping centres offer services that are up to European standards. As well, the financial sector is characterized by dynamism. Nyiregyhaza is striving to boost tourism, the major developments taking place in the next years will serve to enhance that role.

Prepared by JETRO Budapest