Privacy Policy for Personal Data of Customers in Europe and U.K.

JETRO will carefully handle customers’ personal data and will strive for appropriate management and operation of the data so that customers can use the services provided by JETRO (including JETRO's website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website")) with security.

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") describes the processing of personal data of customers in the European region (hereinafter referred to as the "EEA"), consisting of the EU Member States , Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, and U.K. in relation to the services provided by JETRO. Please refer to the privacy policy of JETRO's website for the handling of personal information of customers located outside of the EEA and U.K.

  1. When using the services provided by JETRO, you may be required to provide your personal data. Personal data provided will be used within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of use without the consent of the customer. Among JETRO's services, the following are examples of those for which JETRO may require customers to provide personal data:
    • Websites
    • E-mail magazines, newsletters
    • Trade and investment consultations
    • Various seminars
    • Overseas briefing services
    • Support for participation in exhibitions and business conventions
    • Services for supporting businesses
    • Other services provided by JETRO, whether online or offline.
    • (Non-service) Inviting business partners from the EEA or U.K. to Japan
    • (Non-service) Conducting surveys (e.g., questionnaires on corporate trends) in the EEA or U.K.
    • Examples of personal data you will provide:
      Company name and title
      Postal code, address, telephone number, and fax number
      Information necessary for the provision of other services
  2. JETRO will use the personal data it has collected with respect to customers for the following purposes. JETRO will use your personal data only to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes.
    • Accepting customer opinions and inquiries, and responding to such opinions and inquiries;
    • Implementation and operation of services, events, seminars, etc., for which the customer has applied;
    • To conduct questionnaires concerning services, events, seminars, etc. in which customers participate, and to grasp the outcomes of such services, events, seminars, etc.;
    • To provide information on JETRO's services, events, seminars, and other events related to regions/countries, sectors, and businesses that customers are interested in;
    • Review, development, and launch of new services provided by JETRO to customers;
    • To improve JETRO services to make them more user-friendly;
    • To analyze and collect statistics on customers using JETRO's services;
    • Activities related to the above;
    • To achieve other purposes of use that were clearly indicated at the time of acquiring the personal data of customers;
    • To invite business partners in the EEA or U.K. to Japan;
    • For conducting surveys in the EEA or U.K. (e.g., questionnaires on corporate trends, etc.)
  3. When you visit this Website, we use cookies for purposes of user authentication, confirmation of the user's log-in status, and improvement of customer convenience. In addition, for purposes of improving the usability of this Website for customers, this Website may record access logs, such as the client's IP address, date and time of access, link source, files accessed, browsers used, etc. We use log information automatically stored on the server and technology called "web beacons" and “cookies” from Google Analytics, a service of Google, Inc. to create such records. .
    In addition, we use content sharing functions provided by social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and the video streaming function of YouTube on this Website. Cookies issued by third parties such as these social media platforms are used to track information that is provided by customers or is obtained from customers’ use history. In addition, JETRO may analyze your interests based on your behavioral history on this Website, such as the date and time of access and the files you accessed, for the purpose of providing you with useful information, etc.

    For a detailed explanation of our use of cookies and cookie settings, please refer to the following link:

  4. JETRO will only process your personal data within the scope permitted by law. JETRO will process your personal data based on the following grounds:
    • Performance of contractual obligations: This is when JETRO needs to process your personal data in order to perform a contract entered into with you.
    • Consent: This is when JETRO receives consent from the customer for processing personal data.
    • Legal obligations: This is when JETRO needs to comply with legal obligations.
    • Legitimate interests: This is when processing of the customer's personal data is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by JETRO or by a third party, provided that the customer's interests and fundamental rights are not overridden by the above interests.
  5. JETRO may share your personal data with the following types of recipients. JETRO requires that when personal data of a customer is received by a processor for processing, the data must be processed in accordance with contractual provisions stipulating that the information will be protected, processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including GDPR, and used only in accordance with JETRO's instructions, and that the information shall not be used for the purposes of the processor itself.
    • Service providers: Service providers include service providers in the IT industry, such as internet service providers and cloud service providers.
    • Subcontractors: This is when the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of operations relating to JETRO’s outsourcing of operations to a third party, such as questionnaire surveys in the EEA or U.K. and inviting business partners to Japan from the EEA or U.K..
    • Embassies of Japan and other Japanese government-affiliated organizations within the EEA and U.K.This is when JETRO needs to process personal data in order to fulfill its duties under the limited circumstances where the consent of the customer is granted or JETRO's legitimate interests are justified.
    • Co-organizers and supporters of events, seminars, etc. for which customers have applied: These include government-affiliated organizations, chambers of commerce and enterprises, industry associations, and other businesses (both local and Japanese).
  6. The personal data JETRO has with respect to customers may be transferred to third parties outside the EEA or U.K. and may be retained by such third parties. If JETRO transfers your personal data to a third party the EEA or U.K., we will ensure the following:
    • The region to which the transfer is to be made has been certified by the European Commission or U.K. government as ensuring an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of the customers’ personal data; or
    • The recipient of personal data has concluded a contract with JETRO containing the standard contractual clauses approved bythe European Commission or U.K. government
    By contacting us as set forth in Paragraph 13 below, you can confirm further details of the protection provided when your personal data is transferred outside the EEA or U.K (including receipt of a copy of the standard contractual clauses entered into by JETRO with the person who receives your personal data).
  7. JETRO will retain personal data collected with respect to you during the period we provide you with our services. Personal data related to customers that is no longer needed after the service provision period will be deleted. The retention period of personal data collected by JETRO will vary for each category of personal data, and personal data will be retained only for the period necessary for purposes of use according to each type of data. However, this shall not apply to personal data that is required by law to be retained for a longer period, and such personal data will be retained for the period of time required by law.
  8. JETRO takes the following security measures when operating this Website and will take appropriate care to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, leakage, or falsification of personal data.
    • We limit access to the server from external sources only for those protocols that are strictly necessary to provide the service.
    • We protect against unauthorized access by means of a virus detection system, etc.
    • Communications are protected by SSL encryption protocols.
    For services other than the Website provided by JETRO, necessary and appropriate organizational and technical measures are taken to ensure security for each type of service.
  9. JETRO will not be able to manage your personal data at websites that are not under JETRO’s control, including those of enterprises, associations, or individuals that are linked to this Website. These websites linked to this Website may collect your personal data separately. We recommend that you handle your personal data carefully and check the privacy policy of each website.
  10. In addition to this Privacy Policy, JETRO may establish other individual privacy policies that provide for more detailed matters with respect to services provided by JETRO. In the event that a privacy policy is established separately from this Privacy Policy, if there is any difference between this Privacy Policy and the individual privacy policy, the individual privacy policy will prevail.
  11. You have the following rights relating to the personal data JETRO retains with respect to you.
    1. The right to acquire information related to the processing of the customer's personal data and the right to access the personal data held by JETRO with respect to the customer.
    2. The right to request the correction of any inaccurate or incomplete personal data of the customer.
    3. The right to request that JETRO erase your personal data under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
      • when JETRO is no longer required to retain your personal data in the light of the purpose for which it collected the personal data;
      • when JETRO may process personal data only with the consent of a customer and the customer withdraws the consent;
      • when you object to JETRO's processing of personal data based on legitimate interests and JETRO's legitimate interests do not prevail over your own interests, rights, and freedoms.
    4. The right to require JETRO to restrict JETRO's processing of personal data under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
      • when you challenge the accuracy of your personal data (only for the period JETRO needs to confirm its accuracy);
      • when JETRO no longer needs the personal data (excluding cases where JETRO needs the personal data for bringing, exercising or defending legal claims);
      • If you object to JETRO's processing of personal data based on legitimate interests (only for the period necessary to determine whether the legitimate interests of JETRO prevail over their own interests, rights and freedoms).
    5. The right to object to JETRO in relation to the processing of the customer's personal data.
    6. The right to receive personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable form and/or to require JETRO to transfer such personal data directly to the recipient to the extent technically feasible, when processing personal data is based on your consent and other grounds are not applicable. Please be aware that this right is only permitted for personal data provided by you to JETRO.
    7. The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. Please note, however, that JETRO may continue processing your personal data if it can rely on another legal basis.
    You may exercise your rights by contacting JETRO as described in Section 13. If you believe that JETRO has infringed your rights, you may file a complaint with a data protection authority.
  12. If this Privacy Policy is changed, JETRO will publish the changed Privacy Policy on this Website and update the revision date.
  13. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the exercise of your rights, or any other matters related to the protection of personal data, please contact the following contact address:
    Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO):
    Address: Ark Mori Building 6F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Data Protection Officer:
    Address: Ark Mori Building 6F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    EU Representatives:
    Via Larga, 6 20122 Milano, ITALIA
    Parkring 12a/8/1, 1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA
    World Trade Center Amsterdam, Tower-B 13th Floor, Strawinskylaan 1329, 1077XX Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Calle de Pedro Teixeira 8, Iberia Mart 1 Planta 9 28020 Madrid, ESPAÑA
    Na Příkopě 1096/19, 110 00 Praha 1 CZECH REPUBLIC
    Tel: 420-222-312-978 (Japanese)/420-224-814-971 (in other languages)
    Berliner Allee 10, 40212 Düsseldorf, BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND
    Friedrichstadt Passagen, Quartier 205, Friedrichstr. 70, 10117 Berlin BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND
    1051, Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 12, HUNGARY
    27, rue de Berri 75008 Paris, FRANCE
    Rue de la Loi 82, 1040 Brussels BELGIUM
    SPEKTRUM TOWER, 19 piętro, Ul. Twarda 18, 00-105 Warszawa, POLAND
    24th Italiană Street, ArionGreen Bldg, 3rd floor, 2nd district, 020976, Bucharest, ROMANIA
    U.K. Representatives:
    Cheapside House, 138 Cheapside, London, EC2 6BJ, U.K.

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Published: December 6, 2019.