Zalaegerszeg is the county seat of Zala County. Zalaegerszeg has a population of 60,000 with an agglomeration of almost 120,000. Zalaegerszeg has been the seat of Zala County since 1730. 

Zalaegerszeg has a very good link to the European logistics network. It is easy to access to harbor of Koper (Slovenia). Balaton Airport is just 35 km from the town. There are 5 available international airport: Graz (130 km/1.8 hrs drive), Zagreb (170 km, 1.8 hrs drive), Vienna (180 km, 2 hrs drive), Budapest (220 km, 2.2 hrs drive) and Bratislava (220 km, 2.5 hrs drive). 

The regional road connections is also fine, Zalaegerszeg can be reached on the M7 highway (172 km) and then by main roads. There is governmental decision on the development of a planned highway reaching the town. 

The town is also on the way to Koper on the 5th Railway Corridor. 

The industrial traditions are characterized by rail products (Ganz Holding), aluminum products (Pylon 94), lighting components (GE) and optical products (Flextronics).

The main sectors today are as follows: 1) electronics – mechanical – automotive, 2) logistics and 3) food, furniture, textile, printing. 

The top competences in the town are global market supply experience, technology and product engineering experience, 150 registered mechanical enterprises, local companies supply to premium customers and local engineering & financial higher education. 

There are 4 industrial parks in Zalaegerszeg and there are 6,000 companies registered. 

Prepared by JETRO Budapest