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Interview of Supporter StoresSUSHI HOKKAIDO SACHI

A Japanese restaurant from Vietnam that serves seafood from Hokkaido and other parts of Japan with the utmost attention to freshness.

Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam

Hokkaido's prized seafood is flown in almost daily for direct delivery.

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi was established by CEO Steven (Mr. Le Huynh Buu Nhi) after he was impressed by the taste of Japanese food and the service at the restaurant during a visit to Japan. In addition to the authentic taste, the restaurant's gorgeous atmosphere has made it popular among Vietnamese people, and in just over eight years since its establishment in 2013, the restaurant has grown to have nine locations in Ho Chi Minh City.

As the name suggests, the restaurant's greatest strength is its fresh seafood from Japan, mainly from Hokkaido. Seafood is flown in from Japan almost every day, and under the supervision of Japanese chefs, the restaurant's staff has undergone rigorous training to prepare the most exquisite dishes. The restaurant focuses on sushi and sashimi, and in addition to horsehair crabs and scallhaops, which are specialties of Hokkaido, tuna, oysters, Hamachi (young amberjack) and amberjack, which are well known in Japan, are also very popular in Vietnam.

In addition to sushi and sashimi, shichirin dishes grilled on the table are also popular.

“We are very particular about the freshness and safety of our ingredients. Naturally, we use Japanese ingredients such as seafood, but we also use vegetables grown on our own farm in Dalat, a highland city in south-central Vietnam," said Mr. Kiyonori Narita, Executive Chef. Securing high quality ingredients has always been a major hurdle for Japanese restaurants based overseas, but since the opening of the restaurant, he and Steven visited suppliers in various parts of Japan many times to develop their own routes and products. Thanks to their efforts, they are now able to deliver fresh and delicious food to the Vietnamese people at reasonable prices.

In addition to the popular sushi and sashimi, the grilled dishes prepared on the table using a shichirin (earthen charcoal brazier) are especially popular for their Japanese flavor. The creamy and rich flavor of the grilled snow crab miso paste is especially popular, with more than half of the customers ordering it. Other popular dishes include Japanese beef from Matsusaka, Sendai, Tokachi, etc., and stone charcoal menu grilling scallops and other ingredients on a hot stone plate over charcoal.

A variety of menus to suit local tastes

Hokkaido Sachi's concept is "a restaurant where you can experience Japan in the true sense of the word in terms of ingredients, cooking, service, and space, without having to go to Japan," but due to differences in taste preferences, it was initially difficult to develop the menu.

For example, grilled fish. For Vietnamese who are accustomed to well-seasoned dishes, Japanese cuisine can seem bland. Therefore, in addition to the standard grilled fish with salt, they created grilled fish with cheese and miso and grilled fish with cod roe. Also, for sashimi, instead of soy sauce and vinegar, we added jalapeno, ponzu sauce, and other strong seasonings. For those who can't eat raw fish, they have added seared and rolled sushi, as well as a variety of processed products such as herring with roe. In addition, the wasabi that accompanies sashimi can be changed to chopped red pepper upon request, etc. While maintaining the basic style of Japanese food, the restaurant has continued to try to make it more enjoyable for a wider range of customers by adding arrangements to suit local tastes.

Introduce Japanese food through seasonal dishes and events

In addition, the restaurant also offers "seasonal recommendations" using ingredients from each of the four seasons. The menu is updated on a regular basis, with the hope that people will learn about and become interested in Japanese food culture through the flavors of the four seasons. The restaurant also holds irregular events to promote Japanese food culture, such as promotions focusing on seafood from various regions, such as sea robin from Fukuoka Prefecture and live sea urchin from Hokkaido, events pairing sushi and Tokachi beef with sake, and sushi classes for children. As a supporter of Japanese food products, the restaurant feels the significance of connecting Japan and Vietnam, and is also useful for branding in the local market.

Hokkaido Sachi conveys the taste of Japan while staying close to Vietnamese food customs. Currently, the restaurant is only in Ho Chi Minh City, but in the future, they are looking to expand nationwide, including the capital city of Hanoi. From casual lunches to special dinners, it is sure that they will continue to bring happiness to Vietnamese people who seek the real thing through the taste of Japan.

(Interviewed in 2020)

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